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  11 individuals found for query Berger
Aaron BergerABT 1760  
Casper Berger8 JUN 1732 Amsterdam, The Netherlands8 NOV 1815 Readington, New Jersey
Ellen BergerABT 1760  
Jasper Berger20 APR 1784  
John BergerABT 1785  
Maria Berger8 MAY 1757 Hunterdon Co, New Jersey11 AUG 1839 
Mary BergerABT 1680  
Peter BergerABT 1760  
Rose BergerABT 1890  
Sarah Berger20 JUL 1761 8 JAN 1844 Readington, New Jersey
Susan BergerABT 1760  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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