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  14 individuals found for query Broekhoven
Anna C Broekhoven1877 Columbus, Franklin Co, Ohio1964 
Anna O Broekhoven1878 Columbus, Franklin Co, Ohio 
Christian Joseph Broekhoven25 MAR 1841 Beek, Limburg, Netherlands27 NOV 1912 New Orleans, Lousiana
Francois Nicolaus Broekhoven1750 1813 
Frank O Broekhoven1870 Columbus, Franklin Co, Ohio 
Franz Broekhoven1843 The Netherlands 
Jakob Herman Broekhoven1778 15 JAN 1827 Limbricht, Limburg, The Netherland
Jan Andreas Broekhoven8 APR 1808 Limbricht, Limburg, The Netherland 
Johann Broekhoven1856 The Netherlands 
John J Broekhoven24 NOV 1873 Columbus, Franklin Co, Ohio21 JUN 1942 Columbus, Franklin Co, Ohio
Joseph H Broekhoven1880 Columbus, Franklin Co, Ohio 
Leo Otto BroekhovenABT 1869 Columbus, Franklin Co, Ohio 
Mary J Broekhoven1872 Columbus, Franklin Co, Ohio 
Peter Jacob Broekhoven17 APR 1829 The Netherlands 

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