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  364 individuals found for query Allen
Abigail AllenABT 1755  
Abigail Allen16 DEC 1705 Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts1743 Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co, New Jersey
Abigail Allen1728 1781 Hunterdon Co, New Jersey
Abigail AllenABT 1590  
Abraham Allen13 JAN 1794 Shenandoah Co, Virginia24 OCT 1844 Orrick, Ray Co, Missouri
Agnes AllenABT 1575  
Agnes AllenABT 1699 New Kent Co, Virginia 
Alexander S AllenMAY 1862 Tennessee 
Alice AllenABT 1900  
Alice Allen10 JAN 1857 Douglas Co, Missouri20 SEP 1913 Crane, Stone Co, Missouri
Alma Allen1859  
Almira Allen1835 Ohio 
Almorine Allen20 JUL 1851 Missouri8 MAR 1939 
Alvin Rodis Allen11 AUG 1863 Kentucky22 MAR 1946 Kentucky
Amanda Allen  
Ann Allen1742  
Ann Allen28 JAN 1770  
Ann AllenABT 1645  
Ann Eleanor Allen1745 1777 
Anna Allen27 SEP 1814 Kentucky13 AUG 1842 
Anna Allen6 FEB 1792 Virginia17 JUL 1841 Morgan Co, Kentucky
Anna Allen19 APR 1737  
Anna Lucina AllenABT 1875  
Anne Allen1698 New Kent, Hanover Co, Virginia1747 Virginia
Anne Allen19 DEC 1819 Kentucky20 JAN 1864 
Annis Allen11 AUG 1780  
Audre Allen19 MAY 1724 Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts 
Barbara Allen1749 Virginia 
Barbara Allen1750  
Belle Allen7 AUG 1888 Newton Co, Missouri 
Benjamin Allen1 DEC 1792  
Benjmain AllenABT 1724 Allentown, Upper Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Benton Allen12 APR 1844  
Bethuel Allen30 SEP 1784  
Beulah Allen2 JUN 1779  
Burney Allen7 FEB 1894 8 DEC 1980 
Caleb Allen27 JUN 1645 Sandwich, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts 
Caleb Allen24 JUN 1648 Sandwich, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts 
Carrie M Allen26 MAY 1866 Kansas City, Kansas14 JUN 1917 Salt Lake City, Utah
Catherine Allen14 OCT 1860 Putnam Co, IndianaMAR 1936 Riverside, California
Cecile Florence Allen1898  
Chambliss Allen1786  
Chambliss Allen1747  
Charles AllenABT 1825  
Charles E Allen1882 1965 
Christiana AllenJUN 1742  
Clay C AllenNOV 1867 Tennessee 
Content Allen28 FEB 1780 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Cornelius AllenABT 1850  
Cornelius Allen16 JAN 1812 Amwell, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey19 OCT 1861 Hillsborough, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey
Daniel Allen23 MAY 1663 Sandwich, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts 
David AllenABT 1650  
David Allen30 DEC 1743 Somerset Co, New Jersey1823 New Jersey
David AllenABT 16 OCT 1689 Sandwich, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts 
David Allen1 NOV 1802 Virginia16 AUG 1861 Parke Co, Indiana
David Allen12 FEB 1741/42 17 MAR 1795 
David Allen27 MAR 1772  
David Allen12 SEP 1773  
David AllenABT 1780  
David Duncan Allen15 SEP 1827 Kentucky 
Deborah AllenABT 1719 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Deborah AllenABT 1729 Virginia Augusta Co, Virginia
Deborah AllenABT 1700 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Deborah Allen13 JUL 1746  
Donald Allen  
Dora Francis AllenABT 1860  
Ebenezer Allen10 FEB 1649/50 Sandwich, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts 
Ebenezer AllenABT 1695 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Ebenzer Allen16 JAN 1689/90  
Edith Allen8 MAY 1775  
Elijah AllenABT 1769  
Elijah Allen13 MAR 1829 Indiana 
Elisha Allen15 SEP 1802  
Elisha Allen7 SEP 1722 Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MassachusettsBEF 10 JUN 1802 
Elisha Allen17 OCT 1672 Sandwich, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts 
Elizabeth AllenABT 1745  
