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  157 individuals found for query Ackerman
Aaltje Ackerman18 MAY 1719 Parmus, Bergen Co, New Jersey4 JUN 1774 Parmus, Bergen Co, New Jersey
Abigail AckermanBEF 19 JAN 1686/87 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Abraham Ackerman3 MAY 1659 Berlicum, Brabant, The Netherlands 
Abraham AckermanBEF 2 AUG 1708  
Abraham Ackerman1708 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Abraham Ackerman5 MAY 1723 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Abraham Ackerman6 OCT 1730 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Abraham Ackerman7 SEP 1735  
Abraham Ackerman21 FEB 1770  
Abraham AckermanJAN 1715/16 Paramus, Bergen Co, New Jersey25 OCT 1789 Saddle River, Bergen Co, New Jersey
Abraham Ackerman30 APR 1743 Phillipsburg, Westchester Co, New York 
Abraham Ackerman2 MAY 1728 Bergen Co, New Jersey15 DEC 1810 New Brunswick, Middlesex Co, New Jersey
Abraham Ackerman1808 1880 
Aeltje Ackerman1727  
Aeltje Ackerman7 SEP 1759 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Albartus AckermanBEF 16 AUG 1713  
Albert Ackerman4 SEP 1725 Parmus, Bergen Co, New Jersey19 OCT 1801 
Albertus AckermanBEF 28 MAR 1705  
Anna Bertha Ackerman20 AUG 1892 Lawrence Co, MissouriJUN 1977 California
Anna Maria AckermanBEF 6 APR 1701 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey14 MAR 1772 New Barbadoes, Bergen Co, New Jersey
Annatje Ackerman18 MAY 1719 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Anneke AckermanBEF 13 AUG 1706  
Anneke Ackerman2 NOV 1707  
Anneken Ackerman31 JUL 1642 Den Bosch, The Netherlands9 JAN 1730/31 New York
Anneken AckermanBEF 27 DEC 1691  
Annetje AckermanBEF 12 SEP 1756 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Anson Ackerman15 JUL 1826 Sachets Harbor, Jefferson Co, New York4 MAY 1892 Edson, Sherman Co, Kansas
Antje Ackerman27 AUG 1727  
Antje Ackerman9 SEP 1808 Saddle River, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Anton Andrew Ackerman23 NOV 1874 Coatsburg, Adams Co, Illinois20 OCT 1960 Chaute, Neosho Co, Kansas
Arie Ackerman1695  
Carharina Ackerman4 DEC 1725 Phillipsburg, Westchester Co, New York 
Catharyn AckermanAFT 1699  
Catherine Ackerman26 MAR 1686 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Catherine Ackerman1803 1881 
Charles Henry Ackerman15 DEC 1869 Coatsburg, Adams Co, IllinoisSEP 1943 Lawrence Co, Missouri
Christina Ackerman5 DEC 1705  
Cornelia AckermanBEF 4 APR 1731  
Cornelius Ackerman1748 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Cornelius AckermanBEF 17 APR 1726 Bergen Co, New JerseyBEF 27 JAN 1767 Bergen Co, New Jersey
David AckermanBEF 10 MAR 1693/94 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey Terrytown, Westchester Co, New York
David Ackerman1614 Oss, North Brabrant, The NetherlandsABT 1668 Harlem, Long Island, New York
David Ackerman5 OCT 1653 Geffen, The NetherlandsBEF 4 JUN 1724 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey
David Ackerman1 APR 1681 1726 
David Ackerman11 MAY 1684 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
David Ackerman1717 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
David AckermanABT 1731 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
David Ackerman1710  
David Ackerman1713  
David AckermanBEF 24 JUN 1716  
David Ackerman23 APR 1749 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey1 NOV 1792 
David Ackerman1689 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
David Ackerman20 SEP 1764  
David Ackerman27 APR 1728 Phillipsburg, Westchester Co, New York 
Egbert AckermanBEF 23 FEB 1684/85 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey Bergen Co, New Jersey
Elizabeth Ackerman5 MAR 1700/01 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Elizabeth Ackerman10 MAR 1726/27 Parmus, Bergen Co, New Jersey4 MAR 1804 
Elizabeth Ackerman7 AUG 1761 Bergen Co, New Jersey21 NOV 1812 
Elizabeth Ackerman1691 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Elizabeth AckermanAUG 1774  
Elizabeth Ackerman20 MAR 1749/50  
Elizabeth AckermanBEF 24 FEB 1754 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Elizabeth Ackerman9 APR 1873 Lodi, Columbia Co, Wisconsin 
Ellen Peter AckermanNOV 1848  
Emery Ackerman9 FEB 1864 Lodi, Columbia Co, Wisconsin 
Eva Ackerman24 OCT 1861 Poynette, Columbia Co, Wisconsin17 APR 1887 Lodi, Columbia Co, Wisconsin
Francintje AckermanBEF 25 DEC 1696  
Frank Valentine Ackerman17 MAR 1879 Coatsburg, Adams Co, Illinois7 FEB 1943 Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California
Galine Ackerman1754 MAR 1815 Middlesex Co, New Jersey
Garret Ackerman21 OCT 1711 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Geertje AckermanBEF 15 FEB 1711/12 Bergen Co, New JerseyBEF MAY 1714 Bergen Co, New Jersey
