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  261 individuals found for query Bennet
Abigail Bennet1796 Jamica, Long Island, New York 
Abraham Bennet1802 Jamica, Long Island, New York 
Abraham BennetMAR 1679/80 Flatbush, Long Island, New York 
Abraham Smith Bennet22 DEC 1844 30 JUN 1912 
Adriaen Bennet1637 Gowanus, Long Island, New YorkFEB 1703/04 
Adriaen Bennet1670 New Utrecht, Long Island, New York 
Adriaen BennetSEP 1794 Jamica, Long Island, New York 
Adriaen BennetABT 1575  
Adriaen BennetABT 1715  
Adriaen BennetABT 1720  
Adriaentje BennetMAY 1695  
Aeltje BennetABT 1716  
Agnes Bennet7 MAR 1743/44 Gowanus, Long Island, New York 
Albert Bennet1776  
Albert Van Brunt Bennet15 OCT 1820  
Angenitje BennetABT 1711 Brooklyn, Long Island, New York 
Angenitje BennetABT 1710  
Angenitje BennetABT 1715  
Anna Bennet23 OCT 1868  
Anna BennetBEF 11 SEP 1720 New Brunswick, Middlesex Co, New Jersey27 OCT 1808 Flemington, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey
Anne BennetABT 1655 The NetherlandsABT 1700 Henrico Co, Virginia
Annetje Bennet1789 Jamica, Long Island, New York 
Annetje BennetMAY 1736  
Annetje BennetABT 1756  
Annetje BennetSEP 1728  
Annetje BennetABT 1760 Gowanus, Long Island, New York 
Annetje BennetMAY 1755 Bucks Co, Pennsylvania 
Anthony BennetABT 1690  
Anthony BennetABT 1660  
Antje Bennet1792 Jamica, Long Island, New York 
Antje BennetABT 1700  
Antje Bennet1682 Gowanus, Long Island, New York 
Antje BennetABT 1730  
Ariantje Bennet29 DEC 1737 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Arie BennetJUN 1697 Brooklyn, Long Island, New York 
Arie BennetAUG 1698 New Utrecht, Long Island, New York 
Asanty BennetABT 1715  
Aury BennetABT 1782  
Autje Jacobus BennetABT 1705  
Barbara BennetABT 1725  
Barbara BennetABT 1715  
Bernardus BennetABT 1760 Jamica, Long Island, New YorkNOV 1844 Jamica, Long Island, New York
Bernardus BennetABT 1784 Jamica, Long Island, New York 
Catherine BennetABT 1770  
Catherine Bennet1846  
Catherine BennetABT 1779  
Catherine Logan Bennet1 JUL 1798 Monmouth Co, New Jersey18 MAR 1882 Holmdel, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Catrina Bennet1710 Brooklyn, Long Island, New York 
Charity BennetABT 1760  
Charity BennetABT 1750  
Christian Bennet1641 Gowanus, Long Island, New YorkAFT 1641 Gowanus, Long Island, New York
Christofflel Bennet6 OCT 1774  
Christopher Bennet1748 Gowanus, Long Island, New York1820 
Cornelia Bennet20 MAR 1880  
Cornelia BennetABT 1792  
Corneliua Van Brunt Bennet9 DEC 1840  
Cornelius BennetBEF 19 MAY 1700 1771 Brooklyn, Long Island, New York
Cornelius BennetAPR 1732  
Cornelius Bennet1676 New Utrecht, Long Island, New York 
Cornelius Bennet6 AUG 1804  
Cornelius W Bennet3 DEC 1776 25 SEP 1852 
Cyrenus BennetBEF 22 AUG 1779  
Edith Hasting Bennet1878  
Edward Bennet1831 Long Island, New York 
Edward Payson Bennet1870  
Eleanor BennetABT 1728 Bensalem, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania 
Eleanor Bennet29 NOV 1728 Freehold, Monmonth Co, New Jersey1 JUN 1810 Pleasant Valley, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Elias Ryder Bennet26 NOV 1847 Gravesend, Long Island, New York22 JUL 1927 
Elizabeth BennetFEB 1785 Jamica, Long Island, New York 
Elizabeth Bennet1773  
Elizabeth Bennet25 NOV 1799  
Elizabeth BennetABT 1725  
Elizabeth Bennet21 APR 1736 Bensalem, Bucks Co, PennsylvaniaJUN 1812 
Elizabeth Dalton Bennet1715 Bedford Co, Virginia 
Ellen Aletta Bennet8 JUN 1874 14 APR 1954 
Elmer Emans Bennet10 DEC 1870  
Emma Bennet1838 Long Island, New York 
Engeltje BennetABT 1685 Gowanus, Long Island, New York 
Ephraim BennetABT 1745  
Eve Bennet21 JAN 1713/14  
Femmetje Bennet1709  
Ferdinand BennetJUL 1741 Gowanus, Long Island, New York12 AUG 1820 
Florence Bennet10 DEC 1885  
Frances BennetABT 1717  
Geertje BennetJAN 1723/24  
Geertje BennetABT 1774  
Geertje BennetAPR 1771  
Geertje BennetABT 1776  
Geertruyt BennetABT 1687  
Geertruyt BennetBEF 8 JAN 1700/01  Died young
