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  62 individuals found for query Case
Abigail CaseABT 1707 New Jersey 
Alice CaseABT 1875  
Anna M Case24 NOV 1810 New Jersey26 SEP 1892 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Bertha CaseABT 1875  
Charity Jane Case2 FEB 1849 Larue Co, Kentucky19 FEB 1907 Jasper Co, Missouri
Cynthia Elizabeth Case4 FEB 1857 Polk Co, Missouri1940 
Earl A Case31 AUG 1886 Joplin, Jasper Co, Missouri30 AUG 1914 Carterville, Jasper Co, Missouri
Elizabeth Case20 JAN 1798 New Jersey 
Emily Judith Case1840 Kentucky 
Esther Case1811 1887 
Ezekiel Case12 JUN 1796 New Jersey 
Frederick M Case31 JUL 1892 Joplin, Jasper Co, Missouri24 DEC 1909 Carterville, Jasper Co, Missouri
Ichabod CaseABT 1700  
James Case9 MAY 1791 Dighton, Briston Co, Massachusetts Larue Co, Kentucky
James Case9 MAY 1767 Rehoboth, Britol Co, Massachusetts29 JUL 1832 Bristol, Ontario Co, New York
James D Case1846 Kentucky 
James S CaseAPR 1875 Joplin, Jasper Co, Missouri 
Jesse M Case31 JAN 1890 Joplin, Jasper Co, Missouri20 DEC 1915 Webb City, Jasper Co, Missouri
John M Case1855 Missouri 
John Turner Case1812 1869 
John W Case27 JAN 1885 Joplin, Jasper Co, Missouri29 DEC 1916 Webb City Cem, Webb City, Jasper Co, Missouri
John W Case22 OCT 1866 Missouri 
Joseph Case1654 Portsmouth, Newport Co, Rhode Island1741 Kingston, Washington Co, Rhode Island
Juliann E Case1849 Kentucky 
Keziah Case1737 Southold, Suffolk Co, New York 
Louisa Melissa Case28 DEC 1861 Missouri 
Lucy Ann Case1864 Missouri 
Malinda Case1805 1852 
Margaret Case  
Maria Case7 OCT 1799 New Jersey26 SEP 1855 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Martha F Case1860 Dallas, DeKalb Co, Missouri 
Mary Ann CaseABT 1816 Leavenworth, Kansas 
Mary M Case  
Mary Melissa Case13 FEB 1878 Leban, Laclede Co, Missouri7 NOV 1948 Yakima, Washington
Mary S Case1866 Missouri 
Mehetable CaseABT 1725  
Nancy Jane Case7 DEC 1859 Polk Co, Missouri 
Nancy Jane Case1860 MissouriBET 1890 AND 1910 Missouri
Phillip Case9 FEB 1771 Cherryville, Hunderdon Co, New Jersey12 JUN 1824 Bedminister, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Queen Anna CaseAPR 1878 Joplin, Jasper Co, Missouri 
Richard Case1 JUL 1565 Norfolk, England12 JUL 1590 Swaffham, Norfolk, England
Richard Case1532 Chesham, Buckingham, England12 NOV 1586 Necton, Norfolk, England
Rosabella S Case1863 Missouri 
Samuel Case6 FEB 1885 Carterville, Jasper Co, Missouri19 JAN 1917 Webb City, Jasper Co, Missouri
Samuel Isham Case7 JUL 1858 Polk Co, Missouri27 JUL 1943 Powersite, Taney Co, Missouri
Samuel W Case4 JUL 1825 Kentucky7 MAR 1883 Jasper Co, Missouri
Sarah Case1812 1866 
Sarah Elizabeth Case1853 Missouri 
Sylvia Zana Case17 AUG 1896 Joplin, Jasper Co, Missouri26 JUN 1969 Webb City, Jasper Co, Missouri
Thomas Case1506 Chesham, Buckingham, England29 JUN 1586 Chesham, Buckingham, England
William Case7 DEC 1731 Bristol, Swansea, Massachuetts7 JUN 1777 Rehoboth, Britol Co, Massachusetts
William CaseABT 1765  
William Case9 MAY 1808 1868 
William Case1834 McNairy Co, Tennessee28 FEB 1879 Capps Creek, Barry Co, Missouri
William Case27 MAY 1681 Kingston, Washington Co, Rhode Island1728 Kingston, Washington Co, Rhode Island
William Case27 OCT 1560 Great Fransham, Norfolk, England Swaffham, Norfolk, England
William Case1590 Aylesham, England1635 Dorset Sailing, Newport Co, Rhode Island
William Case1626 Newport, Newport Co, Rhode Island1676 Little Compton, Newport, Rhode Island
William Case8 SEP 1705 Kingston, Washington Co, Rhode Island18 MAR 1767 Rehoboth, Britol Co, Massachusetts
William E CaseABT 1845  (Somerset Co, New Jersey)
William H Case16 FEB 1847 Kentucky1 MAR 1904 Jasper Co, Missouri
William Wheeler Sherwood Case13 OCT 1874 Joplin, Jasper Co, Missouri16 DEC 1915 Joplin, Jasper Co, Missouri

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