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  85 individuals found for query Bartlett
Ann Bartlett31 OCT 1709 Newbury, Essex Co, Massachusetts 
Ann Bartlett16 SEP 1763 Beverly, Essex Co, Massachusetts 
Ann BartlettABT 1713 Marblehead, Essex Co, Massachusetts 
Anna BartlettABT 1740  
Benjamin Bartlett24 AUG 1765 Beverly, Essex Co, Massachusetts 
Bethia BartlettABT 1681 Marblehead, Essex Co, Massachusetts 
Bethya Bartlett7 SEP 1707 Marblehead, Essex Co, Massachusetts 
C C BartlettABT 1785  
Christopher Bartlett11 JUN 1655 Newbury, Essex Co, Massachusetts14 APR 1711 Haverhill, Massachusetts
Christopher Columbus Bartlett26 JUN 1861 Henry Co, Kentucky22 NOV 1955 New London, Connecticut
Daniel Bartlett13 DEC 1701 Newbury, Essex Co, Massachusetts 
Elizabeth Bartlett1730 1825 
Elizabeth Bartlett7 SEP 1707 Marblehead, Essex Co, Massachusetts 
Elizabeth BartlettBET 1688 AND 1696 Marblehead, Massachusetts 
Elizabeth Bartlett19 AUG 1821 Tennessee2 NOV 1885 Harrison Co, Missouri
Elzora Bartlett19 FEB 1866 New Hebron, Honey Brook Township, Crawford Co, Illinois 
Esther Bartlett9 DEC 1707 Newbury, Essex Co, Massachusetts3 JUN 1742 Newbury, Essex Co, Massachusetts
Faithful Bartlett18 SEP 1642 Frampton, Dorset, England 
Faithful BartlettABT 1682 Marblehead, Essex Co, Massachusetts10 JAN 1748/49 Marblehead, Essex Co, Massachusetts
George Fielding Bartlett25 MAY 1840 Henry Co, Kentucky10 FEB 1895 New Hebron, Honey Brook Township, Crawford Co, Illinois
George W DeCamp Bartlett14 JAN 1817 Paris, Edgar Co, Illinois 
George Washington Bartlett11 APR 1777 Beverly, Essex Co, Massachusetts10 AUG 1840 Paris, Edgar Co, Illinois
George Washington Bartlett14 MAY 1875 New Hebron, Honey Brook Township, Crawford Co, Illinois 
Hannah Bartlett16 NOV 1704 Newbury, Essex Co, Massachusetts6 APR 1789 
Henry Bartlett3 FEB 1771 Beverly, Essex Co, Massachusetts 
Humphry Bartlett8 JAN 1709/10 Marblehead, Essex Co, Massachusetts 
James L Bartlett1837 23 MAR 1922 
James Leonard Bartlett17 NOV 1802 Paris, Edgar Co, Illinois 
Joanna Bartlett12 APR 1810 Paris, Edgar Co, Illinois 
Joel BartlettABT 1810  
John Bartlett2 SEP 1711 Newbury, Essex Co, Massachusetts 
John Bartlett14 MAY 1645 Frampton, Dorset, England1724 Marblehead, Essex Co, Massachusetts
John Bartlett18 JAN 1767 Beverly, Essex Co, Massachusetts 
John Bartlett10 JUL 1808 Paris, Edgar Co, Illinois 
John Bartlett1699 Marblehead, Massachusetts 
John Bartlett23 SEP 1678 Newbury, Essex Co, Massachusetts16 OCT 1752 Newbury, Essex Co, Massachusetts
Joseph BartlettABT 1800  
Josiah Bartlett1703 Marblehead, Massachusetts 
Keziah Bartlett1760 Bridgewater, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts 
Lemuel B Bartlett20 MAY 1814 Kentucky23 FEB 1876 Crawford Co, Illinois
Lovinia Ann Bartlett1868 New Hebron, Honey Brook Township, Crawford Co, Illinois 