Elizabeth AllenABT 1675 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Elizabeth Allen1802 1845 
Elizabeth AllenABT 1710  
Elizabeth AllenABT 1818 Virginia 
Elizabeth Allen20 JAN 1654/55 Sandwich, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts 
Elizabeth Allen1843 Ohio 
Elizabeth Allen10 JUL 1743  
Elizabeth Allen1846 Ohio 
Elizabeth Allen1770 Tuckeyhoe, Virginia3 JUL 1884 Missouri
Elizabeth Allen1771 1834 
Elizabeth Allen4 OCT 1778  
Elizabeth Allen21 MAR 1822 Kentucky 
Elizabeth AllenABT 1700 Virginia 
Elizabeth AllenABT 1755  
Elizabeth Allen15 JAN 1808 Newport, Cocke Co, Tennesse18 MAR 1860 Clay Co, Missouri
Elizabeth S AllenABT 1815  
Elizabeth T AllenAFT 1767  
Ellen Elizabeth Allen28 AUG 1867 Nelson Co, Kentucky1 AUG 1917 Boston, Nelson Co, Kentucky
Elmira Allen1834 Ohio1900 
Elvira Allen1818 KentuckyBET 1850 AND 1855 Illinios
Ely Spencer Allen1845 Ohio1896 
Epharim Allen20 MAR 1656/57 Sandwich, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts 
Ephraim Allen31 JAN 1716/17  
Ephraim Allen30 OCT 1670 Sandwich, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts21 FEB 1726/27 
Ephriam Allen14 JAN 1652/53 Sandwich, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts 
Ester Allen26 MAR 1677 Sandwich, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts 
Esther Allen4 MAY 1798  
Esther Allen8 DEC 1648 Sandwich, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts 
Eunice Allen5 DEC 1738 Hanover, Morris Co, New Jersey7 DEC 1776 New Jersey
Eva Z AllenJAN 1878 Kansas 
Experience Allen30 AUG 1669 Sandwich, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts 
Experience Allen14 MAR 1651/52 Sandwich, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts 
Fannie Allen30 JUN 1781 Spotsvania, VirginiaSEP 1834 Fayette Co, Kentucky
Frances Allen20 JUL 1816 Morgan Co, Kentucky 
Frances Allen1708 1769 
Francis Allen1643 Sandwich, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts 
Frank Allen30 JUN 1781  
Franklin W AllenNOV 1863 Tennessee 
George Allen1580 Somerset, England2 MAY 1648 Sandwich, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts
George AllenABT 1757  
George Allen1619 Weymouth, Dorset, England1693 Weymouth, Dorset, England
George Allen1701 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
George Allen20 JUN 1672 Sandwich, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts1715 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
George F AllenMAY 1898 Carroll Co, Arkansas 
George Franklin Allen22 APR 1877  
George W AllenDEC 1850 Kentucky 
George W Allen9 SEP 1846 Montgomery Co, Illiniois7 OCT 1897 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri
George William Allen14 MAR 1813 Newport, Cocke Co, Tennessee3 MAR 1863 
Georgia Ann Allen20 SEP 1856  
Geroge Frederick Allen9 JUL 1883 Newton Co, Missouri 
Gideon Allen25 FEB 1718/19  
Gideon Allen1635 Sandwich, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts 
Hannah Allen1710 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Hannah Allen17 JUN 1642  
Hannah Allen5 MAR 1767  
Hannah AllenABT 1625  
Hannah Allen13 APR 1681 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New Jersey19 JUL 1745 Chester, Burlington Co, New Jersey
Hannah Allen10 AUG 1697  
Hannah Allen1 JAN 1756 Burlington Co, New JerseyFEB 1824 
Hannah Allen1666 Sandwich, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts 
Hannah AllenABT 1680  
Harold Allen  
Harriet Allen21 DEC 1805 21 APR 1884 Root, Montgomery, Co, New York
Harrison AllenABT 1815 Washington Co, Indiana 
Henry Allen24 MAR 1678/79 Sandwich, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts 
Henry Allen1637 Sandwich, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts 
