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  35 individuals found for query Clute
Agnes CluteABT 1845  
Alida Clute14 SEP 1684  
Andrew Frank CluteABT 1848  
Anna CluteABT 1675  Albany, New York
Bata Clute7 MAY 1704  
Catherine CluteABT 1836  
Elizabeth CluteABT 1838  
Elizabeth Clute16 MAR 1686/87  
Elizabeth CluteABT 1710  
Eva CluteABT 1760  
Francis V CluteSEP 1829 New York 
Fredrick CluteABT 1715  
George CluteABT 1855  
Gerards Clute4 AUG 1689  
Helena CluteABT 1700  
Hepzibah Clute1838  
Jacob Clute1682  
James Lesley Clute1831  
Johannes CluteABT 1719  
Johannes Clute1 JAN 1696/97  
Johannes CluteABT 1650 The Netherlands26 NOV 1725 Niskayuna, New York
John Clute28 APR 1801 New York30 MAR 1884 Glen, Montgomery Co, New York
John H Clute1844 1920 
John V Clute1858  
Lauretta Clute1848  
Lavina Clute1842  
Margaret Ann Clute1833  
Margareta Clute11 JUL 1693  
Mary Ellen Clute1835  
Nicholas Clute16 SEP 1767 New York 
Rachel CluteABT 1725  
Richard Clute1817 Lysander, Ononadago, Co, New York1881 Lysander, Ononadago, Co, New York
Sarah CluteABT 1820  
William CluteABT 1842  
William Clute1846 1926 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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