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  50 individuals found for query Bogardus
Annetje Bogardus3 OCT 1663 Brooklyn, Long Island, New York 
Barbara BogardusBEF 15 DEC 1695 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Blandina BogardusSEP 1680 New York 
Catharina BogardusABT 1670 New York 
Catharine Bogardus23 JUN 1735 Fishkill, Dutchess Co, New York 
Catherine BogardusABT 1670 Albany, Albany Co, New York 
Catrina BogardusBEF 29 AUG 1703 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Cornelia BogardusAUG 1669 New York 
Cornelius Bogardus26 APR 1726 Fishkill, Dutchess Co, New York1794 
Cornelius Bogardus6 SEP 1640 New Amsterdam (New York, New York)BEF 6 MAY 1666 Albany, Albany Co, New York
Cornelius Bogardus13 OCT 1665 Albany, Albany Co, New York13 OCT 1707 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York
Cornelius BogardusABT 1610 Woerden, Urtecht, The Netherland 
Cornelius BogardusBEF 8 JAN 1698/99 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York27 NOV 1759 Fishkill, Dutchess Co, New York
Everardus BogardusDEC 1675 New York 
Everardus Bogardus1607 Woerden, Urtecht, The Netherland27 SEP 1647 At Sea, Bristol Channel, near Wales
Everardus Bogardus2 NOV 1659  
Everardus Bogardus3 OCT 1658 Albany, Albany Co, New York14 APR 1717 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York
Francis Bogardus26 JUL 1731 Fishkill, Dutchess Co, New York 
Gilbert BogardusABT 1650  
Hannah BogardusABT 1670 Albany, Albany Co, New York 
Helena BogardusBEF 17 APR 1692 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Helena Bogardus6 FEB 1736/37 Fishkill, Dutchess Co, New York 
Helena BogardusABT 1670 Albany, Albany Co, New York 
Helena Smedes Bogardus1770 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York1837 
Henricus BogardusBEF 28 SEP 1707 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Jenneke Bogardus6 SEP 1743 Fishkill, Dutchess Co, New York 
Jenneken BogardusBEF 13 MAY 1694 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
John Bogardus27 DEC 1728 Fishkill, Dutchess Co, New York 
Jonas Bogardus1 APR 1643 New Amsterdam (New York, New York)AFT 11 MAY 1689 
Lowyes Bogardus9 OCT 1738 Fishkill, Dutchess Co, New York 
Lucretia BogardusBEF 14 SEP 1678 New YorkBEF 4 APR 1761 New York
Margaret BogardusABT 1670 Albany, Albany Co, New York 
Margarita BogardusBEF 22 SEP 1705 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Maria BogardusABT 1670 Albany, Albany Co, New York 
Maria BogardusABT 18 SEP 1709 Kingston, Ulster Co, New YorkOCT 1787 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York
Maria Bogardus1678 New York died young
Maria BogardusABT 1680 Catskill, Green Co, New York 
Matthew Bogardus10 JUN 1740 Fishkill, Dutchess Co, New York 
Mollie Bogardus12 APR 1723 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York1766 
Nicholas Hoffman Bogardus1702 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York1802 
Peter Bogardus4 FEB 1644/45 New Amsterdam (New York, New York)ABT 1703 
Pieter BogardusABT 1610 Woerden, Urtecht, The Netherland 
Rachel Bogardus2 AUG 1724 Fishkill, Dutchess Co, New York 
Rachel BogardusBEF 27 APR 1701 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Rachel BogardusABT 1670 Albany, Albany Co, New York 
Robert Bogardus27 NOV 1729 Fishkill, Dutchess Co, New York 
Robert Bogardus15 OCT 1733 Fishkill, Dutchess Co, New York 
Saartje BogardusABT 1675 New YorkNOV 1739 
Sytje Bogardus16 MAR 1660/61  
Willem Bogardus15 SEP 1639 New Amsterdam (New York, New York)16 JAN 1743/44 New York, New York

* Individual - family ties unknown

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