Henry O Allen1873 Missouri 
Henry R AllenOCT 1859 Tennessee 
Herriot Allen20 FEB 1818 Kentucky4 AUG 1874 Johnson Co, Indiana
Hester Allen8 DEC 1648 Sandwich, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts 
Hiram P Allen15 AUG 1827 Putnam Co, Indiana 
Holless Wilbur Allen20 APR 1880 Kansas1 NOV 1966 Greene Co, Missouri
Horace Allen25 FEB 1837 22 SEP 1913 Montgomery Co, New York
Houston Allen13 NOV 1846  
Ina Frances AllenBEF JUL 1895 JUL 1895 Guthie, Logan Co, Oklahoma
Increase Allen8 DEC 1648 Sandwich, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts 
Infant AllenABT 1763  
Infant AllenABT 1770  
Infant Allen8 OCT 1797 Virginia 
Iona Allen1858  
Isaac AllenABT 1759  
Isaac Allen1813 Kentucky 
Isaac Allen10 DEC 1822 Kentucky 
Isaac Allen26 OCT 1796 Cocke Co, Tennessee 
Isaac C Allen15 MAR 1755 Scott Co, Virginia15 DEC 1831 Fountain, Park Co, Indiana
Isam Allen15 MAY 1793 Virginia23 FEB 1862 Pleasant Grove Towhship, Mahaska Co, Iowa
Issac AllenABT 1775  
James AllenABT 1780 Rowan Co, North Carolina 
James Allen5 AUG 1657 Sandwich, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts 
James Allen15 FEB 1810 Virginia 
James Allen4 MAR 1810 Kentucky 
James Allen30 NOV 1695  
James L AllenDEC 1862 IowaOCT 1933 Guthrie, Logan Co, Oklahoma
James M Allen21 SEP 1853 Tennessee20 SEP 1919 Carroll Co, Arkansas
James Madison Allen1817 Newport, Cocke Co, Tennessee 
Jane AllenABT 8 OCT 1804 Virginia 
Jane Allen13 JAN 1587/88 Goldington, Bedfordshire, England8 DEC 1626 Odell, Bedfordshire, England
Jane Allen22 DEC 1751 16 APR 1780 
Jane Allen1677 Kilmore, Monaghan, Ireland 
Jeanne Allen1602 Weymouth, Dorset, England 
Jebediah Allen6 APR 1695 Salem Co, New Jersey 
Jedediah Allen3 JAN 1645/46 Sandwich, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts21 JAN 1711/12 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Jedediah Allen27 AUG 1784  
Jesse AllenABT 1771  
JG Allen1840 Ohio 
Joan Allen1602 Weymouth, Dorset, England 
Job Allen22 AUG 1750 Danville, New Jersey 
Job Allen20 NOV 1709 5 NOV 1767 Rockaway, New Jersey
John Allen1604 Weymouth, Dorset, England 
John Allen5 AUG 1657 Sandwich, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts 
John AllenABT 1760  
John Allen1797 Cocke Co, Tennessee 
John AllenABT 1840  
John AllenABT 1730 Shenandoah Co, Virginia Shenandoah Co, Virginia
John Allen1810 England 
John AllenABT 1774  
John AllenABT 1820  
John Allen11 DEC 1811 Kentucky 
John AllenABT 1815 Virginia 
John AllenMAR 1787  
John Allen29 NOV 1752  
John Allen1838 Ohio 
John Allen31 JAN 1789  
John Coleman Allen1810 North Carolina 
John J AllenNOV 1876 Missouri 
John Walker Allen25 APR 1859  
John Wesley AllenABT 1812 TennBEF 1870 Newberg, Franklin Co, Al
Jona Allen1858  
Jonas G AllenMAR 1823 TennesseeAFT 1900 Carroll Ca, Arkansas
Jonathan AllenABT 16 OCT 1689 Sandwich, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts 
Joseph AllenABT 1670  
Joseph AllenAPR 1697 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Joseph AllenABT 1750  
Joseph AllenABT 1675 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Joseph Allen1696 27 MAR 1777 Washington Valley, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Joseph Allen1724 Somerset Co, New Jersey1796 
Joseph AllenABT 1773  
Joseph Allen1 APR 1642 Sandwich, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts 
Joseph Allen12 SEP 1786  
Joshua Allen1614 Weymouth, Dorset, England 
Josiah Allen5 JAN 1646/47 Sandwich, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts 
Judah Allen17 OCT 1675 Sandwich, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts 
Judah AllenABT 1744  
