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  49 individuals found for query Belcher
Abigail Belcher24 OCT 1674 Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts 
Ann BelcherABT 1690  
Anna Belcher19 JUL 1706 Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts 
Deborah Belcher11 FEB 1694/95 Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts 
Elizabeth Belcher24 JAN 1631/32 Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts 
Elizabeth Belcher22 JUN 1677 Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts 
Genevieve M Belcher1 JAN 1857 Irvington, Clinton, Essex Co, New Jersey 
George BelcherABT 1750  
Gregory Belcher1643 Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts 
Gregory Belcher28 FEB 1664/65 Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts 
Gregory Belcher20 MAR 1605/06 Aston, Warwick, England25 NOV 1674 Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Henry Belcher1575 Northants, England 
Isham E Belcher1732 Chesterfield Co, Virginia 
Isham P Belcher1844  
John Belcher1670 Isle of Wright, Virginia 
John Belcher1633 Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts 
Joseph Belcher25 DEC 1641 Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts 
Josiah Belcher1631 Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts 
Jospeh Hattersly BelcherABT 1830 Elizabeth, New Jersey 
Mary Belcher8 JUL 1639 Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts 
Mary Belcher16 OCT 1670 Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts 
Mary BelcherJUN 1697 Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts 
Mary E Belcher1877 Mercer Co, Kentucky5 JUN 1888 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Mary Elizabeth Belcher1852 1889 
Mary F Belcher15 JUN 1863 Buchanan Co, Missouri4 JUL 1934 Dennson, Jefferson Co, Kansas
Moses Belcher1635 Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts 
Moses Belcher16 DEC 1692 Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts 
Moses Belcher1811 Tazwell Co, Virginia 
Moses Belcher4 AUG 1672 Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts 
Nathaniel Belcher25 JUL 1700 Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts 
Rebecca Ann Belcher6 FEB 1857 Patoka, Crawford Co, Indiana 
Richard Belcher1766 Franklin Co, Virginia 
Richard Belcher1710 Chesterfield Co, Virginia1763 Franklin Co, Virginia
Robert Belcher1649 Isle of Wright Co, Virginia Virginia
Samuel BelcherBEF 3 MAR 1688/89 Braintree, Norfolk, MassachusettsBEF 1691 Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Samuel Belcher21 SEP 1666 Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts19 DEC 1714 Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Samuel BelcherBEF 5 APR 1691 Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts 
Samuel Belcher24 AUG 1637 Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts17 JUN 1679 Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Sarah Belcher14 JAN 1702/03 Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts 
Silence Belcher24 JUN 1679 Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts 
Susan Lucy BelcherABT 1780 BEF 1850 
Thomas BelcherABT 1578 Aston, Warwick, EnglandABT 1620 Ward End, Warwich, England
Thomas I Belcher1825 1903 
William Belcher14 JUL 1699 Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts 
William Belcher3 MAY 1668 Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts 
William Belcher1525 England 
William Floyd BelcherABT 1785 Montgomery Co, VirginiaABT 1869 McDowell Co, West Virginia
William Thomas Belcher1615 Massachusetts 
Zipporah Belcher27 AUG 1704 Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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