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  131 individuals found for query Cook
Abiel Cook15 NOV 1723  
Abraham Cook24 AUG 1801 Shelby Co, Kentucky 
Abraham Cook31 JUL 1769 Rowan Co, North Carolina22 MAR 1842 Wayne Co, Indiana
Abraham CookABT 1740  
Adam Frenando Carlyle Cook21 MAY 1855 Langworthy, Jones Co, Iowa 
Alavaretta Cook1858 Prince Edward Co, Ontario, Canada 
Amy Cook1789 Guilford Co, North CarolinaOCT 1869 Jay Co, Indiana
Amy CookABT 1672  
Anna Cook14 APR 1696 Tiverton, Rhode Island 
Anna Cook30 DEC 1871 3 FEB 1941 Iowa
Anna Boggs Cook28 MAY 1797 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Benjamin CookABT 1675 Newtown, Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Benjamin Cook1770 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Catherina Cook28 FEB 1793 Ontario, Canada 
Christian CookABT 1800  
Christina Cook21 MAR 1794 Ontario, Canada 
Christopher Cook1823 North Carolina1900 St Francois Co, Missouri
Clara Abi Cook13 JUN 1878 Elmore Co, Alabama 
Clarence Noah Cook7 JAN 1885 NebraskaNOV 1967 Tulsa, Tulsa Co, Oklahoma
Corda Lissis Cook7 MAY 1890 Cassville, Barry Co, Missouri11 SEP 1955 Springfield, Greene Co, Missouri
Deborah CookABT 1693 Tiverton, Rhode Island 
Deborah CookABT 1685  
Delana Cook1800  
Edan Cook28 JUN 1870 Greene Co, Missouri24 APR 1935 Stone Co, Missouri
Egerton R Cook1861 Prince Edward Co, Ontario, Canada 
Eliza Roena Cook2 JUN 1790 Freehold, Monmonth Co, New Jersey12 MAY 1850 Freehold, Monmonth Co, New Jersey
Elizabeth Cook18 JAN 1646/47 22 NOV 1692 Plymouth, Mass
Elizabeth CookABT 1775  
Elizabeth CookABT 1795  
Elizabeth Catherine Cook30 JAN 1844 Williamsburg, Dundas, Ontario, Canada 
Elzanda CookABT 1845  
Emma CookABT 1850  
Esther CookABT 1720 Spotsylvania, Virginia 
Ethel Faye Cook19 OCT 1890 Delphos, Ottawa Co, Kansas 
Etta Cook6 MAR 1885 Wanda, Newton Co, Missouri17 MAR 1917 Wanda, Newton Co, Missouri
Eva E CookABT 1860  
Eveylyn May CookDEC 1897 Minneapolis, Ottawa Co, Kansas 
Fallie Cook1879 1940 
Florence Cook15 FEB 1893  
Francis Meyers CookJAN 1843 Kentucky 
George Cook3 MAR 1746/47 Manalapan, Monmouth Co, New Jersey16 SEP 1808 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
George CookABT 1647 Portsmouth, Newport Co, Rhode Island 
George Edward Cook16 JUL 1859 Jones Co, Iowa 
George Henry Cook22 NOV 1812 Williamsburg, Dundas, Canada 
George William Cook26 AUG 1796 Ontario, Canada 
Hannah CookABT 1737 Wales 
Henrietta CookAFT 1796  
Hettie Derinda Cook13 NOV 1875 Maquon, Illinios23 SEP 1955 Omaha, Nebraska
Hugh CookABT 1800  
Ira Jacob Cook12 MAR 1838 Williamsburg, Dundas, Ontario, Canada 
James CookABT 1829 TennesseABT 1899 Ohio Co, Kentucky
James Cook14 FEB 1850 Ohio Co, Kentucky11 JUL 1924 Ohio Co, Kentucky
James CookABT 1835 Dallas Co, Texas 
Janet Jane Cook13 JUN 1701 Burlington Co, New Jersey 
Jemima CookABT 1700  
Jess Newton Cook9 DEC 1884 Hatfield, Polk Co, Arkansas2 FEB 1933 St Charles, Arkansas
Johanna Cook1500 Bocking, Essex, England 
Johannes Cook3 FEB 1769 New York5 DEC 1800 Williamsburg, Dundas, Ontario, Canada
Johannes CookABT 1730 Germany Canada
John Cook28 NOV 1791 Ontario, Canada8 NOV 1877 Canada
John CookABT 1650  
John Cook5 OCT 1774 Dorchester, Maryland 
John Cook3 MAR 1767  
