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  84 individuals found for query Collins
Adenias Judson CollinsABT 1830  
Amos Wood Collins11 JUL 1798 New Hampshire 
Ann Collins1718 Essex Co, Virginia 
Ann CollinsABT 1660  
Ann CollinsAFT 1809 Madison Co, Kentucky 
Anna Caroline CollinsABT 1850  
Anne Collins12 OCT 1807 South Carolina2 JUL 1895 Sullivan, Crawford Co, Missouri
Ballard CollinsABT 1840 1861 Fort Donelson, Tennessee
Ben Gilbert Collins14 JUL 1893 Union Co, Kentucky31 MAR 1963 Union Co, Kentucky
Bertha CollinsABT 1885  
Catherine CollinsAFT 1698  
Catherine CollinsABT 1716  
Charles Collins1885 1961 
Charley CollinsMAY 1891 Missouri 
Dora May Collins1870  
Earnest CollinsAUG 1885 Missouri 
Elizabeth Collins24 AUG 1814 North Carolina 
Elizabeth CollinsABT 1875  
Francis CollinsABT 1645 England 
George Collins1832 Kaskaskia, Illinois ? 
Grace CollinsABT 1900  
Helen Victoria Collins20 FEB 1841 Tennessee17 JUL 1906 Macon Co, Missouri
James Collins1782 Halifax Co, Virginia 
James Howard Collins8 JUN 1850 Waukegan, Lake Co, Illiniois7 FEB 1930 Sunnyside, Yakima Co, Washington
Jane Collins1774 1827 
Jesse McAllister Collins15 MAR 1857 Ripley, Ohio31 JAN 1951 Kansas City, Jackson Co, Missouri
Jessie Lewis Collins19 DEC 1877 29 APR 1965 Missouri
Joel CollinsAFT 1809 Madison Co, Kentucky Madison Co, Kentucky
John Collins20 JAN 1803 Maury Co, Tennessee 
John CollinsABT 1641 Isle of Wright, Virginia16 JAN 1692/93 Isle of Wright, Virginia
John CollinsABT 1790 Mt Pleasant, Maury Co, Tennessee Washington, Missouri
John CollinsABT 1690  
John CollinsABT 1590 Maidstone, Kent Co, EnglandJUL 1686 Essex Co, Virginia
Joseph CollinsABT 1667 Courtland, Isle of Wright, Virginia 
Joseph CollinsAFT 1809 Madison Co, Kentucky Madison Co, Kentucky
Joseph Collins1718 Spotslyvania, Virginia Woodford Co, Kentuckky
Joseph CollinsABT 1687 Isle of Wright, Virginia27 AUG 1757 Spotsylvania Co, Virginia
Joseph Collins1892 1959 
Joseph CollinsABT 1670 England 
Joseph Collins2 MAY 1786 Halifax Co, Virginia25 JUL 1837 Madison Co, Kentucky
Joseph William Collins16 JUL 1877 16 JUL 1931 Union Co, Georgia
Josiah Collins7 NOV 1778 Halifax Co, Virginia 
Julian J Collins23 JUN 1895 Missouri 
Leannah CollinsAFT 1809 Madison Co, Kentucky 
Louvina Ellen Collins1820  
Lydia CollinsABT 1785  
Lyida CollinsABT 1790  
Mandy CollinsABT 1840 Tennessee 
Margaret Collins  
Mariah Louise Collins11 SEP 1820 Warren Co, Ohio6 AUG 1900 
Martha Collins1732 Maryland2 JUL 1815 Madison, Scioto Co, Ohio
Mary Ann CollinsABT 1786 Greenbriar Co, VirginiaABT 1871 Williams Co, Ohio
Mary Magdalean Collins1821 1860 
Midia CollinsABT 1860  
Mildred Collins2 SEP 1754 Culpepper Co, Virginia 
Milton P CollinsAFT 1809 Madison Co, Kentucky Madison Co, Kentucky
Miraim CollinsABT 1715  
Miriam F Collins1825 Madison Co, Kentucky1904 Madison Co, Kentucky
Mollie CollinsJUL 1883 Missouri 
Nancy Collins13 FEB 1829 Habersham Co (White Co) Georgia22 JUL 1888 Union Co, Georgia
Patsy Collins6 AUG 1832 Madison Co, Kentucky18 APR 1904 
Priscilla Collins25 DEC 1669 England1714 
Rachel CollinsABT 1775  
Rebecca Collins1740 Virginia 
Richard CollinsABT 1720  
Sallie G CollinsAFT 1809 Madison Co, Kentucky 
Samuel Hilliard CollinsABT 1815  
Sarah Collins1700 New Jersey 
Sarah CollinsABT 1815 Knox Co, Kentucky 
Sarah Collins1840  
Sarah Collins24 DEC 1788 Greenbriar Co, Virginia5 SEP 1865 Vinton Co, Ohio
Sarah Elizabeth Collins25 NOV 1851 LeRoy, McLean Co, Illinois9 MAR 1915 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri
Sidney Collins1823 1908 
Stephen Collins10 AUG 1744 Amelia Co, Virginia6 AUG 1825 MNadison Co, Kentucky
Susan Collins2 OCT 1864 Indiana 
Susan Collins1709  
Susanna Collins1711 Spotsylvania Co, Virginia 
Thompson CollinsABT 1900  
Ulyssess T Collins16 JUL 1879 15 MAR 1964 Union Co, Georgia
William CollinsABT 1785  
William CollinsABT 1615 Maidstone, Kent Co, EnglandBEF 10 OCT 1687 Isle of Wright, Virginia
William Dallas CollinsABT 1845  
William Harve CollinsABT 1900  
William Smith Collins27 SEP 1810 Madison Co, Kentucky30 SEP 1885 Madison Co, Kentucky

* Individual - family ties unknown

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