Geertje AckermanBEF 2 MAY 1714 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Gelyn Ackerman16 DEC 1697 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Gelyn Ackerman1686  
Gelyn Ackerman6 AUG 1722  
Gerrid AckermanABT 1739 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Gerrit Ackerman12 APR 1685 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New YorkBEF SEP 1762 
Gerrit Ackerman26 MAY 1769  
Gerrit Ackerman29 AUG 1736  
Gerrit AckermanAUG 1774  
Gertrude Frances Ackerman24 JUN 1886 Lawrence Co, Missouri1987 Maryland
Hendricjus Ackerman21 AUG 1733 Phillipsburg, Westchester Co, New York 
Hendrick AckermanABT 1612  
Hendrickje AckermanBEF 29 SEP 1717 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Hester AckermanJUL 1762  
Hillegond Ackerman7 MAR 1713/14  
Isaac Ackerman20 JUN 1738 Phillipsburg, Westchester Co, New York 
Jacobus AckermanAPR 1696 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Jacobus Ackerman26 JUN 1722 Phillipsburg, Westchester Co, New York26 NOV 1808 Milton, Westchester Co, New York
James Ackerman1765 1850 
Jannetje Ackerman1714 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Jannetje Ackerman18 APR 1682 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Jannetje Ackerman1720 Terrytown, Westchester Co, New York 
Jannetje Ackerman28 APR 1745 9 JUN 1835 New Barbadoes, Bergen, New Jersey
Jannetje Ackerman25 NOV 1767  
Johannes Ackerman21 MAR 1644/45  
Johannes Ackerman16 APR 1684 New York, New York19 AUG 1745 
Johannes Ackerman1698  
Johannes Ackerman21 OCT 1711 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Johannes AckermanBEF 28 OCT 1733 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Johannes AckermanBEF 15 NOV 1696 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey1 AUG 1759 
Johannes AckermanSEP 1724 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey1787 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey
Johannes Ackerman13 SEP 1766  
Johannes Ackerman9 AUG 1770 7 AUG 1833 
Johannes Ackerman1710 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Johannes Ackerman18 APR 1760  
Johannis Ackerman30 SEP 1747 Phillipsburg, Westchester Co, New York 
John Ackerman24 NOV 1757 8 SEP 1841 Waterford, Washington Co, Ohio
John m Ackerman1805 1873 
Joseph John Ackerman7 MAY 1883 Lawrence Co, Missouri1921 Aurora, Lawrence Co, Missouri
Laurens Hendrickse AckermanABT 1590 Oss, North Brabrant, The Netherlands 
Laurents Ackerman12 JUN 1650 Geffen, Hertogenbosh, The Netherlands3 MAY 1707 Bergen Co, New Jersey
Lawrence Ackerman1699 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Lawrence Ackerman1709  
Lena Ackerman6 OCT 1722 Parmus, Bergen Co, New Jersey27 AUG 1803 
Lodowyck Ackerman1654 Berlicum, Brabant, The Netherlands Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey
Lodowyck Ackerman10 APR 1736 Phillipsburg, Westchester Co, New York 
Louwerens AckermanBEF 18 JAN 1707/08 Bergen Co, New JerseyBEF AUG 1716 Bergen Co, New Jersey
Louwerens AckermanABT 1744 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Louwerens AckermanBEF 5 AUG 1716 Bergen Co, New JerseyBEF MAR 1722/23 Bergen Co, New Jersey
Louwerens AckermanBEF 17 APR 1726  
Louwerina AckermanBEF 30 MAY 1703  
Lysbeth AckermanBEF 7 DEC 1684 New York New York
Lysbeth Ackerman19 MAY 1689  
Margrietje Ackerman10 FEB 1728/29  
Margrietje Ackerman10 FEB 1767  
Maria Ackerman22 NOV 1747  
Maria Ackerman26 FEB 1758  
Maria Ackerman1 JUL 1764  
Marritje Ackerman1690  
Marritje AckermanBEF 25 FEB 1699/00  
Marritje Ackerman18 JAN 1721/22  
Marritje AckermanDEC 1718 7 AUG 1787 
Marritje Ackerman10 JAN 1724/25  
Marritje Ackerman24 APR 1731 Phillipsburg, Westchester Co, New York 
Mary Ackerman12 MAR 1782 Maryland16 MAR 1858 
Mary Ackerman1810 1855 
Marytje Ackerman1728  
Michaell Michael Ackerman5 JAN 1831 Altenburg, Bernburg, Sachsen-Anhalt, GermanyNOV 1901 Marionville, Lawrence Co,Missouri
Nicholas AckermanJUL 1721  
Peter AckermanABT 1612  
Petrus AckermanBEF 7 DEC 1709 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Petrus Ackerman1742 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Petrus Ackerman28 DEC 1755  
Phillip Christopher Ackerman7 SEP 1876 Coatsburg, Adams Co, Illinois8 APR 1949 Kansas
Pryntje AckermanJAN 1750/51 Bergen Co, New Jersey27 NOV 1824 Dumont, Bergen Co, New Jersey
Rachel Ackerman25 NOV 1716  
Rachel Ackerman1780 1809 
Robert Ackerman20 JUN 1797 Saratoga Co, New York19 DEC 1877 Dekorra, Wisconsin
Robert Ackerman1763 Phillipsburg, Westchester Co, New York29 MAY 1823 Pillar Point, Jefferson Co, New York
Sarah Ackerman1688  
Sarah Ackerman9 NOV 1740 Phillipsburg, Westchester Co, New York 
Thomas Ackerman1725  
Tjelltje AckermanOCT 1713  
Tryntje Ackerman9 NOV 1718  
William AckermanABT 1728 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
William Frederick Ackerman7 JUL 1871 Coatsburg, Adams Co, Illinois1922 Oregon

* Individual - family ties unknown

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