Geertruyt BennetJAN 1697/98 Gowanus, Long Island, New York 
George BennetABT 1708 New Utrecht, Long Island, New York 
George Bennet1739 Bensalem, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania 
Gertrude Bennet1881  
Gertruyd BennetJAN 1697/98  
Gertruyd BennetBEF 22 JUN 1707  
Griejte BennetABT 1687  
Grietje BennetABT 1710  
Harman Bennet14 DEC 1795  
Harry Bennet26 MAR 1872  
Helena BennetABT 1735 Bucks Co, Pennsylvania 
Hendrick BennetABT 1698  
Hendrick BennetNOV 1712  
Herman BennetABT 1766  
Ida BennetJUL 1769  
Isaac BennetNOV 1797 Jamica, Long Island, New York 
Isaac Bennet1678 New Utrecht, Long Island, New York1747 Northampton, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania
Isaac Bennet21 AUG 1808  
Isaac Bennet9 JUN 1700 New Utrecht, Long Island, New York11 DEC 1747 Bucks Co, Pennsylvania
Isaac BennetAPR 1735 Bensalem, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania 
Isaac Van Hoeck BennetAPR 1752 Jamaica, Long Island, New York6 APR 1825 Jamaica, Long Island, New York
Issac BennetBEF 14 APR 1717  
Jacob BennetABT 1713 Brooklyn, Long Island, New York 
Jacob BennetABT 1734 Six Mile Run ( Franklin Park ), Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Jacob BennetABT 1671 New Utrecht, Long Island, New York 
Jacob BennetNOV 1706 New Utrecht, Long Island, New York1767 
Jacob Bennet1 JAN 1794  
Jacob BennetABT 1667 Gowanus, Long Island, New York 
Jacob BennetABT 1710  
Jacob BennetBEF 10 MAR 1716/17  
Jacob BennetBEF 27 MAR 1723  
Jacob BennetJUL 1750 Bucks Co, Pennsylvania 
Jacob Remsen Bennet1872  
Jacobus BennetBEF 7 MAY 1738 Gowamus, Long Island, New YorkAFT 1812 
Jacobus BennetFEB 1697/98 Long Island, New York 
Jacobus BennetABT 1690 Brooklyn, Long Island, New York 
James Bennet10 FEB 1821  
James Bennet1731  
Jan BennetJAN 1756  
Jan Bennet29 MAR 1696  
Jan Bennet3 JAN 1662/63 Gowanus, Long Island, New York7 MAY 1743 
Jan Bennet19 NOV 1721 Jamaica, Long Island, New York10 OCT 1794 Jamaica, Long Island, New York
Jaques Bennet1802  
Jaques Bennet26 OCT 1818  
Jemima Bennet5 DEC 1814  
Jemima Bennet6 JUN 1818  
Jeromus Bennet26 NOV 1739  
Jeronimus BennetAPR 1700 Brooklyn, Long Island, New York20 MAR 1785 Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York
Jeronimus BennetBEF 13 JUN 1750  
Jeronimus BennetBEF 23 MAY 1764 Queens Co, New York 
Joanna Bennet12 JAN 1837  
Johannes BennetABT 1708 Brooklyn, Long Island, New York 
Johannes BennetABT 1710 New Utrecht, Long Island, New York 
Johannes BennetAUG 1703 Gowanus, Long Island, New York 
Johannes BennetNOV 1709 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Johannes BennetBEF 11 NOV 1721 Six Mile Run (Franklin Park), Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Johannes Bennet29 NOV 1773  
John Bennet4 APR 1757 Monmouth Co, New Jersey27 NOV 1843 
John Bennet1730 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
John BennetABT 1696 Brooklyn, Long Island, New York 
John Bennet1668 New Utrecht, Long Island, New York1722 
John Bennet9 SEP 1799 New Utrecht, Long Island, New York19 NOV 1878 Long Island, New York
John BennetMAR 1786 Jamica, Long Island, New York 
John BennetABT 1764  
John Bennet1 APR 1736 Gowanus, Long Island, New YorkBEF 24 MAR 1813 Long Island, New York
John BennetDEC 1724  
John Bennet14 JAN 1790  
John BennetMAR 1776  
John BennetNOV 1721  
John BennetABT 1643  
John Bennet4 NOV 1784  
John Bennet14 APR 1735 Bensalem, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania 
John Bennet  
John C BennetOCT 1731  
John Van Mater BennetDEC 1774  
Joost Bennet11 DEC 1754  
Joris BennetAUG 1698 Flatbush, Long Island, New YorkOCT 1766 Musketo Cove, Long Island, New York
Katrina BennetBEF 9 MAY 1714 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Lammetje BennetOCT 1787 Jamica, Long Island, New York 
Letitia Bennet1827 Long Island, New York 
Logan Bennet9 DEC 1784 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Louisa Bennet9 MAY 1874  
Lucy A M BennetBEF 1832  
