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  44 individuals found for query Clements
Abraham B Clements21 OCT 1796 Kentucky26 SEP 1859 Granby, Newton Co, Missouri
Adam Clements22 APR 1738 Amelia Co, Virginia 
Amy Clements1635 Virginia 
Andrew Willam Clements19 APR 1769 Goochland Co, Virginia1842 Carroll Co, Arkansas
Ann Clements1665  
Benjamin Clements1700 Virginia18 APR 1780 Virginia
Benjamin Clements1650 Gloucester Co, Virginia1721 Gloucester Co, Virginia
Elizabeth Clements29 MAY 1603  
Emanuel ClementsABT 1799 Kentucky 
Ezekial Clements1599  
Ezekial ClementsAFT 1630 Virginia 
Frances Clements1755 Pittsylvania Co, Virginia1847 Breathitt Co, Kentucky
Francis Clements1632 Virginia1719 Isle of Wright Co, Virginia
Geoffrey ClementsABT 1572 Devonshire, Oxford, England1609 London, England
James Clements1725 Goochland Co, Virginia 
James Clements19 APR 1769 Goochland Co, Virginia 
Jean Clements13 SEP 1760 Goochland Co, Virginia 
Jeremiah ClementsBEF 8 NOV 1607 London, England1655 James City, Virginia
John Clements1631 Virginia1704 Surrey Co, Virginia
John Clements1687  
John Clements1669 Virginia1704 Surrey Co, Virginia
John Clements1715  
John Clements1598  
John Marshall Clements11 AUG 1798 Campbell, Viginia14 MAR 1847 Hannibal, Marion Co, Missouri
Joyce Clements1735 Goochland Co, VirginiaABT 1821 Louisa Co, Virginia
Mary Clements1667  
Mary ClementsAUG 1765 Goochland Co, Virginia 
Nancy Clements13 MAR 1767 Goochland Co, Virginia1846 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Nancy ClementsABT 1775  
Nicolas Clements1606  
Samuel Clements1773 Lynchburg, Campbell Co, Virginia7 AUG 1805 Mason, Virginia
Samuel Clements7 SEP 1601  
Samuel Clements1672  
Sarah A Clements1891 19 NOV 1970 McNairy Co, Tennessee
Sarah Malinda Clements30 NOV 1845 25 MAY 1902 Bridger, Carbon Co, Montana
Stephen Clements1692 Gloucester Co, Virginia1746 Goochland Co, Virginia
Stephen Clements1718  
Thomas Clements7 NOV 1604  
Thomas Clements1720  
William Clements1670 Gloucester Co, Virginia28 FEB 1760 Amelia Co, Virginia
William Clements1600  
William ClementsABT 1664  
William Right Clements1722  
William W Clements2 NOV 1802 Hardin Co, Kentucky 

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