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  51 individuals found for query Bayard
Alida BayardAFT 1750  
Ann BayardABT 1730 Cecil Co, Maryland 
Ann Maria BayardABT 1679 New York, New York 
Balthasaer BayardABT 1640 Alphen, The Netherlands 
Catharine BayardABT 1655 Alphen, The Netherlands 
Catherina Bayard2 MAR 1615/16  
Catherine BayardABT 1660 Bergen Op Zoom, The Netherlands 
Catherine BayardAFT 1750  
Catherine Ann BayardABT 1765  
Daniel BayardABT 1581 Norwich, Norfolk, England 
David Bayard1618  
Eliza BayardABT 1770  
Elizabeth BayardABT 1730 Cecil Co, Maryland 
Gertrude Bayard1702 New York, New York29 AUG 1745 
Hans BayardBEF 19 APR 1681 New York, New York 
James BayardAFT 1674  
James BayardAFT 1699 Cecil Co, Maryland 
James Ashton Bayard11 AUG 1738 Bohemia Manor, Cecil Co, Maryland 
John BayardAFT 1750  
John Bubenheim Bayard11 AUG 1738 Bohemia Manor, Cecil Co, Maryland7 JAN 1807 
Judith BayardABT 1690 New York 
Judith Bayard1608 Scherpenzeel, Friesland, The Netherland 
Lasarus Bayard1577 Norwich, Norfolk, EnglandAUG 1643 Breda, North Brabant, The Netherlands
Louis Bayard16 JAN 1611/12  
Margaret Sarah BayardABT 1780  
Margareta BayardBEF 24 MAY 1719 New York, New York 
Maria BayardABT 1770  
Maria Ann BayardAFT 1600 Cecil Co, Maryland 
Martha BayardABT 1579 Norwich, Norfolk, England 
Mary BayardAFT 1750  
Nicholas BayardABT 1644 Alphen, The NetherlandsABT 1710 New York
Nicholas BayardABT 1740  
Nicholas BayardAFT 1696 New York, New York 
Nicolas BayardABT 1551 Zierikzee, Zeeland, The NetherlandsMAY 1617 Zierikzee, Zeeland, The Netherlands
Paul Bayard1 FEB 1612/13  
Petrus Bayard1635 Alphen, The Netherlands1699 New York, New York
Petrus BayardAFT 1674  
Petrus BayardBEF 10 JUL 1702 Cecil Co, Maryland 
Rebecca BayardBEF 30 SEP 1609  
Richard BayardABT 1700  
Robert BayardAFT 1750  
Samuel BayardAFT 1699 Cecil Co, Maryland 
Samuel Bayard1675 Bohemia Manor, Cecil Co, Maryland21 NOV 1721 
Samuel Bayard5 SEP 1669 New York1746 
Samuel Nicholas BayardBEF 30 SEP 1609 Breda, North Brabant, The Netherlands 
Samuel Vetch Bayard1757 New York1832 Wilmot, Nova Scotia
Sarah Bayard1680 New York, New York Kingston, Ulster Co, Long Island, New York
Susanna BayardABT 1583 Norwich, Norfolk, England 
Susanna BayardABT 1730 Cecil Co, Maryland 
William Bayard1 JAN 1726/27 New York, New York 
William BayardAFT 1750  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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