Magdaline Bartlett1629 Frampton, Dorset, England 
Martha Perry Bartlett23 NOV 1813 Paris, Edgar Co, Illinois 
Mary Bartlett5 JAN 1707/08 Attleboro, Bristol Co, Massachusetts1742 Gloucester, Providence Co, Rhode Island
Mary Bartlett31 AUG 1703 Newbury, Essex Co, MassachusettsBEF 1733 Rockingham, New Hampshire
Mary BartlettAFT 1710 Marblehead, Essex Co, Massachusetts 
Matilda Bartlett28 DEC 1846 Henry Co, Kentucky 
Michael F Bartlett5 MAR 1799 26 DEC 1852 Chrisman, Edgar Co, Illinois
Millard Filmore Bartlett6 MAR 1884  
Moses Bartlett2 JAN 1713/14 Newbury, Essex Co, Massachusetts 
Nancy Bartlett14 FEB 1784 North Carolina 
Nathan Bartlett30 MAY 1717 Newbury, Essex Co, Massachusetts10 JUN 1801 Newbury, Essex Co, Massachusetts
Nathaniel Bartlett25 AUG 1706 Newbury, Essex Co, Massachusetts 
Nathaniel BartlettBET 1688 AND 1696 Marblehead, Massachusetts 
Permilia Bartlett1849 Henry Co, Kentucky 
Priscilla Bartlett18 SEP 1854 Marshall Co, Maryland24 FEB 1933 Jasper Co, Missouri
Priscilla BartlettABT 1790 Kentucky1868 
Pyam Bartlett8 NOV 1772 Beverly, Essex Co, Massachusetts 
Pyam Bartlett10 JUL 1808 Paris, Edgar Co, Illinois 
Rachael Finley Bartlett28 APR 1829 Paris, Edgar Co, Illinois24 JAN 1870 Sarcoxie, Jasper Co, Missouri
Rebecca BartlettABT 1633 Plymouth, Massachusetts 
Rebecca Bartlett25 OCT 1712 Newbury, Essex Co, Massachusetts 
Robert BartlettFEB 1696/97 Marblehead, Massachusetts 
Robert Bartlett4 FEB 1633/34 Frampton, Dorset, England 
Sally BartlettABT 1800  
Sarah Bartlett14 NOV 1811 Paris, Edgar Co, Illinois 
Sarah Bartlett1807 1851 
Sarah Bartlett27 AUG 1704 Marblehead, Massachusetts 
Sarah Jane Bartlett24 SEP 1843 Henry Co, Kentucky 
Susannah Bartlett2 FEB 1711/12 Newbury, Essex Co, Massachusetts 
Tabitha BartlettABT 1615  
Theopolis Alonzo Bartlett4 JUL 1870 New Hebron, Honey Brook Township, Crawford Co, Illinois 
Theresa Bartlett23 SEP 1804 Paris, Edgar Co, Illinois 
Theresa Bartlett14 JAN 1782 Beverly, Essex Co, Massachusetts 
Thomas Bartlett1708 Marblehead, Massachusetts 
Viola Hester Bartlett16 JUN 1863 New Hebron, Honey Brook Township, Crawford Co, Illinois 
William Bartlett26 MAR 1710 Marblehead, Essex Co, MassachusettsSEP 1759 in Siege of Quebec, Canada
William Bartlett27 JUN 1741 Beverly, Essex Co, Massachusetts30 DEC 1794 McKees Port, Westmoreland Co, Pennsylvania
William Bartlett1685 Marblehead, Essex Co, Massachusetts30 MAY 1749 Marblehead, Essex Co, Massachusetts
William Bartlett27 SEP 1800 Paris, Edgar Co, Illinois15 DEC 1843 Paris, Edgar Co, Illinois
William Bartlett28 SEP 1762 Beverly, Essex Co, Massachusetts 
William BartlettBET 1688 AND 1696 Marblehead, Massachusetts 
William BartlettABT 1610 Faraton, England 
William BartlettABT 1665  
Zulima Bartlett14 AUG 1806 Paris, Edgar Co, Illinois 

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