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  82 individuals found for query Butler
Abigail Butler17 JAN 1795 New York 
Adam Theodore Butler7 SEP 1877 Stone Co, Missouri16 NOV 1906 Stone Co, Missouri
Agnes Butler1520 Dedham, Essex, England 
Agnes Butler1464  
Alexander Rutledge Butler20 APR 1870 7 SEP 1934 
Alfred Lee Butler10 DEC 1877 Level Green, Chesterfield Co, Virginia27 AUG 1966 Sebring, Florida
Almira ButlerABT 1842 8 OCT 1929 Melvin Hill, Phelps, Ontario Co, New York
Azubah ButlerABT 1765 8 APR 1809 Sherburne, New York
Benjamin ButlerABT 1880  
Benjamin Franklin Butler26 JAN 1867 Stone Co, Missouri27 OCT 1870 Stone Co, Missouri
Bertha Anna Butler9 FEB 1880 Stone Co, Missouri8 AUG 1953 Stone Co, Missouri
Catherine Butler1778 North Carolina17 SEP 1875 St Louis, Missouri
Charlie Henry Butler29 FEB 1896  
Christopher Butler1738 Montgomery Co, North Carolina1807 
Cora Alice Butler3 MAR 1875 Marion, Crittendon Co, Kentucky19 AUG 1935 Ratcliff, Logan Co, Arkansas
Dorothy Ella ButlerABT 1859  
Elizabeth Butler1610 Roxwell, Essex, England 
Elizabeth Butler1612 Roxwell, Essex Co, England 
Elizabeth Butler1635 Old Lancaster Co, Virginia1692 
Elizabeth ButlerABT 1682 Virginia 
Emily May Butler1 MAY 1889  
Eurucilla ButlerABT 1800  
George Gratz Butler21 DEC 1888 Stone Co, Missouri24 OCT 1978 Fort Worth, Texas
Hannah ButlerABT 1684 Tisbury, Dukes Co, Massachusetts 
Henry Butler20 DEC 1837 Butlers Landing, Grainger Co, Tennessee15 AUG 1909 Wayne Co, Illinois
Jacob Butler1701 Chowan, North Carolina4 FEB 1747/48 Chowan, North Carolina
Jame ButlerBEF 20 JUL 1504 Dedham, Essex, England 
James Butler1392 Ormond, Kerry, Ireland23 AUG 1452 Ardee, Dublin, Ireland
James Butler1437 Callan, Kilkenny, Ireland16 APR 1487 
James Jesse Preston Butler1840 1914 
James Lewis Butler16 JUN 1862  
Jane Butler1682 1751 
Jane ButlerBET 1698 AND 1699 BET 1728 AND 1729 
John ButlerABT 1800 Tennessee 
John ButlerABT 1590  
John Butler1565 Sharnbrook, England 
John Butler1585 Roxwell, Essex, England 
John M Butler1849  
John S ButlerMAR 1870  
John Wesley Butler1848 1922 
Jonathan Butler1800 1862 
Jourdan ButlerABT 1785  
Louiisa Butler1826 1900 
Lucinda Butler1810  
Lucy ButlerABT 1735  
Margaret ButlerABT 1540 Dedham, Essex, England 
Margaret Butler1750 1829 
Margaret Butler1469 London, England3 APR 1537 Hever, Kent, England
Margaret Hillard Eslon ButlerABT 1612 Connecticut 
Margaret Jane Butler1698 Chesterfield Co, Virginia 
Martha Elizabeth Butler8 NOV 1874 Stone Co, Missouri28 OCT 1875 Stone Co, Missouri
Martin Van Buren Butler6 FEB 1872 Stone Co, Missouri13 MAR 1954 Springfield, Greene Co, Missouri
Mary ButlerABT 1882 New York 
Mary ButlerABT 1840  
Mary E Butler1875  
Mary Jane Butler14 SEP 1833 Kokoma Co, Indiana Friendswood, Galveston & Harris Co, Texas
Mary Winifield Butler4 MAY 1851  
Maud Butler1871  
Maud Opah Butler24 MAR 1892 14 JUN 1965 
Nelson Garrett Butler24 OCT 1857 18 DEC 1941 Missouri
Ollis Willard Butler28 FEB 1884 Stone Co, Missouri29 DEC 1927 Clever, Christian Co, Missouri
Pearl Butler13 DEC 1890  
Piers Butler1467 Dedham, Essex, England 
Robert A ButlerFEB 1874  
Robert L Butler1865  
Sarah Francis Butler1868  
Stephen Butler1806 North Carolina 
Susan M Butler  
Thomas ButlerABT 1794  
Thomas Butler1425 Ormond, Kerry, Ireland3 AUG 1515 London, England
Thomas ButlerABT 1500 Dedham, Essex, England15 OCT 1555 Dedham, Essex, England
Thomas Butler14 NOV 1836 Tennessee21 NOV 1914 Clever, Stone Co, Missouri
Thomas Clark ButlerABT 1830  
Thomas II Butler1626 1678 
Thomas Madison Butler8 NOV 1882 Stone Co, Missouri22 DEC 1882 Clever, Christian Co, Missouri
Unk ButlerABT 1880  
Verna Etta Butler16 MAR 1891 Washburn, Barry Co, MissouriJUN 1989 Holdenville, Hughes Co, Oklahoma
Walter Everson Butler24 AUG 1894  
William ButlerABT 1850  
William Augustus Butler10 JAN 1869 Stone Co, Missouri23 DEC 1889 Stone Co, Missouri
William Jethro Butler1 JUL 1865 Marion Co, Arkansas26 FEB 1922 
William Johnson ButlerABT 1760  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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