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  33 individuals found for query Benson
Abigail BensonABT 1600  
Adolph Benson8 JAN 1702/03 Harlem, New York30 APR 1802 Haarlem, The Netherlands
Alanson BensonABT 1800  
Benjamin Benson3 OCT 1705  
Catherine Benson8 DEC 1786  
Catherine BensonABT 1701  
Charity Elizabeth BensonABT 1847 Sumner Co, Tennesse 
Derick Benson28 FEB 1685/86 New York 
Elisabeth BensonABT 1875  
Elizabeth BensonABT 1700  
Harriet Benson18 JAN 1821 Skaneateles, Onodaga Co, New York4 MAY 1868 Owasco, Cayuga Co, New York
Helena Benson8 OCT 1682 New York 
Helena BensonABT 1685 New York 
Ivie Ethel Benson18 FEB 1896 16 MAR 1987 
Jennie A Benson1856 1932 Middlesex Co, New Jersey
Johannes Benson7 FEB 1654/55 New York1715 Harlem, New York
John BensonABT 1655  
Lawrence BensonABT 1730 1822 
Lovina J Benson1847 1927 
Maria Benson6 JAN 1793  
Mary BensonABT 1730  
Mathew Benson1687  
Matthew Benson5 JUN 1693 New York 
Robbert BensonABT 1685  
Samson Benson4 JUL 1652 Albany, Albany Co, New York2 JUN 1730 
Samson Benson1684 29 NOV 1732 
Samuel BensonABT 1675  
Samuel Benson16 OCT 1680 Albany, Albany Co, New York1740 
Samuel Benson1733  
Sarah Erwin Benson1816 1890 
Tryntje BensonFEB 1706/07  
W BensonABT 1835  
William Wylie Benson1862 1945 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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