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  121 individuals found for query Cooper
Agnes Cooper15 MAY 1732 Passiac Valley, Morris Co, New Jersey 
Albert CooperABT 1870  
Alice CooperABT 1871  
Amos Christopher Cooper1823 15 NOV 1910 Des Moines, Polk Co, Iowa
Ann CooperABT 1635 Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts 
Ann CooperABT 1800 1846 
Anna Cooper1618 Olney, Buckinghamshire, England1687 Southampton, Suffolk Co, Long Island, New York
Anne Cooper4 OCT 1750 Passiac Valley, Morris Co, New Jersey 
Antje Elizabeth CooperABT 1695 The Netherlands28 MAR 1779 Woodbridge, Middlesex Co, New Jersey
Benjamin CooperABT 1807  
Benjamin Cooper13 DEC 1741 Passiac Valley, Morris Co, New Jersey 
Benjamin Clark Cooper13 OCT 1762 Wrightsboro, Burke Co, Georgia Lost Creek, Jefferson Co, Tennessee
Calvin Daniel Cooper2 MAR 1881 IowaMAR 1975 Brighton, Washington Co, Iowa
Caroline Amy Cooper1810 Georgia 
Carrie Cooper23 JUL 1861 Ocean, Monmouth Co, New Jersey1911 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Catherine CooperJAN 1727/28 Passiac Valley, Morris Co, New Jersey 
Charles Franklin Cooper27 DEC 1896 McDonald Co, Missouri24 AUG 1970 Newton Co, Missouri
Charlotte Maria Cooper15 AUG 1801 Easton, Northampton Co, Pennsylvania9 MAY 1889 
Clara Cassandra Cooper5 SEP 1859 Jefferson Co, Missouri9 NOV 1935 Elmore City, Garvin Co, Oklahoma
Clemmie L CooperJUN 1879 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Clena CooperABT 1850  
Daniel Cooper1728 1787 
Daniel Cooper14 JAN 1728/29 Passiac Valley, Morris Co, New Jersey 
Daniel Cooper1 MAY 1695 At Sea2 MAY 1795 Passiac Valley, Morris Co, New Jersey
David CooperABT 1804  
Delphia Elizabeth Cooper11 SEP 1848  
Dora Katherine Cooper18 APR 1870 Jefferson Co, Missouri 
Earl Cooper25 OCT 1890  
Edna Cooper17 JUL 1893  
Eleanor CooperABT 1795  
Eleanor S CooperABT 1855  
Elizabeth CooperABT 1820  
Elizabeth Cooper13 DEC 1810 Easton, Northampton Co, Pennsylvania 
Emma Cooper7 APR 1865 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Everett William Cooper12 APR 1880 Chase Co, Kansas17 MAY 1928 
Floyd Cooper3 SEP 1889  
Garret Cooper7 APR 1761 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
George Cooper20 AUG 1745 Passiac Valley, Morris Co, New Jersey 
George C Cooper12 MAY 1866 Decatur, Macon Co, Illinois5 SEP 1946 Joliet, Will Co, Illinois
George Glenn Cooper20 SEP 1898 Harrison Co, Iowa6 APR 1968 Los Angeles Co, California
George Glenn Cooper3 DEC 1866 1946 
George Monroe Cooper2 FEB 1874 Bates Co, Missouri1957 Linn Co, Kansas
Glen Cooper13 APR 1897 Iowa 
Glen D Cooper4 MAY 1898 Illinois30 MAY 1944 Will Co, Illinois
Glen E CooperNOV 1895 IowaJUN 1968 Florida
Harlen CooperABT 1895  
Harriett CooperABT 1875 Illinois 
Henry Frank CooperAPR 1853  
Hiram Caleb CooperJUN 1857 Salem, Henry Co, Iowa7 JUL 1944 Washington Co, Iowa
Infant Cooper1885 Chase Co, Kansas1885 Chase Co, Kansas
Isaac Cooper15 SEP 1784 Wrightsboro, Burke Co, Georgia3 FEB 1892 Powell, McDonald Co, Missouri
Isaac CooperABT 1730 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Wrightsboro, Burke Co, Georgia
Isaac E CooperABT 1833  
James Cooper10 AUG 1858 Red Bank, New Jersey27 DEC 1896 
James Monroe Cooper7 JUN 1822 Kentucky2 OCT 1886 
James Richard Cooper28 JAN 1850 Harrisonville, Missouri27 JAN 1890 
James William Cooper24 AUG 1891 Doyle, Clarke Co, IowaAFT 1910 
Jesse Cooper19 MAR 1886 Chase Co, Kansas19 JUN 1943 
Jessie Alice Cooper1862 Jefferson Co, Missouri 
Joel Cooper5 JUN 1891 Chase Co, Kansas13 FEB 1892 
Joel Cooper1824 Greene Co, Indiana3 FEB 1892 Powell, McDonald Co, Missouri