Judah Allen14 JAN 1649/50 Sandwich, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts1 OCT 1689 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Laura Bell Allen3 MAR 1854  
Lawrence K Allen29 JUN 1871 Illinios19 OCT 1931 Knob Noster, Johnson Co, Missouri
Lesie Jay AllenABT 1880  
Levinia J AllenFEB 1852 Kentucky 
Lucinda Allen1847 Ohio 
Lucinda Allen1810 Newport, Cocke Co, Tennesse 
Lucy Allen12 NOV 1794 Morris Co, New Jersey6 JUN 1836 Longwood, Morris Co, New Jersey
Lydia Allen1 MAY 1660 Sandwich, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts 
Lydia Allen30 OCT 1794  
Lydia Allen16 JUN 1751 Burlington Co, New Jersey 
Magdalena Allen1741 Readington, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey 
Margaret Allen16 JAN 1817 Virginia1868 Parke Co, Indiana
Margaret AllenABT 1707 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Margaret Allen4 JUN 1814 1 DEC 1890 Marion, Wayne Co, New York
Margaret Allen1850 Ohio 
Margery AllenABT 1727  
Mariah Barbara Allen8 APR 1818 Kentucky 
Marion S AllenAUG 1885 Kansas 
Martha Allen20 OCT 1808 Virginia 
Martha AllenABT 1726  
Martha Allen5 SEP 1836 24 SEP 1876 
Martha Ingalls AllenABT 1643 Andover, Essex Co, Massachusetts 
Martin Allen6 JUL 1796  
Mary AllenABT 1734 Goochland Co, VirginiaBEF MAY 1760 Goochland Co, Virginia
Mary AllenABT 1830  
Mary Allen2 OCT 1880 Newton Co, Missouri 
Mary Allen10 OCT 1775  
Mary Allen29 DEC 1758  
Mary Allen1680 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New Jersey1730 Moorestown, Burlington Co, New Jersey
Mary Allen1693 1734 
Mary Allen1702 Hanover Co, Virginia 
Mary Allen15 NOV 1681 Sandwich, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts 
Mary Allen1822  Deer, Johnson Co, Indiana
Mary Allen1739 New York1819 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Mary AllenABT 1700  
Mary Allen2 OCT 1682  
Mary Allen29 SEP 1731  
Mary AllenABT 1643 Sandwich, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts 
Mary AllenABT 1763 New Jersey 
Mary Allen15 SEP 1827 Tennessee15 SEP 1894 Oregon Co, Missouri
Mary Allen1720 New Jersey 
Mary Allen1684 Charles City, Henrico Co, Virginia 
Mary Ann Allen23 MAY 1842 Missouri9 DEC 1929 Liberty, Clay Co, Missouri
Mary C Allen26 MAY 1768  
Mary Creekmur AllenABT 1825 Kentucky 
Mary Elizabeth Allen5 MAY 1764 Surrey Co, North Carolina4 JUN 1847 Greene Co, Tennessee
Mary Etta Atter Allen1867 1886 
Mary J Allen28 JUL 1828 Tennessee 
Mary J Allen1832 Ohio 
Mary Jane Allen1620 England1685 Henrico Co, Virginia
Mary T AllenABT 1856 Tennessee 
Matilda Clementine Allen5 JAN 1842 Franklin Co, Alabama30 MAY 1926 Somerville, Fayette Co, Tennessee
Matthew Allen1629 Sandwich, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts 
Maudie Lee Allen3 NOV 1879 Texas17 DEC 1949 Fort Worth, Texas
Mercy AllenABT 1680  
Meriam Allen2 DEC 1712 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New Jersey7 MAR 1787 
Meribah Allen12 NOV 1686 Sandwich, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts 
Mildred Allen26 JUL 1763  
Millington Allen25 FEB 1802 21 SEP 1884 Neosho, Newton Co, Missouri
Milton Frances Allen31 JAN 1871 Neosho, Newton Co, Missouri 
Nancy AllenABT 1825  
Nancy Allen1805 Cocke Co, Tennessee 
Nathan AllenAPR 1722 Allentown, Upper Freehold, Monmouth Co, New JerseySEP 1748 Allentown, Upper Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Nathan Allen1778 Harlingen, Somerset Co, New Jersey5 SEP 1847 Hillsborough, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey
Nathan Allen2 FEB 1672/73 Sandwich, Barnstable Co, MassachusettsABT JAN 1737/38 Germantown, New Jersey
Nathan John AllenABT 1745  
Otis Walker AllenJUN 1882  
Patience AllenABT 1660 Sandwich, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts 
