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  205 individuals found for query Ballard
Abraham Ballard1720 Nansemond, Virginia 
Alice Ballard1708 Virginia 
Alice BallardABT 1739 Cedar Creek, Hanover Co, Virginia 
Allen Ballard1858  
Ambrose BallardABT 1698  
Ambrose BallardABT 1698 Virginia 
Amos Ballard14 NOV 1770 South River, Bedford Co, Virginia 
Ann Ballard1689 Virginia 
Ann BallardABT 1716 Virginia 
Ann Ballard14 FEB 1813 Tennessee 
Ann Elizabeth BallardABT 1710  
Anne Ballard1740 Ablemarle Co, Virginia30 JUN 1779 Ablemarle Co, Virginia
Anne BallardABT 1765 Virginia 
Annice Ballard1824  
Annice R Ballard1875 Missouri 
Barclay Bartlett BallardABT 1752 Virginia 
Beatrice E Ballard1851  
Benjamine BallardABT 1725 Virginia 
Bland BallardABT 1735 Virginia 
Bland Ballard1766 Virginia 
Bland Ballard1700  
Bland Ballard1759 1853 
Bland Ballard1735 Ablemarle Co, Virginia6 NOV 1809 Shelbyville, Shelby Co, Virginia
Bland BallardABT 1705 VirginiaABT 1791 Spotsylvania, Co, Virginia
Bland BallardABT 1720  
Byrom Ballard27 FEB 1738/39 Cedar Creek, Hanover Co, Virginia13 JUL 1817 Grayson, Carroll Co, Virginia
Byrum Ballard14 MAY 1769 South River, Bedford Co, Virginia 
Caroline Ballard10 MAR 1817 Tennessee 
Charles Ballard18 NOV 1833  
Chloe BallardABT 1765 AFT 1844 
Daniel BallardABT 1836  
David Ballard1767 Virginia 
David Ballard25 APR 1823 North Carolina2 DEC 1905 North Carolina
David Ballard9 APR 1750 Virginia 
David M Ballard1854  
Delphia Ballard1718 Virginia 
Eliza Ballard1847 1919 
Elizabeth BallardABT 1746 Virginia 
Elizabeth Ballard1687 Virginia 
Elizabeth Ballard1 NOV 1765 Virginia Clay Co, Kentucky
Elizabeth BallardABT 1825  
Elizabeth Ballard1801  
Elizabeth Ballard8 AUG 1809 Tennessee 
Elizabeth Ballard14 FEB 1811 Tennessee 
Elizabeth Ballard13 DEC 1665 James City Co, Virginia 
Elizabeth BallardABT 1810  
Elizabeth BallardABT 1765 Virginia 
Elizabeth Ann Ballard1825  
Frances Ballard1745 Ablemarle Co, Virginia1790 Spencer Co, Kentucky
Frances Ballard12 DEC 1737 Cedar Creek, Hanover Co, Virginia 
Frances BallardABT 1704  
Frances Ballard4 APR 1815 Tennessee 
Francis Ballard1664 York Co, Virginia12 MAR 1718/19 
Franics BallardABT 1710  
Fulco Ballard1294 1346 England
Garland Ballard1786 Charlottesville, Albermarle co, Virginia1860 Todd Co, Kentucky
George BallardABT 1560  
George BallardABT 1825  
George Byrd Ballard1813 Tennessee1865 Washington Co, Arkansas
George H BallardABT 1851 Arkansas 
Georgie F BallardABT 1876 Buck Praire, Lawrence Co, Missouri 
Gregory Ballard1370 Kent, England4 OCT 1415 Greenwich, Kent, England
Gregory Ballard1345 Canterbury, Kent England1397 England
Harris Ballard8 FEB 1785 Bedford Co, Virginia1859 Lawrence Co, Ohio
Harrison Jackson Ballard4 JUL 1828  
Henry Ballard1577 Southwell, North England1621 Lincoln Co, England
Humprey BallardABT 1450  
Ida BallardABT 1872 Buck Praire, Lawrence Co, Missouri 
Isaac Newton BallardMAR 1804 North CarolinaDEC 1892 Tennessee
