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  15 individuals found for query Alcock
Anna AlcockBEF 26 MAY 1650 Boston, Massachuetts3 APR 1723 
Elizabeth Alcock27 MAR 1654  
George Alcock25 MAR 1655  
George Alcock1604 England30 DEC 1640 Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts
Jane AlcockABT 1615 Newcastle-on-Tyne, England 
Jane AlcockABT 1700 18 JAN 1777 Lancaster, PA
JoAnna Alcock1649  
JoAnna Alcock6 MAY 1660 Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts 
John Alcock5 MAR 1656/57  
John Alcock1 JAN 1625/26 England27 MAR 1667 Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts
John Alcock1883 MissouriBET 1909 AND 1910 per census
Mary AlcockABT 1649  
Palgrave Alcock20 JUL 1662  
Sarah Alcock26 MAY 1650  
Unk Alcock Kansas 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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