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  12 individuals found for query Boynton
Elizabeth Boynton18 NOV 1637 Rowley, Essex Co, Massachusetts 
Elizabeth Boynton11 DEC 1642 Rowley, Essex Co, Massachusetts 
Elizabeth Boynton18 NOV 1637 Rowley, Essex Co, Massachusetts 
Hannah Boynton4 SEP 1757 Gloucester, Essex Co, Massachusetts1 APR 1839 Mt Desert, Hancock Co, Maine
John Boynton19 DEC 1640 Rowley, Essex Co, Massachusetts 
Joshua Boynton10 AUG 1646 Rowley, Essex Co, Massachusetts 
Mary Boynton23 JUL 1648 Rowley, Essex Co, Massachusetts 
Sarah Boynton1 DEC 1652 Rowley, Essex Co, Massachusetts 
William BoyntonABT 1605 Wintringham, Knapton, East Riding Of Yorkshire, England 
William BoyntonABT 1550 Knapton, Winteringham, Yorkshire, England2 JUL 1615 Knapton, Winteringham, Yorkshire, England
William Boynton15 APR 1641 Knapton, Winteringham, Yorkshire, England 
Zachary Boynton11 OCT 1644 Rowley, Essex Co, Massachusetts 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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