Lucy Ann Bennet18 NOV 1832 Long Island, New York 
Magdalena BennetABT 1728 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Margrietje Bennet1790 Jamica, Long Island, New York 
Margrietje BennetABT 1752 Gowanus, Long Island, New York31 AUG 1811 Long Island, New York
Margrietje BennetAPR 1723  
Maria BennetAPR 1661 Gowanus, Long Island, New York 
Maria Bennet12 AUG 1812  
Maria Bennet21 NOV 1793 26 JUN 1884 
Maria BennetFEB 1773  
Maria BennetABT 1745 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Marike BennetABT 1700  
Marritje BennetMAR 1643/44 Gowanus, Long Island, New York 
Marten BennetBEF 10 NOV 1695  Died young
Martha BennetMAY 1775  
Martha BennetABT 1780  
Mary BennetABT 1716  
Mary Elizabeth Bennet17 NOV 1833  
Marytje BennetABT 1702 Kings Co, Long Island New York 
Matalynke BennetABT 1715  
Matilda Bennet1834 Long Island, New York 
Matthew Isaac Bennet27 SEP 1741 Bensalem, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania 
Mayeke BennetAPR 1753 Bucks Co, Pennsylvania 
Neeljte BennetBEF 18 APR 1742  
Neeltje BennetBEF 12 MAY 1745  
Neeltje BennetBEF 28 DEC 1766 Queens Co, New York 
Nicholas BennetJUL 1721  
Nicholas Bennet22 JAN 1743/44 Bensalem, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania 
Peter BennetABT 1750  
Peter BennetABT 1743 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Phebe BennetNOV 1736  
Phebe Florence Bennet27 SEP 1860  
Phoebe Elizabeth Bennet1826  
Rebecca Bennet6 SEP 1776  
Rem BennetJUN 1733  
Rulif Van Brunt Bennet5 JUN 1806 JUL 1870 
Samuel Bennet1820  
Samuel Styker Bennet28 MAY 1870  
Sarah BennetNOV 1795  
Sarah BennetABT 1760  
Sarah BennetJUN 1796  
Sarah BennetBEF 23 JUL 1758 Queens Co, New York 
Sarah Bennet12 AUG 1781 Monmouth Co, New Jersey22 JUL 1846 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Sarah H Bennet1825 Long Island, New York 
Sarah Lillian Bennet13 AUG 1874 6 AUG 1956 
Saretje BennetABT 1746  
Simon BennetAPR 1741 Bucks Co, Pennsylvania 
Sophia BennetABT 1712 New Utrecht, Long Island, New York 
Susanna BennetBEF 21 MAY 1704  
Thomas Bennet14 MAY 1780  
Tryntje Bennet3 FEB 1663/64 New Utrecht, Long Island, New York1738 
Unk BennetABT 1895  
Vytje BennetABT 1690  
Wilhelmina Bennet13 MAR 1798  
Wilhemina Bennet1797  
Wiliam Isaac Bennet21 MAR 1743/44 Bensalem, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania 
Willem Bennet1666 New Utrecht, Long Island, New York 
Willem BennetABT 1605 The NetherlandsBEF OCT 1644 Gowanus, Long Island, New York
Willem BennetABT 1691  
Willem BennetABT 1665 Gowanus, Long Island, New YorkABT APR 1702 
Willem Bennet1639 Gowanus, Long Island, New YorkBEF 1694 
Willem BennetABT 1719  
Willem BennetABT 1710  
William Bennet1848  
William Bennet4 FEB 1821  
William BennetAPR 1800 Jamica, Long Island, New York 
William Bennet1841 Long Island, New York1849 
William Bennet9 DEC 1768  
William BennetABT 1705  
William BennetBEF 18 APR 1704 Brooklyn, Long Island, New York20 MAR 1775 Bucks Co, Pennsylvania
William BennetABT 1802  
William Bennet12 MAY 1823 Gowanus, Long Island, New York7 SEP 1903 
William BennetABT 1741 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
William BennetABT 1692  
William BennetBEF 16 APR 1693 New Utrecht, Long Island, New York 
William BennetBEF 27 JUN 1753 Queens Co, New York 
William BennetABT 1751 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Winant Bennet1801  
Winant BennetSEP 1786 9 AUG 1827 
Winant Bennet29 JAN 1762 New Utrecht, Long Island, New York 
Winant Bennet14 FEB 1848 Gravesend, Long Island, New York25 MAR 1926 
Winant Bennet1771  Died young
Winant Bennet25 APR 1831  
Wynant Bennet1692 Gowanus, Long Island, New York1768 
Wynant Bennet13 FEB 1739/40 Gowanus, Long Island, New York31 MAR 1816 
Wynant Bennet1 AUG 1787 12 MAY 1850 
Wynant Bennet6 AUG 1810 12 JAN 1848 
Wynant BennetABT 1715  
Wynant BennetOCT 1771  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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