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  64 individuals found for query Andrews
Alexander Andrews1758 1846 
Amos Andrews19 JAN 1731/32 Wallingford, New Haven Co, Connecticut4 NOV 1777 
Bessie C AndrewsAUG 1888 Missouri 
Beulah Andrews30 OCT 1750  
Beverly Greene Andrews27 MAR 1867 Elkton, Giles Co, Tennessee1905 White Rock, Franklin Co, Arkansas
Clinton AndrewsJUL 1890 Missouri 
David Andrews3 JUL 1793  
David Andrews1756 Vier 
Ebenezer AndrewsABT 1722 Burlington Co, New JerseyBEF 1752 
Elizabeth AndrewsABT 1645  
Elizabeth Andrews13 MAY 1749 Evesham, Burlington Co, New Jersey 
Elizabeth AndrewsABT 1670  
Elizabeth Andrews1733 Schaghticoke, Rensselaer Co, New York1776 Schaghticoke, Rensselaer, Co, New York
Elizabeth Andrews1760 1832 
Elizabeth AndrewsABT 1575  
George AndrewsJAN 1893 Franklin Co, Arkansas 
George Washington Andrews23 AUG 1821 Giles Co, Tennessee1905 Mulberry, Franklin Co, Arkansas
Giles Andrews29 MAR 1710 Wallingford, New Haven Co, Connecticut 
Grace AndrewsABT 1895  
Hannah Andrews11 JUL 1700 Burlington Co, New Jersey 
Hannah AndrewsABT 1670  
Henrietta AndrewsJUL 1875 Missouri 
Henry J Andrews16 JUN 1891 Franklin Co, Arkansas 
Henry Lee Andrews5 FEB 1870 Augusta, Woodruff Co, Arkanasas 
Hepzibah Andrews1645 Hingham, Plymonth Co, Massachusetts Piscataway, Middlesex Co, New Jersey
Hulda Andrews1775 1863 
Jessie AndrewsAPR 1900 Mulberry, Franklin Co, Arkansas 
Joane Andrews1562 Denton, Kent, England27 JAN 1625/26 Denton, Kent, England
John Andrews1700  
John Andrews20 JUN 1748 Glouchester, Essex Co, Mass 
John Polk Andrews14 JUL 1847 Missouri21 NOV 1932 Marionville, Lawrence Co, Missouri
John Schenk Andrews3 APR 1826 Princeton, Mercer Co, New Jersey 
Joseph Andrews1679 Wallingford, New Haven Co, Connecticut12 OCT 1741 Wallingford, New Haven Co, Connecticut
Joseph AndrewsABT 1670 DEC 1743 Marblehead, Massachusetts
Joseph Andrews1597 Devonshire, England Hingham, Plymonth Co, Massachusetts
Julia Etta Andrews1864 1912 
Luther M Andrews1883 Georgia 
Margaret AndrewsABT 1705  
Mark Andrews1812 1865 
Mary AndrewsABT 1670 Marblehead, Essex Co, MassachusettsSEP 1748 Marblehead, Essex Co, Massachusetts
Mary Andrews15 APR 1643 Famington, Hartford Co, Connecticut 
Mary Alice AndrewsMAR 1885 Missouri1976 
Mary Jane Andrews14 SEP 1894 Union City, Tennessee 
Myrtle Ann Andrews20 JUL 1895 Franklin Co, Arkansas 
Nicholas Andrews1530 Bedingfield, Suffolk, England 
Nicholas AndrewsABT 1670 DEC 1730 
Nicholas Andrews1642 BET MAR 1696/97 AND SEP 1698 Marblehead, Massachusetts
Richard T AndrewsJAN 1898 Franklin Co, Arkansas 
Rolland Everett Andrews20 SEP 1886 Missouri14 APR 1979 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri
Samuel Andrews1635 6 OCT 1704 Wallingford, New Haven Co, Connecticut
Samuel AndrewsABT 1550  
Sarah E AndrewsJAN 1871 Georgia20 AUG 1954 Dawsonville, Dawson Co, Geogia
Susanna AndrewsABT 1600  
Susanna AndrewsABT 1670  
Sybil Andrews6 JUL 1754 Wallingford, New Haven Co, Connecticut 
Thankful AndrewsAFT 1692  
Thomas AndrewsABT 1670  
Thomas AndrewsBEF 1570 England21 AUG 1645 Hingham, Plymouth Co, Massachuetts
William Andrews13 MAY 1726 Henrico, Goochland Co, Virginia22 MAY 1770 Mecklenburg, Virginia
William AndrewsABT 1600 Hampsworth, England 
William Andrews9 FEB 1664/65 Wallingford, New Haven Co, Connecticut 
William Lafayette Andrews1897 1974 
Wylie C Andrews1845 Georgia 
Zula Rosalie Andrews23 APR 1877 Missouri29 APR 1959 Springfield, Greene Co, Missouri

* Individual - family ties unknown

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