Patience Allen27 JAN 1710/11 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Patience Allen8 MAY 1683 SandwichMAY 1748 Nottingham, Burlington Co, New Jersey
Perry Orlander Allen14 MAR 1885 Kentucky7 DEC 1969 Christian Co, Kentucky
Phebe AllenABT 1735  
Phebe Ann Allen31 DEC 1825 Middletown, Somerset Co, New Jersey26 SEP 1901 Long Branch, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Phebe Ann Allen21 FEB 1828 Millstone, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Philip Allen21 SEP 1720  
Phillip AllenFEB 1683/84 Dartmouth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts10 DEC 1752 Oblong, Dutchess Co, New York
Prince Allen9 JUL 1775 21 JUL 1823 
Rachel Allen23 NOV 1776  
Rachel AllenABT 1761  
Rachel Allen1740 Norfolk, Virginia 
Rachel M AllenABT 1867 Tennessee 
Ralph Allen1612 Thurcaston, Leicestershire, England18 DEC 1691 Sandwich, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts
Ralph Allen7 JAN 1677/78 Sandwich, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts2 OCT 1718 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Ralph AllenABT 1720  
Rebecca Allen21 MAR 1772  
Rebecca AllenFEB 1660/61 Charlestown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts 
Rebecca AllenABT 1743  
Reuben AllenABT 1765 Fredrick, Shenandoah Co, Virginia1833 Ray Co, Missouri
Reuben Allen1854  
Reuben Allen17 JAN 1802 Cocke Co, Tennessee 
Reuben AllenABT 1703  
Richard AllenFEB 1750/51 Orange, Virginia 
Robert AllenABT 1800  
Robert Allen1622 Weymouth, Dorset, England 
Robert Allen1704 Virginia1784 Virginia
Rose AllenABT 1615  
Rose Allen1610 Weymouth, Dorset, England 
Rose Allen28 FEB 1876 Newton Co, Missouri 
Ruth Mae Allen3 MAY 1896 Kansas22 JUN 1931 Aurora, Adams Co, Colorado
Sally Allen16 JAN 1772  
Samuel Allen1601 Weymouth, Dorset, England 
Samuel Allen29 APR 1723 Allentown, Upper Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Samuel Allen21 OCT 1781  
Samuel AllenABT 1715  
Samuel G Allen1884 Carroll Co, Arkansas1919 
Sarah Allen1749 Bedford Co, Virginia 
Sarah Allen1734 1815 
Sarah Allen1 APR 1697 Fairfield, Fairfield Co, Connecticut 
Sarah Allen9 JUN 1692  
Sarah AllenABT 1755  
Sarah E AllenABT 1858 Tennessee 
Sciota Allen1852 1915 
Seneca Allen24 SEP 1782  
Seth Allen28 JUL 1703  
Silas Allen14 MAY 1849  
Sithy Allen1809 Newport, Cocke Co, Tennesse 
Susan AllenABT 1830 Bethany, Morgan Co, Indiana 
Susannah Allen29 JAN 1717/18  
Susie Agnes Allen7 FEB 1882 Wichita, Segwick Co, Kansas29 JUL 1948 Foster, Bates Co, Missouri
Theresa M Allen22 FEB 1846 Minnesota17 SEP 1911 Carterville, Jasper Co, Missouri
Thomas Allen1560 Goldington, Bedfordshire, England 
Thomas Allen1628 Weymouth, Dorset, England 
Thomas Allen1804 Cocke Co, Tennessee 
Thomas J Allen20 OCT 1867  
Thomas Seignor Allen13 JUN 1790 Scott Co, Virginia7 JUL 1841 Jackson, Parke Co, Indiana
Thomas Sydnor Allen6 MAR 1820 Kentucky 
Timothy AllenABT 1594 England 
Unk AllenABT 1885  
Vera Eugene Allen1 AUG 1900  
Virginia Allen1854 1932 
Wanda Mae Allen  
William Allen1798 Cocke Co, Tennessee 
William Allen1627 Weymouth, Dorset, England 
William Allen2 FEB 1710/11 Larne, Ireland 
William AllenABT 1761  
William AllenABT 1850 Tennessee 
William H Allen1885 Carroll Co, Arkansas 
William J Allen13 MAR 1874 Newton Co, Missouri 
William M Allen26 MAY 1826 Kentucky 
Willis Clymond Allen13 JUN 1880  
Wilson Allen14 JAN 1791  
Zachariah AllenABT 1660 Sandwich, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts 
Zebulon Allen26 MAY 1687  
Zella AllenABT 1813  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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