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  145 individuals found for query Covert
Abraham CovertMAY 1683 Flatbush, Long Island, New York 
Abraham Covert7 MAY 1738 Somerset Co, New Jersey17 JUN 1815 Ovid, Seneca Co, New York
Abraham Brokaw Covert29 AUG 1803 Ovid, Seneca Co, New York 
Aechje CovertBEF 19 SEP 1649 Heemesteede, The NetherlandsBEF 1682 Jamaica, Queens Co, Long Island, New York
Aeltje Covert1658 Long Island, New York 
Albert Banta Covert14 JUN 1845 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Albert N CovertABT 1830  
Albert Newton CovertABT 1837  
Ann CovertABT 1810 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Ann Covert19 JUN 1812 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Anna Covert5 MAY 1770 Plainfield, Essex Co, New Jersey 
Anna Covert27 JAN 1767 Somerset Co, New Jersey27 MAY 1839 
Annatje Covert14 JAN 1743/44  
Annatje Covert1760  
Annejte CovertBEF 28 AUG 1661 Long Island, New York 
Ariaentje Covert3 AUG 1690 Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Arianna Covert1805 Seneca Co, New York1867 New York
Arthur Covert7 OCT 1859 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Aura T Covert8 AUG 1870 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Barbara Covert26 AUG 1709 Somerset Co, New Jersey1803 Millstone, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Barney Verbryck Covert10 JUN 1820  
Belitje CovertABT 1690  
Bergon Covert19 APR 1775 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Bergun CovertBEF 21 OCT 1733 Millstone, Somerset Co, New Jersey20 NOV 1806 New Jersey
Bergun Covert18 NOV 1767 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Bourgeon CovertABT 1745  
Bragon Covert29 MAR 1696 Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Bregon Covert1758  
Brogan CovertABT 1757  
Catherine CovertABT 1771 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Catherine Covert1684 Kings Co, Long Island, New YorkAFT 1723 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Catherine CovertABT 1750  
Charles Edward Covert3 JUL 1872 Maspeth, Queens Co, Long Island, New York12 JUL 1948 Nassau Co, Long Island, New York
Clara R Covert2 NOV 1856 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Clarinda CovertFEB 1857 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Cornelius Covert18 JAN 1785 Six Mile Run (Franklin Park), Somerset Co, New Jersey3 MAY 1858 Hopewell, Johnson Co, Indiana
Cornelius Covert4 SEP 1815  
Daniel Covert1758  
Daniel CovertABT 1743  
Daniel Covert14 APR 1731  
Daniel V Covert21 APR 1799 Mercer Co, Kentucky27 OCT 1887 Franklin, Johnson Co, Indiana
Dorthy Ann Covert1825  
Eide Covert1760  
Eleanor Covert1822  
Eleanor CovertABT 1695  
Eleanor V Covert25 DEC 1818 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Elizabeth Covert19 DEC 1807 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Ellen Covert12 JAN 1863 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Elmer E Covert12 JAN 1863 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Elziabeth Covert1773  
Emma Amy Ann Covert21 FEB 1821 Ohio 
Emma L Covert5 JUN 1839 7 AUG 1913 
Ephraim Covert1855 Johnson Co, Indiana 
George King CovertABT 1840  
George King Covert26 DEC 1839 Johnson Co, Indiana 
George W CovertABT 1835  
George Washington Covert18 AUG 1833 Mercer Co, Kentucky16 NOV 1908 Long Branch, Los Angeles Co, California
Gertrude Covert10 APR 1769 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Henrietta Covert1772  
Henry CovertABT 1780  
Henry Aldrich Covert1845 1898 
Ida Covert1 JAN 1790 21 NOV 1790 
Isaac Covert26 MAR 1729  
Isaac Covert27 MAY 1683 Flatbush, Long Island, New York Westchester, New York
Isaac CovertABT 1804 Ovid, Seneca Co, New York 
Isaac Covert1736 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Isaac C Covert14 SEP 1805 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Isaac C Covert7 DEC 1755 Morristown, Somerset Co, New Jersey14 SEP 1825 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky
Isaac I Covert3 JUL 1823 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Jacob CovertABT 1734  
Jacob B Covert26 MAR 1806 Ovid, Seneca Co, New York 
Jacob Smock CovertABT 1811 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Jan CovertBEF 15 JAN 1650/51 Brooklyn, Long Island, New York1719 Millstone, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Jane Covert23 JAN 1773 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Jane Covert14 DEC 1796 Mercer Co, Kentucky14 AUG 1874 Benton Co, Iowa