Jack BallardBET 1782 AND 1789  
Jame L BallardABT 1875 Buck Praire, Lawrence Co, Missouri 
James BallardABT 1720  
James Ballard1720 Virginia1750 
James BallardABT 1696 Virginia 
James Ballard1826  
James Henry Ballard3 OCT 1830  
James Seaton Ballard1819  
Jane BallardABT 1838  
Jerman Ballard1736 Cedar Creek, Hanover Co, Virginia 
Jesse Ballard2 MAY 1811 Greenup Co, Kentucky 
Jesse Green Ballard15 JAN 1821 Tennessee27 MAR 1887 Grant Co, Kansas
John BallardABT 1719  
John BallardAUG 1871 Buck Praire, Lawrence Co, Missouri 
John BallardABT 1825  
John Ballard1635 Bitton, Gloucestershire, England 
John Ballard1755 VirginiaAFT 1840 Roane Co, Tennesse
John BallardABT 1734 Virginia 
John Ballard1720 Virginia 
John BallardABT 1734 Ablemarle Co, Virginia1779 Albemarle Co, Virginia
John BallardAFT 1684 Virginia1754 Yorktown, York Co, Virginia
John Ballard1652 York Co, VirginiaJAN 1690/91 Virginia
John Eblen Ballard8 FEB 1825 Tennessee25 MAY 1886 Savoy, Fannin Co, Texas
John R Ballard17 SEP 1823  
John Wilson BallardJUL 1847 Lawrence Co, Missouri 
Joseph Ballard9 NOV 1794 North CarolinaNOV 1884 North Carolina
Judith Ballard10 DEC 1779 South River, Bedford Co, Virginia 
Katharine BallardABT 1691 Virginia 
Levina Ballard9 FEB 1822 Tennessee 
Liza BallardABT 1837  
Lucinda Ballard1 AUG 1819 Tennessee 
Lucy BallardABT 1745  
Lucy BallardABT 1708  
Lucy Ballard1856  
Lydia Ballard1660 York Co, Virginia 
Marie Ballard1615 France 
Martha Ballard1668 James City Co, Virginia 
Martha R Ballard1857  
Mary Ballard1804  
Mary Ballard16 JUN 1764 South River, Bedford Co, Virginia 
Mary BallardABT 1706  
Mary BallardABT 1700 Virginia 
Mary BallardABT 1747 Surrey Co, North Carolina 
Mary BallardABT 1742 Ablemarle Co, Virginia 
Mary BallardABT 1821 Roane Co, Tennesse 
Mary A BallardABT 1866 Lawrence Co, Missouri 
Mary Byrom Ballard1750 Virginia 
Mary Jane Ballard4 JUL 1829 Tennessee 
Mary P BallardMAY 1853 Lawrence Co, Missouri 
Matilda Ballard24 AUG 1812  
Matthew BallardABT 1686 Virginia 
Micajah BallardABT 1736 Bedford Co, Virginia6 JUN 1831 
Micajah Ballard3 AUG 1818  
Milldred BallardABT 1765 Virginia 
Minerva Ballard1 OCT 1841 13 JUL 1913 Oklahoma
Moorman Ballard16 MAR 1745/46 Virginia 
Moses Ballard19 JAN 1795 Grayson, Carroll Co, Virginia 
Mourning Ballard4 MAY 1775 South River, Bedford Co, Virginia 
Nancy Ballard23 JUL 1822  
Nancy Ballard1789 1860 Lincoln Co, Kentucky
Nancy Ballard1817  
Nancy E BallardABT 1869 Lawrence Co, Missouri 
Nathan W BallardABT 1870 Buck Praire, Lawrence Co, Missouri 
Nathananiel BallardABT 1818 Todd Co, KentuckyBEF 7 FEB 1853 Lawrence Co, Missouri
Obediah Farley BallardABT 1790 AFT 1860 Carroll Co, Arkansas
Pernicia Ballard1867 Lawrence Co, Missouri 
Phebe Ballard1818 Roane Co, TennesseAFT 1860 Roane Co, Tennesse
Philadelphia Ballard5 JAN 1740/41 Virginia 
Philip Ballard1722 Virginia 
Phillip Ballard1460 Kent, England1552 Greenwich, Kent, England
Phillip BallardABT 1705  
Phillip Ballard1705 St Anns Parish, Essex Co, Virginia8 MAR 1778 
