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  70 individuals found for query Blauvelt
Abraham Blauvelt17 JUN 1663 New York15 JUN 1751 
Abraham BlauveltABT 1703  
Abraham BlauveltAFT 1673 New York, New York 
Abraham Blauvelt26 MAY 1754  
Abraham Blauvelt13 DEC 1719 Tappan, Rockland Co, New York 
Abraham Blauvelt6 MAR 1732/33 New York 
Abraham Blauvelt14 JUN 1716 Tappan, Rockland Co, New YorkBEF 17 DEC 1774 
Aeltje Blauvelt22 AUG 1726 Tappan, Rockland Co, New York 
Amerensje BlauveltAFT 1691  
Annatje Blauvelt25 JAN 1769 Rockland Co, New York 
Annejte BlauveltAFT 1673 New York, New York 
Annetje Blauvelt14 DEC 1716 Tappan, Rockland Co, New York 
Annetje Blauvelt17 OCT 1708 Tappan, Rockland Co, New York 
Anntje Blauvelt26 FEB 1745/46  
Catherine Blauvelt20 JUN 1832  
Catherine Blauvelt31 JAN 1724/25 Tappan, Rockland Co, New York 
Cornelia Blauvelt1 OCT 1740  
Cornelia Blauvelt1 DEC 1731 Tappan, Rockland Co, New York 
Cornelius Blauvelt28 MAR 1739  
Daniel Blauvelt1694 New York, New York 
Daniel D Blauvelt18 SEP 1794  
Dirckje Blauvelt3 APR 1687 Tappan, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Elizabeth Blauvelt16 FEB 1728/29 Tappan, Rockland Co, New York 
Elizabeth BlauveltABT 1700  
Elizabeth Blauvelt14 JAN 1755 Tappan, Rockland Co, New York 
Elizabeth Blauvelt5 MAR 1764 Tappan, Rockland Co, New York 
Elizabeth BlauveltABT 1680 28 FEB 1762 New York, New York
Elziabeth Blauvelt14 FEB 1735/36 Tappan, Rockland Co, New York 
Fredericus Blauvelt22 NOV 1728 Tappan, Rockland Co, New York 
Geertje Blauvelt1724 Tappan, Rockland Co, New York 
Gerrit BlauveltABT 1709  
Gerrit Blauvelt4 JAN 1730/31 Tappan, Rockland Co, New York 
Gerrit BlauveltABT 1588 The Netherlands 
Gerrit Blauvelt10 MAY 1683 New York, New York 
Gerrit Hendricksen BlauveltBEF 9 APR 1620 Deventer, Overyssel, The NetherlandsBEF 4 MAR 1684/85 New York
Grietje BlauveltABT 1650 New York 
Grittie Blauvelt29 DEC 1723 Tappan, Rockland Co, New York 
Harmanus BlauveltBEF 3 APR 1681 New York, New York 
Hendrick Blauvelt31 DEC 1721 Tappan, Rockland Co, New York 
Hendrick G BlauveltBEF 30 SEP 1654 New York 
Huybert BlauveltABT MAY 1657 New York 
Isaac Blauvelt2 JUL 1721 Tappan, Rockland Co, New York 
Isaac BlauveltABT 1666 New York 
Isaac Blauvelt23 OCT 1695  
Isaac Blauvelt2 MAR 1717/18 Tappan, Rockland Co, New York 
Jacob Blauvelt30 MAY 1692 Tappan, Rockland Co, New York 
Jacob Blauvelt21 MAR 1725/26 Tappan, Rockland Co, New York 
Jacob Blauvelt31 MAR 1757 Tappan, Rockland Co, New York 
Jacobus Blauvelt17 APR 1743  
Jan BlauveltAFT 1673 New York, New York 
Jannetje BlauveltABT 1709  
Johannes BlauveltAPR 1659 New York 
Johannes Blauvelt20 MAR 1734/35 Tappan, Rockland Co, New York 
Johannes BlauveltABT 1700  
Johannes Joseph Blauvelt19 NOV 1714 Tappan, Rockland Co, New York 
John R Blauvelt11 FEB 1782  
Joseph Blauvelt20 NOV 1687 New York, New York 
Lambert BlauveltABT 1653 New York 
Lysbeth BlauveltABT 1652 New York 
Margriejte Blauvelt10 JUL 1707 Tappen, Rockland Co, New York15 JUL 1791 
Maria BlauveltABT 1668 New York 
Maria Blauvelt5 JUL 1756  
Marretje BlauveltABT 1697  
Marretje BlauveltBEF 25 SEP 1661 New YorkABT 1743 New York
Petrus BlauveltBEF 20 JUN 1718 Tappan, Rockland Co, New York 
Pieter BlauveltABT 1682  
Rachel Blauvelt16 JUL 1738 New York 
Richard Blauvelt5 MAY 1759 Tappan, Rockland Co, New York 
Sarah Blauvelt6 MAY 1714  
Sarah Blauvelt26 FEB 1730/31 New York 

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