Jane CovertABT 1703 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Jane CovertABT 1783 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Jane Covert4 NOV 1724  
Jane Amanda CovertABT 1828 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Jannetje CovertBEF 29 MAR 1648 Heemesteede, The Netherlands 
Johannes CovertABT 1760  
John CovertABT 1726  
John Covert1770  
John CovertABT 1776 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
John Covert1730 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey2 JUL 1817 Seneca Co, New York
John Covert1762  
John Calvin Covert6 OCT 1822  
John Lucas Covert1762  
John R Covert23 MAR 1818 Mercer Co, Kentucky4 JUN 1899 Union, Johnson Co, Indiana
John V Covert19 JUL 1814 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
John Vanarsdale Covert1 SEP 1781 Six Mile Run (Franklin Park), Somerset Co, New Jersey4 APR 1867 Johnson Co, Indiana
Joseph CovertABT 1781 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Joseph CovertABT 1780 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Joseph Covert4 DEC 1821 Mercer Co, Kentucky6 FEB 1899 
Joseph Edward Covert2 SEP 1853 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Josephine Covert2 FEB 1863 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Joshua CovertABT 1765 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Lammetje Covert3 JUL 1780 Six Mile Run (Franklin Park), Somerset Co, New Jersey25 AUG 1865 Johnson Co, Indiana
Louisa Covert5 SEP 1833 New JerseyABT 1907 
Lucas Covert19 JAN 1758  
Lucas CovertBEF 24 FEB 1646/47 Heemesteede, The Netherlands 
Lucas CovertABT 1740  
Lucas Covert9 APR 1699 Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Lucas Covert1699 Flatbush, Long Island, New York22 JAN 1778 Three Mile Run, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Luke Covert1732 Three Mile Run, Somerset Co, New Jersey22 JAN 1828 Plainfield, Essex Co, New Jersey
Lynn Covert11 NOV 1854 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Magdalena CovertABT 1802 Ovid, Seneca Co, New York 
Magdene Covert22 JUN 1779 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Margaret Covert1809 Ovid, Seneca Co, New York 
Margaret Electra Covert20 MAY 1860 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Maria CovertABT 1785  
Maria CovertABT 1725  
Maria Covert6 AUG 1706 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Marritje Covert20 DEC 1654 Long Island, New York 
Martha Covert3 JUN 1787 Six Mile Run (Franklin Park), Somerset Co, New Jersey10 DEC 1867 Benton Co, Iowa
Martha Covert23 AUG 1815 Mercer Co, Kentucky9 JAN 1890 Johnson Co, Indiana
Mary Ann Covert11 DEC 1766 Millstone, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Mary E Covert1865 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Mary Jane Covert13 NOV 1842 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Mary Jane CovertABT 1830  
Marya Covert3 JAN 1764 7 MAY 1805 Middlesex Co, New Jersey
Marytje Covert16 SEP 1739  
Maurits CovertBEF 5 DEC 1663 Long Island, New York 
Mollie CovertAUG 1866 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Nancy Covert5 FEB 1775 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Peter Covert1766  
Peter CovertABT 1812 Ovid, Seneca Co, New York 
Peter Covert1728 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Peter Abraham Covert3 MAY 1780 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey6 SEP 1823 Ovid, Seneca Co, New York
Phebe CovertABT 1777 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Rachel Banta Covert19 FEB 1848 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Rynear Covert22 JAN 1771 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Sally Jane CovertABT 1828  
Sarah CovertBEF 20 APR 1653 Long Island, New York 
Sarah Catherine Covert16 DEC 1850 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Sarah Jane Covert23 SEP 1817  
Simon Covert22 JUL 1792 Mercer Co, Kentucky29 NOV 1885 Johnson Co, Indiana
Simon Peter Covert2 NOV 1825 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Teunis Covert16 APR 1693 Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Teunis CovertBEF 19 MAY 1745 Somerset Co, New Jersey1798 
Teunis Jans Covert1620 Lommel, Limburg, Belgium 
Tunis Covert18 JUN 1777 Millstone, Somerset Co, New Jersey31 MAR 1839 Seneca Co, New York
Tunis Covert25 MAR 1745 Millstone, Somerset Co, New Jersey31 JAN 1825 Ovid, Seneca Co, New York
Vrerick Covert1767  
William Verbryck Covert8 APR 1810 Mercer Co, Kentucky 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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