Phillip Ballard18 JUN 1793 Grayson, Carroll Co, Virginia 
Ralph Ballard1673 Nansemond, Virginia 
Rebecca Ballard9 JUN 1808 Tennessee 
Reuben Ballard1748 Gates Co, North Carolina8 SEP 1820 Warren Co, Kentucky
Richard BallardAFT 1684 Virginia 
Richard BallardABT 1697 Virginia 
Richard BallardABT 1781 South River, Bedford Co, Virginia1848 
Richard BallardABT 1702  
Robert Ballard1697 Virginia 
Robert BallardABT 1450  
Roger BallardABT 1400  
Ruth BallardBET 1782 AND 1789  
Ruth BallardABT 1825  
Ruth Ballard24 APR 1798 Grayson, Carroll Co, Virginia 
Ruth W Ballard1859  
Salina Ballard1849  
Sally BallardBET 1782 AND 1789  
Samuel Ballard1801 Cherokee, Washington Co, Tennessee16 MAR 1863 Red Clay, McMin Co, Tennessee
Samuel BallardABT 1765 Virginia 
Samuel Ballard7 JUN 1827 Tennessee 
Samuel Ballard20 AUG 1814  
Sarah BallardABT 1744 Virginia 
Sarah Ballard7 JUL 1816  
Sarah Frances Ballard9 MAR 1799 North Carolina20 FEB 1873 Newtonia, Newton Co, Missouri
Sarah M Ballard1811  
Servant BallardAFT 1699  
Sophia Ballard8 JUN 1827 Tennessee 
Stephen Ballard20 OCT 1824  
Susan Ballard1807  
Susanna Ballard1744 Ablemarle Co, Virginia 
Susannah BallardABT 1825  
Susannah BallardABT 1765 Virginia 
Tennessee Ballard1861  
Thomas Ballard1630 James City Co, Virginia24 MAR 1687/88 Middle Plantation, York Co, Virginia
Thomas Ballard1394 Kent, England4 SEP 1465 Horton, Kent, England
Thomas Ballard1654 James City Co, Virginia18 JUN 1711 Yorktown, York Co, Virginia
Thomas BallardABT 1450  
Thomas Ballard7 MAR 1755 Virginia 
Thomas Ballard1695 Virginia17 JAN 1781 Ablemarle Co, Virginia
Thomas BallardABT 1700  
Thomas Ballard1716 Virginia 
Thomas BallardABT 1717 Virginia 
Thomas Ballard1846 1873 
Thomas Ballard1848 1920 
Thomas D Ballard12 NOV 1735 Cedar Creek, Hanover Co, Virginia 
Thomas Horace BallardBET 1732 AND 1741 Ablemarle Co, Virginia1804 Albermarle Co, Virginia
Washington Ballard10 FEB 1808 Tennessee 
William Ballard1758 Virginia 
William Ballard1773 Albermarle Co, Virginia1880 Monroe, Amherst Co, Virginia
William Ballard18 JUN 1781 VirginiaNOV 1852 Roane Co, Tennesse
William Ballard1742 St Thomas, Orange Co, Virginia14 SEP 1799 Monroe, Amherst Co, Virginia
William Ballard12 AUG 1603 Southwell,,Nottinghamshire,England 
William Ballard20 JUL 1767 South River, Bedford Co, Virginia 
William BallardABT 1740 Virginia 
William Ballard8 SEP 1715 Williamsburg, York Co, Virginia12 JUN 1794 Bedford Co, Virginia
William Ballard17 JAN 1826  
William BallardABT 1715  
William Ballard8 SEP 1715 Virginia 
William Ballard1682 James City Co, Virginia2 OCT 1754 Essex Co, Virginia
William Ballard1868  
William Ballard1560 Selford, Warwickshire, England1605 Southwell, North England
William Curtis Ballard1682 1754 
William McDonald Ballard20 JUL 1767 South River, Bedford Co, Virginia 
William Wiburn Ballard1814  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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