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  44 individuals found for query Bertholf
Abraham BertholfBEF 7 FEB 1719/20 Pompton Plains, Morris Co, New Jersey15 OCT 1789 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey
Abraham Bertholf20 FEB 1658/59  
Abraham Bertholf3 OCT 1797  
Albert Bertholf12 FEB 1709/10  
Anna Bertholf27 FEB 1696/97 Acquackanook, Passaic Co, New Jersey1785 
Anneke Bertholf31 MAY 1648  
Catherine Bertholf19 AUG 1646  
Catrina Bertholf1678 Sluis, Zeeland, The Netherlands1679 
Christoffel Bertholf15 MAY 1650  
Christoffel Bertholf28 JAN 1653/54  
Christoffel Bertholf1590 Zeeland, The Netherlands 
Elizabeth Bertholf26 JUN 1726 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Elizabeth Bertholf26 SEP 1683 Sluis, Zeeland, The Netherlands 
Elizabeth Bertholf27 APR 1661  
Elizabeth Bertholf1717  
Elizabeth Jane Bertholf12 MAY 1824  
Guilliam Bertholf15 APR 1730  
Guilliam Bertholf4 FEB 1721/22 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Gulliam Bertholf20 FEB 1654/55 Sluis, Zeeland, The Netherlands16 FEB 1724/25 Acquackanook, Passaic Co, New Jersey
Hendrick Bertholf6 APR 1686 Acquackanook, Passaic Co, New Jersey1766 
Hendrickje Bertholf16 DEC 1711  
Jacobus Bertholf7 NOV 1717  
Jacobus BertholfJUN 1690 Acquackanook, Passaic Co, New Jersey1783 
Jan Bertholf20 NOV 1715  
Janneke Bertholf31 JUL 1651  
Johannes Bertholf16 DEC 1766 11 MAR 1855 
Lydia Bertholf24 FEB 1818  
Maria BertholfABT 1775  
Maria Bertholf12 MAY 1680 Sluis, Zeeland, The Netherlands1745 Bergen Co, New Jersey
Maria Bertholf25 JAN 1721/22 12 MAR 1806 Pompton Plains, Morris Co New Jersey
Martha Bertholf29 MAR 1692 Acquackanook, Passaic Co, New Jersey1742 
Martina Bertholf19 JUL 1719 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Martyntje Martina BertholfFEB 1707/08 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Quirinus Bertholf16 MAY 1688 Acquackanook, Passaic Co, New Jersey1733 Saddle River, Bergen Co, New Jersey
Quirinus Christoffel Bertholf30 AUG 1620 Vlaanderen, Zeeland, The Netherlands6 MAR 1663/64 Lost at sea
Rachel Bertholf5 MAR 1723/24  
Reinhart BertholfBEF 15 MAY 1726  
Reinhart Bertholf15 MAY 1726  
Sarah Bertholf10 APR 1658  
Sarah Bertholf8 APR 1677 Sluis, Zeeland, The Netherlands1758 New Jersey
Sarah Bertholf8 OCT 1730  
Sarah BertholfBEF 6 FEB 1735/36 Pompton Plains, Morris Co, New Jersey 
Stephanus Bertholf3 MAR 1725/26 Pompton Plains, Morris Co New Jersey 
William Bertholf17 JAN 1713/14  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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