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  145 individuals found for query Cornell
Abigail Cornell1769  
Abraham Cornell1731 Long Island, New York1754 
Adriaan Cornell1765  
Adriaen CornellABT 1745  
Adrian Cornell22 AUG 1718 Long Island, New York 
Aeltje CornellABT 1690 20 MAY 1736 
Ann Cornell1624 Saffron Waldon, Essex, England 
Anna CornellABT 1658 Merrick, Queens Co, Long Island, New York 
Anna Maria Cornell1803  
Anna Maria CornellABT 1845  
Archie Cornell  
Benjamin Cornell18 SEP 1723  
Caleb Cornell1683  
Caroline Cornell1856  
Caroline Vanderveer Cornell1871  
Catherine CornellABT 1710  
Catrina Cornell1668 Flatbush, Long Island, New York 
Catryntje Cornell4 SEP 1703 New York8 NOV 1755 
Charlotte Mercer Cornell1822  
Cornelia Cornell4 APR 1755 Jamica, Queens Co, New York6 MAR 1833 Long Island, New York
Cornelia CornellMAY 1756 29 AUG 1822 
Cornelius Cornell1678 Flatbush, Long Island, New York9 SEP 1756 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Cornelius Cornell1681  
Cornelius CornellABT 1722 Long Island, New York 
Cornelius CornellABT 1715 Somerset Co, New JerseyABT 1762 New Jersey
Cornelius CornellBEF 20 JUN 1736 New Brunswick, Middlesex Co, New Jersey 
David CornellJUL 1704  
David CornellABT 1770  
Deborah Cornell1 MAR 1704/05  
Elizabeth Cornell15 NOV 1717  
Elizabeth CornellABT 1685  
Elizabeth Cornell7 JAN 1731/32 1794 Fishkill, Long Island, New York
Elizabeth Cornell6 MAR 1709/10 Long Island, New York1780 Hopewell, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey
Elizabeth Cornell16 JUN 1661 Long Island, New York 
Elizabeth Cornell16 JAN 1636/37 Saffron Waldon, Essex, England12 JAN 1713/14 Portsmouth, Rhode Island
Frederick F CornellABT 1845  
Frederick Frelinghuysen Cornell1804  
Gelyam Cornell26 APR 1741  
Gelyam Cornell1785  
Gertrude CornellABT 1770  
Gertrude Ann CornellABT 1801  
Giljam CornellABT 1735  Flatbush, New York
Gilliam Cornell1724 Long Island, New York 
Gilliam Cornell20 JUN 1743  
Guliam Cornell23 AUG 1679 Flatbush, Long Island, New York1 AUG 1754 Flatbush, Long Island, New York
Hannah Cornell26 FEB 1710/11  
Helena CornellBEF 18 JUN 1741 New Brunswick, Middlesex Co, New Jersey 
Jacob CornellABT 1682  
Jacob Cornell31 AUG 1668 Long Island, New York 
Jacob CornellABT 1660  
Jacobus Cornell1774  
Jacobus Cornell19 SEP 1720 New Utrecht, Long Island, New York29 NOV 1780 
James Alexander Cornell1818  
Jane Cornell7 DEC 1733 Millstone, Somerset Co, New Jersey16 DEC 1775 Mountoursville, Lycoming Co, Pennsylvania
Jannetje Cornell1750 Somerset Co, Kentucky 
Jannetje CornellBEF 4 AUG 1745 New Brunswick, Middlesex Co, New Jersey 
Jannetje CornellBEF 7 JAN 1727/28 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Johannes CornellABT 1670 Flatbush, Long Island, New York 
Johannes Cornell1783  
Johannes CornellJUN 1727 Long Island, New York 
John Cornell7 NOV 1745  
John Cornell1658 Portsmouth, Newport Co, Rhode Island Queens Co, New York
John Cornell27 MAY 1775 16 NOV 1835 
John Cornell1820  
John CornellABT 1750  
John CornellBEF 6 JUN 1634 Saffron Waldon, Essex, England1704 Cow Neck, New York
John Cornell5 JUL 1672 Long Island, New York 
John Cornell30 JUL 1716  
John Cornell1681  
John CornellABT 1750  
John Frelinghuysen Cornell1812  
Joseph Cornell4 NOV 1708  
Joseph CornellABT 1712 New York 
Joshua Cornell1639  
Joshua Cornell3 NOV 1664 Long Island, New York 
Joshua Cornell1677  
Josuha CornellABT 1640  
Kelame Cornell1632 Saffron Waldon, Essex, England 
