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  114 individuals found for query Berry
Alice Berry1765 BUncombe Co, North Carolina 
Alice Berry1711 Staten Island, Richmond Co, New York1738 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Amelia BerryABT 1750  
Angeline Berry16 FEB 1856 Johnson Co, Missouri 
Anna BerryABT 1705 ? Morris Co, New Jersey 
Annetje BerryABT 1719  
Augustine Berry1762 Middlesex Co, Virginia 
Benjamin Berry1670 1719 
Benjmain BerryABT 1750  
Bertha BerryABT 1890 Freehold, Monmonth Co, New Jersey 
Caleb Berry26 FEB 1801 Kentucky 
Cathalyna BerryABT 1720  
Clark Miller BerryABT 1885 Boone Co, Indiana 
Debora BerryBEF 28 JUL 1691 Long Island, New York 
Dewey Walter Berry21 JUL 1898 MissouriMAY 1977 Picher, Ottawa Co, Oklahoma
Edward Berry1780  
Edward G Berry13 AUG 1807 Kentucky 
Eldridge Robert Berry6 APR 1899  
Elisha Berry19 JAN 1755  
Elizabeth BerryABT 1670  
Elizabeth Berry1697 King George Co, Virginia7 NOV 1735 King George Co, Virginia
Elizabeth Berry1697 1735 
Elizabeth Ewing Berry30 DEC 1795 Washington Co, Kentucky 
Elizabeth Jans Berry1676 New York, New York Pacquenac, New Jersey
Elizaeth Berry1758 Middlesex Co, Virginia 
Enoch Berry1704 King George Co, Virginia 
Ephraim BerryABT 1785  
Frances Berry1898 1982 
Francis Berry24 MAR 1799 Kentucky 
Franis Berry1772  
G W BerryABT 1840  
Garrett BerryAPR 1765 Middlesex Co, Virginia1830 Fayette Co, Kentucky
Garrett Berry1665 Middlesex Co, Virginia1 OCT 1725 Middlesex Co, Virginia
Garrett BerryABT 1630 Saggart, County Dublin, Ireland Lower Norfolk Co, Virginia
George Harris Berry27 SEP 1900  
Hannah Berry20 MAR 1823 Indiana 
Henry BerryABT 1660 King George Co, Virginia1748 King George Co, Virginia
Henry Berry1636 Lancaster Co, Virginia1672 Rappahonnock Co, Virginia
Jacomyntje BerryBEF 6 FEB 1735/36 Pompton Plains, Morris Co, New Jersey 
James BerryABT 1575  
James BerryABT 1600  
James Berry1740 Washington Co, Virginia17 FEB 1804 Bowling Green, Kentucky
James Alexander Berry1858 1923 
James H Berry1752 Middlesex Co, Virginia12 FEB 1822 Speedwell, Madison Co, Kentucky
Jane Berry3 NOV 1774  
Jemina Berry21 JAN 1763  
Jeremaih Berry1732  
Jeremiah Berry1712 Prince George's Co, Maryland3 APR 1769 
Joanna Berry1775  
Johan BerryABT 1580  
Johanna Berry22 DEC 1695 Long Island, New York 
John Berry1664 King George Co, Virginia 
John Berry1803 Kentucky 
John Berry1761  
John BerryAFT 1750 Middlesex Co, Virginia 
John Berry1786  
Joseph Berry1691 King George Co, Virginia 
Margaret Berry2 FEB 1820 Virginia 
Margaret Berry1695 King George Co, Virginia 
Margaret Berry15 APR 1805 Kentucky 
Maria BerryABT 1790  
Maria Berry8 MAY 1755  
Martha Berry1756 Middlesex Co, Virginia 
Martha Olive Berry4 DEC 1869 California26 FEB 1916 Los Angeles, California
Martin BerryABT 1693 Long Island, New York 
Mary BerryABT 1750  
Mary BerryABT 1745  
Mary BerryAFT 1750 Middlesex Co, Virginia 
Mary BerryABT 1763 Lincoln Co, Tennessee1807 
Mary Berry1628 King and Queen Co, Virginia1667 Virginia
Mary Berry1645 Virginia1715 
Mary Ann Berry22 JAN 1839 Georgia23 OCT 1927 Izard Co, Arkansas
Mary Ann BerryABT 1840  
Mary Jane Berry14 SEP 1812 Kentucky25 NOV 1883 Jackson Co, Missouri
Nancy Berry17 OCT 1797 Kentucky 
Patty BerryABT 1840  
Paulus BerryABT 1700 Long Island, New York 
Peninah Berry16 AUG 1770  
Peter Berry19 MAR 1724/25  
Peter Berry1652 King George Co, Virginia 
Richard Berry1666 King George Co, Virginia 
Richard Berry2 SEP 1769 Bedford Co, Virginia16 APR 1843 Calloway Co, Missouri
Richard Berry20 JUL 1734 Prince George's Co, Maryland5 DEC 1798 Washington Co, Kentucky
Richard C Berry13 JAN 1810 Kentucky 
Robert BerryABT 1800  
Robert Mitchell Berry13 APR 1818  
Robert Samuel Berry10 JUN 1869 Jefferson, Davis Co, Kansas29 APR 1926 Liberty, Davis Co, Kansas
Rosannah Rose Berry1689 Frederick Co, Virginia4 AUG 1752 Shenandoah Valley, Fauquier Co, Virginia
Samuel BerryABT 1725  
Samuel BerryABT 1660 Vlissingen, Zeeland, The Netherlands1702 
Samuel Berry10 APR 1697 Long Island, New York1769 
Samuel Berry1775 Washington Co, Virginia11 OCT 1834 Roane, Rhea Co, Tennessee
Samuel H Berry20 SEP 1815  
Samuel McArthur Berry2 MAY 1820 Sullivan Co, Tennessee27 NOV 1880 Aurora, Lawrence Co, Missouri
Sarah Berry4 SEP 1785 Granville Co, North Carolina Fayette Co, Kentucky
Sarah BerryABT 1702 Long Island, New York 
Sarah Berry14 JUL 1718 Virginia 
Sarah Berry1774  
Sarah BerryAFT 1750 Middlesex Co, Virginia 
Sarah BerryABT 1780  
Sophia J Berry1840 1925 
Thomas Berry8 JUN 1757 Middlesex Co, Virginia12 FEB 1822 Speedwell, Madison Co, Kentucky
Thomas Berry5 SEP 1727 Middlesex Co, Virginia Clark Co, Kentucky
Thomas Berry23 FEB 1698/99 Middletown, Virginia 
Thomas BerryABT 1760  
Thomas Berry1793 1865 
Unk BerryABT 1680 Belfast, Ireland 
Walter Berry1755 2 SEP 1818 
William Berry1610 Lancaster, New Castel, England28 JUN 1654 Portsmouth, Rockingham Co, New Hampshire
William Berry22 MAY 1650 King George Co, Virginia2 JUN 1721 Hanover, Prince George Co, Virginia
William BerryABT 1750  
William BerryABT 1645  
William BerryABT 1600 1685 
Zachary Berry11 JUL 1749  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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