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  86 individuals found for query Brinkerhoff
Abraham Brinkerhoff1737 Flushing, Long Island, New York13 MAR 1788 Newtown, Long Island, New York
Abraham D Brinkerhoff27 MAR 1760 Long Island, New York30 MAR 1843 Port Washington, Nassau Co, Long Island, New York
Aeltje Brinkerhoff1668 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New Yok 
Aeltje BrinkerhoffABT 1740 Long Island, New York 
Aletta Brinkerhoff8 OCT 1779  
Alma Maria Brinkerhoff21 JUL 1846  
Altje Brinkerhoff7 MAY 1750  
Ann Brinkerhoff4 NOV 1750  
Ann BrinkerhoffABT 1772 Newtown, Long Island, New York 
Annatje Brinkerhoff20 JAN 1757  
Annatje Brinkerhoff8 NOV 1782 Conewago, Adams Co, Pennsylvania2 NOV 1819 Owasco, Cayuga Co, New York
Belinda Brinkerhoff14 AUG 1777 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Belitje Brinkerhoff1790  
Charles Daniel Brinkerhoff10 AUG 1873 Owasco, Cayuga Co, New York20 APR 1950 Shelby, Ohio
Cornelia Brinkerhoff1668 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New Yok7 SEP 1707 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey
Cornelius BrinkerhoffABT 1770 Newtown, Long Island, New York 
Cornelius Brinkerhoff7 APR 1673 1 SEP 1770 
Daniel Brinkerhoff26 OCT 1734 Long Island, New York28 SEP 1781 
Daniel Brinkerhoff26 AUG 1770  
David Brinkerhoff1784  
David Brinkerhoff26 FEB 1776  
David Brinkerhoff19 SEP 1815 Niles, Cayuga Co, New York10 OCT 1892 Plymouth Township, Richland Co, Ohio
Derrick BrinkerhoffABT 1724  
Dirck Brinkerhoff7 FEB 1676/77 1 SEP 1770 
Elizabeth Brinkerhoff17 APR 1817  
Elizabeth Brinkerhoff1 OCT 1763  
Geertje Brinkerhoff20 FEB 1668/69  
George R Brinkerhoff23 SEP 1848  
Gilbert Brinkerhoff22 FEB 1753  
Hannah Brinkerhoff21 JAN 1822  
Hendrick BrinkerhoffBEF 1 MAY 1709 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey27 MAY 1760 
Hendrick Brinkerhoff22 JAN 1755  
Hendrick Brinkerhoff23 SEP 1787  
Hendrick BrinkerhoffBEF 25 FEB 1628/29 Amsterdam, The Netherlands25 FEB 1707/08 Bergen Co, New Jersey
Hendrick Brinkerhoff19 JUN 1757  
Henry J Brinkerhoff5 JAN 1786  Plymouth, Ohio
Isaac BrinkerhoffABT 1767 Newtown, Long Island, New York 
Isaac Brinkerhoff1743 Long Island, New York 
Jacob Brinkerhoff1795  
Jacob Brinkerhoff27 AUG 1766  
Jacob Brinkerhoff22 FEB 1756 13 NOV 1829 Owasco, Cayuga Co, New York
Jacob BrinkerhoffABT 1740 Long Island, New York 
Jacobus Brinkerhoff5 JUN 1762  
Jacobus Brinkerhoff1791  
Jacobus BrinkerhoffBEF 29 MAR 1685 Ridgefield, Bergen Co, New Jersey1 SEP 1770 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey
James Brinkerhoff19 FEB 1818  
James Brinkerhoff8 JUL 1733  
Jennie H Brinkerhoff9 JUN 1860  
John Brinkerhoff1803  
John Brinkerhoff15 JAN 1765 Newtown, Long Island, New York28 JUN 1852 Jamaica, Long Island, New York
Joris Brinkerhoff28 OCT 1744  
Joris Brinkerhoff1732 Long Island, New York 
Joris Brinkerhoff1675  
Joris Brinkerhoff19 FEB 1785 Napanoch, Ulster Co, New York4 JUL 1830 Owasco, Cayuga Co, New York
Joris Brinkerhoff1779  
Katherine Jane Brinkerhoff21 MAR 1831 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey10 JAN 1924 Middletown, Middlesex Co, Connecticut
Lammetia BrinkerhoffABT 1769 Newtown, Long Island, New York 
Lammetje Brinkerhoff1 DEC 1768  
Lillias Elizabeth Brinkerhoff31 JAN 1844  
Margaret Brinkerhoff1782  
Margaret Irene Brinkerhoff15 JUL 1898 Belleville, Ohio26 NOV 1986 Shelby, Ohio
Margrietje Brinkerhoff13 JUN 1681 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New York2 DEC 1754 
Margrietje Brinkerhoff1780  
Maria Brinkerhoff1800  
Maria Brinkerhoff1790  
Maria Brinkerhoff24 AUG 1820  
Maritje BrinkerhoffBEF 28 NOV 1714 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Martha BrinkerhoffAFT 1780  
Martyntje Brinkerhoff20 AUG 1772  
Mary Lois Brinkerhoff28 OCT 1858  
Maynard R Brinkerhoff8 SEP 1900 30 AUG 1988 Houston, Texas
Mortimer Swartout Brinkerhoff11 MAY 1870 Owasco, Cayuga Co, New York14 JAN 1934 Lexington, Ohio
Nicholas Brinkerhoff13 JAN 1739/40 1766 
Peter Brinkerhoff1797  
Peter Brinkerhoff21 JAN 1774  
Roeliff Brinkerhoff28 JUN 1828  
Roelof Brinkerhoff10 NOV 1748  
Roelof Brinkerhoff1 NOV 1748 Bergen, New Jersey28 FEB 1830 Owasco, Cayuga Co, New York
Samuel A Brinkerhoff2 APR 1862  
Samuel Bevier Brinkerhoff4 SEP 1823  
Sarah Brinkerhoff17 MAR 1764  
Sarah Bogart BrinkerhoffABT 1800  
Sarah J Brinkerhoff14 JAN 1855  
Suzanna Brinkerhoff16 JAN 1660/61 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New Yok 
Tunis Brinkerhoff1739 Long Island, New York 
Unk Brinkerhoff23 JUL 1825  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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