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  20 individuals found for query Bankert
Abraham BankertABT 1752  
Anna Margaret Bankert1710  
Anna Maria Bankert1699  
Catharine BankertABT 1747  
Catherina Bankert26 JUL 1707  
Christophel BankertABT 1751  
Christopher Bankert1673 Waldorff, Germany Littlestown, Pennsylvania
Esther BankertABT 1756  
Henry BankertABT 1754  
Johan Jacob Bankert23 NOV 1717 Wachenheim, Germany14 MAR 1789 Union Mills, Frederick Co, Maryland
Johan Jacob Bankert25 JUL 1746  
Johanes Bankert24 MAR 1748/49  
Judith BankertABT 1755  
Juliana Bankert1704  
Magdalena BankertABT 1750 BET 1783 AND 1785 
Margaret Elenora Bankert12 MAY 1722  
Maria Solome Bankert19 FEB 1701/02  
Mary BankertABT 1753  
Mary Margaret Bankert15 JUN 1745 Digges Choice, Hanover Co, PennsylvaniaABT 1820 Union Mills, Frederick Co, Maryland
Peter BankertABT 1750  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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