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  48 individuals found for query Cornelison
Amanda Cornelison1858 Missouri 
Andrew Cornelison1766  
Ann Cornelison1775 North Carolina 
Anne Cornelison1756 1799 
Conrad Cornelison12 AUG 1730 Millstone, Somerset Co, New Jersey30 MAR 1795 Wilkes Co, Georgia
Conrad Cornelison1763 1846 
Conrelius Cornelison1728 1799 
Elijah Cornelison1816 1896 
Garret CornelisonABT 1700 The Netherlands8 FEB 1779 Loudoun Co, Virginia
Garret Cornelison1753 1780 
Garrett Simon Issac Cornelison1846 Missouri1872 
Hannah Cornelison1754 1844 
Hannah Elizabeth Cornelison17 JUN 1856 Harrison Co, Missouri16 FEB 1923 Bethany, Harrison Co, Missouri
James D Cornelison7 SEP 1853 Parke Co, Indiana7 MAR 1884 Bethany, Harrison Co, Missouri
James Harrison Cornelison16 NOV 1813 Madison Co, Kentucky30 JAN 1898 Newton Co, Missouri
James Marsh Cornelison9 SEP 1828 Indiana25 MAY 1910 Bethany, Harrison Co, Missouri
Jane Cornelison6 OCT 1790 Wilkes Co, Georgia 
Jesse E CornelisonABT 1776 Rowan Co, North Carolina1862 Barry Co, Missouri
Jesse Milton Cornelison1851 Missouri1901 
John Cornelison1810 1847 
John Cornelison1750 1815 
John Cornelison1773 North Carolina1853 
John Cornelison1761 Loudon Co, Virginia1843 Madison Co, Illinois
Jonathan Cornelison1758 New Jersey1783 Rowan Co, North Carolina
Joseph Columbus Cornelison1829 1893 
Lousia Orlena Cornelison1837 Coffee Co, Tennessee 
Madison Porter Cornelison1821 1905 
Margaret Abigail Cornelison1848 Missouri 
Marsh Cornelison1785 1853 
Martha V Cornelison1852 Missouri1892 
Martin T Cornelison1811 1847 
Mary Ann Cornelison28 FEB 1839 Barry Co, Missouri5 FEB 1897 Granby, Newton Co, Missouri
Mary O Cornelison1833 1886 
Miles Cornelison1820 1857 
Milton P Cornelison1821 1878 
Moses CornelisonJUN 1783 Rowan Co, North CarolinaFEB 1827 Madison Co, Illinois
Nancy Adeline Cornelison1844 Missouri1908 
Nancy Marlessie Cornelison1823 1900 
Orlena Cornelison1822 1907 
Pter Cornelison1739  
Sarah Ann Cornelison1817 1872 
Sophronia Melvina Cornelison1834 Coffee Co, Tennessee 
Spicey Elizabeth Cornelison1842 Missouri 
Sybella Frances Cornelison1850 Missouri1904 
Tennessee Cornelison1854 Missouri 
Thomas James M Cornelison1835 Coffee Co, Tennessee1885 
William Cornelison1812 1887 
William Cornelison1774 1851 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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