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  34 individuals found for query Burcham
Andrew J Burcham8 OCT 1817 North Carolina 
Ann BurchamABT 1660 Mulbarton, Norfolk, EnglandMAR 1710/11 
David Burcham6 JAN 1811 North Carolina 
Francis Burcham1640 New London Co, Connecticut 
George H BurchamAFT 1795  
Henry BurchamABT 1620 England 
Henry Burcham1638 England23 NOV 1714 Burlington Co, New Jersey
Isaac McAger Burcham1838 1876 
James BurchamABT 1803 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
James Burcham1670 Mulbarton, Norfolk, England 
John Burcham1667 Mulbarton, Norfolk, England 
John Burcham4 JAN 1681/82 Maryland1757 Frederick Co, Virginia
John Scott Burcham19 JUN 1769 Frederick Co, Virginia18 NOV 1848 Lawrence Co, Ohio
John Scott Burcham1720 Amwell, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey1769 Frederick Co, Virginia
John Scott Burcham16 FEB 1808  
John Sylvester BurchamABT 1774 Back Creek, Frederick City, Virginia 
Joseph Burcham1668 Mulbarton, Norfolk, England 
Joseph BurchamABT 1790 Mercer Co, KentuckyAFT 1822 Putnam Co, Indiana
Joseph Burcham20 JAN 1786 Rowan Co, North Carolina3 MAR 1850 Greene Co, Indiana
Josephine BurchamABT 1811 Putnam Co, Indiana Putnam Co, Indiana
Karen Happuck BurchamABT 1815 North Carolina 
Katherine BurchamAFT 1795  
Mary BurchamAFT 1795  
Mary Lou BurchamBET 1803 AND 1822 Putnam Co, Indiana Putnamville, Putnam Co, Indiana
Nancy BurchamAFT 1795  
Nathaniel Burcham7 APR 1796 Kentucky 
Rachel BurchamAFT 1795  
Roger Burcham1648 Bristol, Gloucestershire, EnglandSEP 1702 Stepney Parish, Somerset Co, Maryland
Rue Burcham18 AUG 1822 Putnam Co, Indiana 
Samuel Burcham1766  
Sarah Elizabeth Burcham22 MAR 1805 Kentucky6 MAY 1885 Lawrence Co, Ohio
Solomon Burcham10 APR 1813 North Carolina 
Susannah BurchamABT 1799  
William Fleming Burcham29 JUL 1820  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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