John CookABT 1655 Portsmouth, Newport Co, Rhode Island 
John Allen Cook21 OCT 1806 Pickaway Co, Ohio10 AUG 1882 Ottawa Co, Kansas
John David CookABT 1860  
John William Cook16 MAR 1834 Williamsburg, Dundas, Ontario, Canada9 SEP 1864 Civil War - Atlanta, Marietta Cobb Co, Georgia
Katie CookABT 1870  
Lana Rosalie Cook7 SEP 1861 Monticello, Jones Co, Iowa 
Laura CookABT 1890  
Leora CookABT 1864 Missouri 
Leumuel A CookABT 1825  
Levi Elias Cook25 APR 1840 Williamsburg, Dundas, Ontario, Canada 
Lucy Cook3 JAN 1768 Surry Co, North Carolina1836 Tennessee
Magdalena Cook1 NOV 1847 Williamsburg, Dundas, Ontario, Canada 
Margaret Cook1 NOV 1771 Perrineville, Monmouth Co, New Jersey15 MAY 1838 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Margaret Cook1840  
Margaret Cook5 FEB 1781 Mecklenburg Co, North Carolina 
Margaret Cook13 MAR 1783 Pennsylvania 
Margaret Sarah Cook21 MAY 1857 Amber, Jones Co, Iowa 
Maria Cook25 JUL 1801 Ontario, Canada 
Maria Jane Cook1859 Arkansas 
Marilda Cook18 JAN 1865 13 SEP 1949 Newton Co, Missouri
Martha A Cook26 DEC 1858 Dallas Co, Texas18 NOV 1924 Wheaton, Barry Co, Missouri
Mary CookAFT 1796  
Mary Cook1778  
Mary CookABT 1677 Virginia 
Mary Cook22 OCT 1643 Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts 
Mary CookABT 1782 Stokes Co, North Carolina 
Mary Cook1694 England1783 Shenandoah, Virginia
Mary Amanda Cook4 MAR 1850 Williamsburg, Dundas, Ontario, Canada 
Mary Angeline Cook6 JAN 1893 Minneapolis, Ottawa Co, Kansas 
Mary Emma CookABT 1820  
Mary Eva Cook1871 1953 
Mary Lou CookABT 1815 1848 
Melissa Ann Cook4 JUN 1845 Tennessee10 OCT 1934 Bonne Terre, St Francois Co, Missouri
Nancy Cook1806 19 OCT 1864 Johnson Co, Indiana
Nancy CookABT 1765  
Nancy CookABT 1696  
Nancy Cook3 AUG 1793 New YorkBET 1880 AND 1885 Story Co, Iowa
Nancy A Cook1800 Georgia22 MAY 1861 Tennessee
Nicholas Cook1703 1785 
Patsy CookABT 1780  
Perrine R CookABT 1880  
Peter J Cook1826 1895 
Rebecca CookABT 1770  York Co, Pennsylvania
Richard Jackson Cook18 NOV 1827 Pickaway Co, Ohio16 MAY 1902 Garrison, Nebraska
Rufus George Cook2 OCT 1842 Williamsburg, Dundas, Ontario, Canada 
Ruth CookABT 1680 Tiverton, Rhode Island3 APR 1775 Portsmouth, Newport Co, Rhode Island
Samuel CookABT 1750  
Samuel A Cook30 JAN 1775 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Samuel W CookABT 1840  
Sarah Cook1826 Lincoln, North Carolina1866 
Sarah Cook25 MAY 1809 Ohio 
Sarah CookFEB 1659/60 Suffolk Co, Long Island, New York 
Sarah A Cook19 SEP 1824 Shelby Co, Kentucky21 FEB 1904 Bennington, Switzerland Co, Indiana
Sarah Ann Cook19 SEP 1824 Shelby Co, Kentucky21 FEB 1904 
Sarah Stother CookABT 1850  
Sewell W Cook20 JUL 1864 Anamose, Jones Co, Iowa24 JAN 1947 Osawatomie, Miami Co Kansas
Sherman Silvester Cook1890 1965 
Strother Cook10 MAR 1809 Near Danville, Boyle Co, Kentucky 
Thomas CookABT 1626 BEF 1661 
Thomas CookABT 1800  
Wiles CookABT 1780  
Willet Cook4 JUL 1867 Prince Edward Co, Ontario, Canada 
William CookABT 1840  
William Cook1770  
William CookAFT 1796  
William Cook1738 Warren Co, North Carolina31 MAR 1812 Surry Co, North Carolina
William H CookABT 1838  
Winseah Cook25 NOV 1726  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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