John Cooper24 MAR 1765 Long Hill, Morris City, New Jersey2 FEB 1851 Easton, Northampton Co, Pennsylvania
John Cooper25 MAY 1799 Easton, Northampton Co, Pennsylvania 
John Cooper20 AUG 1738 Passiac Valley, Morris Co, New Jersey 
John CooperABT 1807  
John C Fremont Cooper5 OCT 1861 Jefferson Co, Missouri 
John Thomas Cooper9 SEP 1860 Illinois 
Joseph CooperABT 1829  
Keziah Ann Mantooth CooperABT 1800  
Lydia M Cooper1842 1931 
Mammie CooperABT 1870  
Martha E Cooper18 MAY 1875 Benton Co, Arkansas18 JUL 1970 
Martha W CooperABT 1832  
Mary Cooper1651 Middletown, Monmouth Co, New Jersey4 DEC 1721 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Mary Cooper1 AUG 1812 Easton, Northampton Co, Pennsylvania 
Mary Cooper19 OCT 1792 Fleming Co, Kentucky2 OCT 1865 Missouri
Mary Lena Cooper7 JUN 1872 Morgan Co, Illinois3 AUG 1945 
Mary Ruth Cooper20 MAY 1898 Salem, Henry Co, Iowa1982 
Michael Cooper1835 1908 
Minnie Cooper3 APR 1884 Chase Co, Kansas16 MAR 1924 
Nancy Cooper1794 1869 
Peter Cooper11 FEB 1734/35 Passiac Valley, Morris Co, New Jersey 
Peter R Cooper19 MAR 1858  
Providence Cooper27 MAR 1748 Passaic Valley, Morris Co, New Jersey1 FEB 1798 South Plainfield, New Jersey
Rachael CooperABT 1850  
Robert Marion Cooper11 NOV 1869 Pleasant, Union Co, Iowa10 AUG 1929 South Gate, Los Angeles Co, California
Rosa A Cooper28 FEB 1882 Chase Co, Kansas6 MAY 1975 Webb City, Jasper Co, Missouri
Rosanna CooperABT 1860 Jefferson Co, Missouri 
Rosannah Cooper26 MAR 1743 Passiac Valley, Morris Co, New Jersey14 JAN 1817 
Sadie CooperABT 1785 AFT 1827 
Samuel CooperABT 1811 Long Branch, New Jersey1864 Long Branch, New Jersey
Sarah Cooper21 SEP 1645 New Haven, New Haven Co, Connecticut 
Sarah CooperABT 1808  
Sarah CooperABT 1820 Monroe, Indiana 
Sarah Ann Cooper18 JUN 1815 Easton, Northampton Co, Pennsylvania 
Sarah Elizabeth Cooper6 APR 1873 Benton Co, Arkansas20 MAR 1952 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri
Sarah Ellen Cooper13 MAR 1851  
Shade Wallace Cooper7 FEB 1876 17 FEB 1913 Omen, Smith Co, Texas
Sidney A CooperSEP 1873  
Sidney Shade CooperABT 1855  
Thomas Cooper1803 England1885 Ravanna, Mercer CO, Missouri
Thomas Augustusta Cooper18 FEB 1866 Jefferson Co, Missouri 
Thomas Green Cooper2 SEP 1877 Chase Co, Kansas31 OCT 1967 Bentonville, Benton Co, Arkansas
Thomas Jackson Cooper18 NOV 1850 Missouri15 JUL 1931 Wheaton, Barry Co, Missouri
Thomas W Cooper17 JUL 1830 Long Branch, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Thomas W CooperOCT 1874 West Long Branch, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Unk CooperABT 1651 BEF 1703 
Uriah CooperABT 1781 England Long Branch, New Jersey
Walter Claude Cooper15 JUN 1889 Virginia Cass Co, Illinios 
Walter Glen Cooper14 SEP 1897 Doyle, Clarke Co, Iowa23 SEP 1955 Los Angeles Co, California
Wesley CooperABT 1875  
Willaim Cooper21 MAR 1631/32 Amersham, Hertfordshire, England11 JAN 1709/10 Newton, Gloucester Co, New Jersey
Willam B CooperABT 1900  
William Cooper16 AUG 1826 Carlyle, Clinton Co, Illinois14 AUG 1879 Jefferson Co, Missouri
William Cooper26 JUL 1836 Mill Creek, Huntington Co, Pennsylvania 
William CooperABT 1830  
William CooperABT 1810  
William Cooper1 JAN 1862 Ripley Co, Indiana9 AUG 1897 Switzerland Co, Indiana
William Thomas CooperABT 1805  
Winnie Alice Cooper1886 Brighton, Washington Co, Iowa19 SEP 1971 Brighton, Washington Co, Iowa
Zilpha Cooper23 FEB 1812 26 FEB 1891 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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