Lammert Cornell1772  
Leffert CornellABT 1820  
Leffert Ryerson Cornell1819 1902 
Louisa Mercer Cornell1806  
Lydia Cornell15 MAR 1745/46 Somerset Co, New Jersey4 NOV 1795 
Margarette Cornell1799  
Margarita Cornell1769 Long Island, New York 
Margrietje Cornell27 NOV 1735 Millstone, Somerset Co, New Jersey6 SEP 1815 Harlingen, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Margrietje CornellABT 1720 Long Island, New York 
Maria Cornell1664 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York1730 New Utrecht, Long Island, New York
Maria Cornell4 JUL 1733 Franklin, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Maria Cornell29 APR 1686 New Albany, New York20 JAN 1727/28 
Maria Elizabeth Cornell4 MAY 1849 Flatbush, Kings Co, New York 
Martha Hettje Cornell20 SEP 1729 Millstone, Somerset Co, New Jersey1 JUL 1795 
Mary Cornell1679  
Mary Cornell14 DEC 1676 Long Island, New York 
Mary CornellABT 1730 Hopewell, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey15 AUG 1813 Randolph Co, North Carolina
Mary Cornell1642  
Mary Cornell1795 1890 
Mary Cornell7 OCT 1703 Long Island, New York 
Mettje Cornell1779  
Peter Cornell1688  
Peter Cornell1666 Flatbush, Long Island, New York 
Peter CornellBEF 13 JUL 1743 New Brunswick, Middlesex Co, New Jersey 
Phebe Thorne Cornell6 MAR 1714/15  
Pierre Cornell1638 1689 
Rachel Cornell1677 Flatbush, Long Island, New York1691 
Rebecca Cornell1685  
Rebecca Cornell31 JAN 1628/29 Saffron Waldon, Essex, England5 FEB 1712/13 Jamaicia, Long Island, New York
Rebecca Cornell30 JUL 1716  
Rebecca Cornell14 DEC 1676 Long Island, New York 
Rem Cornell1777  
Rem Cornell1744  
Richard Cornell6 OCT 1708  
Richard Cornell8 JUL 1624 Saffron Waldon, Essex, England11 AUG 1694 Rockaway, Long Island, New York
Richard Cornell27 MAR 1656 Long Island, New York 
Richard Cornell26 JAN 1677/78 Scarsdale, Westchester Co, New York15 APR 1757 
Roelof CornellBEF 16 JUL 1738 New Brunswick, Middlesex Co, New Jersey 
Samuel Cornell1639  
Samuel Cornell18 NOV 1673 Long Island, New York 
Sarah CornellABT 1700  
Sarah Cornell1669 Flatbush, Long Island, New York1736 Flatlands, Long Island, New York
Sarah CornellABT 1613  
Sarah CornellABT 1720 1803 
Sarah Cornell20 JUN 1657 Long Island, New York 
Sarah CornellABT 1630 Saffron Waldon, Essex, England 
Sarah CornellABT 1680  
Sarah Elizabeth Cornell1816  
Seytje CornellABT 1745 Millstone, Somerset Co, New Jersey6 NOV 1765 
Simon Cornell1729 Long Island, New York 
Susannah Cornell7 AUG 1747 Piscataway, Middlesex Co, New Jersey1824 Piscataway, Middlesex Co, New Jersey
Theodore Cornell1814  
Thomas CornellABT 1630 Saffron Waldon, Essex, England 
Thomas CornellABT 1690  
Thomas CornellABT 1720  
Thomas Cornell10 DEC 1675 Long Island, New York 
Thomas CornellABT 1595 Essex, England8 FEB 1672/73 Portsmouth, Rhode Island
Thomas Cornell1 DEC 1659 Long Island, New York 
Wilhelmus Cornell1722 Long Island, New York 
Willem Cornell1640 The Netherlands31 MAY 1690 New York, New York
William Cornell1 FEB 1666/67 Long Island, New York 
William Cornell1703 New YorkMAY 1760 Millstone, Somerset Co, New Jersey
William CornellAFT 1617 Saffron Waldon, Essex, England 
William Cornell1688 Hempstead, Long Island, New York1749 Hopewell, Monmouth Co, New Jeresy
William H Cornell1846  
William Henry Cornell1874 1874 
Yannetje Cornell1781  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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