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  52 individuals found for query Charlton
Amanda J Charlton1858  
Andrew Jackson Charlton6 FEB 1833 Christiansburg, Montgomery Co, Virginia29 JUL 1912 Christiansburg, Montgomery Co, Virginia
Annie CharltonAPR 1895 Newton Co, Missouri 
Arthur Charlton25 AUG 1822 Butler Co, Ohio6 SEP 1899 
Benjamin Franklin Charlton6 OCT 1816 Christiansburg, Montgomery Co, Virginia6 NOV 1881 Granby, Newton Co, Mssouri
Benjamin Franklin Charlton7 MAY 1886 Newton Co, Missouri29 SEP 1957 Granby, Newton Co, Missouri
Cass Lemuel Charlton1896 1972 
Cynthia Charlton1847  
Donald Charlton1898 1899 
Edward Charlton1861 1880 Missouri
Edward Harmanous Charlton5 JAN 1863 Knox Co, Indiana28 MAR 1947 Kansas City , Jackson Co, Missouri
Elizabeth Charlton25 APR 1810 Butler Co, Ohio 
Elizabeth Ann Virginia Charlton22 NOV 1857 Cumberland Co, Virginia27 DEC 1942 Wanda, Newton Co, Missouri
Ellen Charlton1853 Knox Co, Indiana Madison Co, Illinois
Eveline Matilda Charlton7 JAN 1820 Christiansburg, Montgomery Co, Virginia13 JAN 1905 Roanoke, Halifax Co, Virginia
Hannah Charlton28 FEB 1815 Butler Co, Ohio 
Hermanus Charlton25 DEC 1833 Ohio10 FEB 1863 Vincennes, Knox Co, Indiana
J W Charlton1849 Illinois1884 
James Charlton16 OCT 1816 Butler Co, Ohio 
James Charlton1763 Hamilton Co, Ohio1827 Butler Co, Ohio
James M Charlton1851  
Jesse K Charlton2 JUL 1818 Butler Co, Ohio 
John Charlton1 NOV 1754 Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania14 SEP 1823 Montgomery Co, Virginia
John Charlton1725 Derry, Cavan, Ireland1790 Montgomery Co, Virginia
John Charlton1828 VirginiaBET 1870 AND 1880 Newton Co, Missouri
John Charlton1863 1880 Missouri
John Graff Charlton1900 1965 
John M Charlton1858  
John Monroe CharltonAFT 1816 Christiansburg, Montgomery Co, Virginia 
John Sr Charlton1873 Webb City, Jasper Co, Missouri23 AUG 1965 Vernon Co, Missouri
John Wesley Charlton1877 Missouri1957 
John Wesley Charlton25 MAY 1852 Knox Co, IndianaJAN 1897 McDonald Co, Missouri
Margaret Charlton13 SEP 1813 Butler Co, Ohio 
Martha CharltonAFT 1822 Butler Co, Ohio 
Mary Charlton16 DEC 1811 Butler Co, Ohio 
Mary Charlton31 JAN 1749/50 Anne Arudel, Frederick Co, Maryland 
Mary Ann CharltonAFT 1816 Christiansburg, Montgomery Co, Virginia 
Mary E Charlton1849  
Nancy Charlton10 OCT 1808 Harrrison, Butler Co, Ohio29 MAY 1890 Nineveh Township, Bartholomew Co, Indiana
Nellie CharltonOCT 1861 Knox Co, IndianaMAY 1932 Osawatomie, Miami Co, Kansas
Rebecca Charlton4 MAR 1820 Butler Co, Ohio 
S Charlton1854  
Sarah B CharltonABT 1825 Butler Co, Ohio 
Susannah CharltonABT 1800 Virginia 
Unk Charlton1812 New Jersey1863 Illinois
Wallace CharltonAFT 1816 Christiansburg, Montgomery Co, Virginia 
Walter D Charlton1859  
William Charlton25 JAN 1842 Illinois21 SEP 1912 Linddsey Township, Benton Co, Missouri
William Harmes Charlton2 JUL 1882 Holden, Missouri21 JAN 1958 Granby, Newton Co, Missouri
William Harvey Charlton3 OCT 1789 Christiansburg, Montgomery Co, Virginia1 DEC 1868 
William M Charlton12 MAR 1843 Virginia14 FEB 1925 Granby, Newton Co, Missouri
William W Charlton1825 Christiansburg, Montgomery Co, Virginia 

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