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  71 individuals found for query Beam
Adam Beam25 AUG 1765 Pennsylvania 
Anthony BeamABT 1700 Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
Anthony Coonraad Beam6 MAY 1751 Pompton Plain, Morris Co, New Jersey 
Barbara Beam1771 Pennsylvania 
C L BeamAFT 1870 Blanchard, Hardin Co, Ohio 
Catherine Hannah Beam1765 Westmoreland Co, PennsylvaniaAFT 1813 Pennsylvania
Christopher Beam1 SEP 1761 Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania 
Clement Beam1864 Blanchard, Hardin Co, Ohio 
Conrad BeamBEF 1766 Pennsylvania 
Coonraad Beam23 APR 1727 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey29 NOV 1810 
Daniel Weller Beam1817  
David Beam1802 Marion Co, Kentucky1852 Washington Co, Kentucky
David M Beam19 JAN 1833 Kentucky7 JUL 1913 Nelson Co, Kentucky
Eda BeamABT 1819 Belmont Co, Ohio 
Edward Beam12 MAY 1829 Bardstown, Nelson Co, Kentucky 
Elisie Mayte Beam1879  
Elizabeth BeamABT 1825 Ohio 
Elizabeth Beam25 NOV 1758 Pennsylvania 
Elizabeth A Beam1857 Blanchard, Hardin Co, Ohio 
Emma Kate Beam5 DEC 1850 Washington Co, Kentucky 
George Lee Beam30 NOV 1870  
George W Beam1843 Kentucky 
Gilman Beam1831 Hardin Co, Ohio 
Henry Beam1741 20 JUL 1802 Quernahoning, Somerset Co, Pennsylvania
Henry Beam1791 Marion Co, Kentucky 
Henry Beam1769 Pennsylvania 
Hester A Beam1825 Hardin Co, Ohio 
Isaac Beam1810 Marion Co, Kentucky 
Isaac Beam1837 Kentucky 
Jacob Beam1759 Pennsylvania 
Jacob Beam9 SEP 1785 Rockingham Co, Virginia12 AUG 1872 Cessna, Hardin Co, Kentucky
Jacob B Beam1787 Marion Co, Kentucky 
Jacob L Beam1826 Kentucky 
James Beam1803 Marion Co, Kentucky 
James Beam1820 Belmont Co, OhioMAY 1900 Hardin Co, Ohio
James Beauregard Beam25 AUG 1864 Washington Co, Kentucky27 DEC 1947 Bardstown, Nelson Co, Kentucky
James Monroe BeamDEC 1870 Blanchard, Hardin Co, Ohio 
Jemima Beam1828 Hardin Co, Ohio 
Johannes Beam24 OCT 1755 Pennsylvania 
Johannes Beam3 JUN 1754 Pennsylvania 
Johannes Jacob Beam9 FEB 1760 Bucks Co, Pennsylvania1834 Washington Co, Kentucky
John Beam24 MAY 1798 Marion Co, Kentucky 
John Henry Beam15 NOV 1839 Kentucky 
Joseph B Beam19 MAY 1825 Kentucky 
Lewis Beam1811 Marion Co, Kentucky 
Malinda Beam12 OCT 1846 Hardin Co, Ohio 
Malissa Beam1852 Blanchard, Hardin Co, Ohio 
Margaret Beam1789 Marion Co, Kentucky 
Martha Beam1831 Kentucky 
Mary Beam1763 Pennsylvania 
Mary BeamAFT 1870 Blanchard, Hardin Co, Ohio 
Mary Beam1842 Cessan, Hardin Co, Ohio 
Mary BeamBEF 1766 Pennsylvania 
Matilda Beam1804 Marion Co, Kentucky 
Minerva Beam1853 Blanchard, Hardin Co, Ohio 
Nancy Beam10 SEP 1777 Pennsylvania 
Nancy Beam1867  
Nancy E Beam1841 Kentucky 
Perry Beam1848 Cessan, Hardin Co, Ohio 
Peter Beam1767 Pennsylvania 
Pieter C Beam17 SEP 1764  
Sarah Beam20 OCT 1805 Marion Co, Kentucky 
Sarah BeamABT 1824 Ohio 
Sarah M Beam1835 Kentucky 
Sus Eva Beam1874  
Thomas Beam1794 Marion Co, Kentucky 
Thomas D Beam8 JUL 1862  
Thomas Jeremiah Beam6 JUL 1899 Bardstown, Nelson Co, Kentucky 
William BeamABT 1823 Ohio 
William Parker Beam22 DEC 1868  
William Parker BeamDEC 1849 Washington Co, Kentucky 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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