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  31 individuals found for query Carnegie
Agnes CarnegieABT 1572 Kinnaird, Perthshire, Scotland 
Alexander CarnegieABT 1581 Vayne, ScotlandOCT 1657 
Alexander CarnegieABT 1644 Vayne, Scotland 
Andrew Carnegie25 NOV 1835 Dumferline, Scotland11 AUG 1919 
Andrew Carnegie1769 Scotland 
Cecilia CarnegieABT 1660 Vayne, Scotland 
David CarnegieABT 1613 Vayne, Scotland 
David CarnegieABT 1644 Balnamoon, Forfarshire, Scotland 
David Carnegie1575 Farnell, Angus, ScotlandFEB 1657/58 Scotland
David Carnegie1545 Panbride, Angusshire, Scotland9 APR 1598 
Duthac CarnegieABT 1349 Kinnaird, Perthshire, Scotland 
Duthac Carnegie1374 Kinnaird, Perthshire, Scotland24 JUL 1411 Harlaw, Scotland
Elizabeth CarnegieABT 1646 Vayne, Scotland 
Euphame Carnegie1574 Kinnaird, Perthshire, Scotland 
James CarnegieABT 1642 Balnamoon, Forfarshire, Scotland 
James Carnegie1745 Scotland 
Jane CarnegieABT 1571 Kinnaird, Perthshire, Scotland 
Jean CarnegieABT 1583 Kinnaird, Perthshire, Scotland 
John Carnegie1472 Kinnaird, Perthshire, Scotland9 SEP 1513 Battle of Flodden Field, Scotland
John Carnegie1431 Kinnaird, Perthshire, Scotland15 APR 1508 Kinnaird, Perthshire, Scotland
John CarnegieABT 1615 Vayne, Scotland 
John Balinhad CarnegieABT 1310 Aberdeenshire, Scotland 
John I Carnegie1579 Ethie Castle, Inverkeilor, Angusshire, Scotland 
Katherine Carnegie1570 Kinnaird, Perthshire, Scotland 
Magdalen Carnegie1613 Kinnaird, Farnell, Angusshire, Scotland1667 Kilbirnie, Ayershire, Scotland
Margaret CarnegieAFT 1887  
Robert CarnegieABT 1577 Dummichen, Scotland 
Robert V Carnegie1510 Kinnaird, Perthshire, Scotland5 JAN 1564/65 Earlshire Castle, Leuchars, Fife, Scotland
Thomas Morrison Carnegie2 OCT 1843 Dumferline, Scotland 
Walter Carnegie1410 Kinnaird, Perthshire, Scotland1479 
William Carnegie1804 Dumferline, Scotland1852 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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