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  38 individuals found for query Churchman
Abigail Churchman12 NOV 1755 Pennsylvania 
Ann ChurchmanABT 1620 Huntington, Suffolk, England Plymouth Co, Massachusetts
Artallisa Churchman  
David Churchman15 FEB 1766 Pennsylvania 
Deborah Churchman20 FEB 1759 Pennsylvania 
Deborah Churchman1740  
DeWit Clinton Churchman1841 Tennessee 
Dinah Churchman7 AUG 1699 Chester, Nottingham Co, Pennsylvania 
Dinah Churchman14 NOV 1753 Pennsylvania 
Edward Churchman14 NOV 1713 Nottingham, Chester Co, Pennsylvania 
Elijah Churchman10 OCT 1749 Pennsylvania 
Enoch Churchman2 NOV 1762 Pennsylvania 
G Churchman1836 Tennessee 
George Churchman13 SEP 1697 Chester, Nottingham Co, Pennsylvania 
Hannah Churchman15 OCT 1745 Pennsylvania 
Hugh ChurchmanABT 1596 EnglandBEF 9 JUL 1644 Duxbury, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts
James W Churchman1787 Virginia1861 Dyer Co, Tennesse
John ChurchmanABT 1665 Saffron-Walden, Essex Co, England1724 Nottingham, Chester Co, Pennsylvania
John Churchman21 DEC 1747 Pennsylvania 
John Churchman4 AUG 1705 Nottingham, Chester Co, Pennsylvania 
John Churchman29 OCT 1703 Nottingham, Chester Co, Pennsylvania 
John Wesley Churchman1774  
Jonathan Churchman12 JAN 1769 Norwalk, Farifield Co, Connecticut1813 War of 1812 - Battle of Detroit
Joseph ChurchmanABT 1777  
Lemeul Churchman  
Lou P Churchman1841 Tennessee 
Miraim Churchman25 OCT 1710 Nottingham, Chester Co, Pennsylvania 
Miriam Churchman15 AUG 1757 Pennsylvania 
Nancy Ann Churchman19 JUN 1822 Tennessee15 AUG 1867 Tennessee
Reuben Churchman7 JUL 1775 Culpepper Co, Virginia1860 
Sarah Churchman17 MAY 1716 Nottingham, Chester Co, Pennsylvania 
Stephen ChurchmanABT 1777  
Susanna Churchman13 SEP 1701 Chester, Nottingham Co, Pennsylvania 
Thomas Churchman18 FEB 1764 Pennsylvania 
Thomas Churchman16 JAN 1707/08 Nottingham, Chester Co, Pennsylvania 
Thomas G Churchman6 APR 1818 Tennessee 
William Churchman29 JAN 1720/21 Nottingham, Chester Co, PennsylvaniaAPR 1798 Nottingham, Chester Co, Pennsylvania
William C Churchman22 MAR 1750/51 Nottingham, Chester Co, Pennsylvania6 MAR 1814 Holston River, Jefferson Co, Tennessee

* Individual - family ties unknown

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