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  21 individuals found for query Covington
Alexander Covington25 OCT 1771 Prince George's Co, Maryland 
Benjamin CovingtonAFT 1796  
Edward CovingtonABT 1798  
Elizabeth CovingtonABT 1735  
Flora Mae Covington6 NOV 1885  
Francis Strother Covington4 FEB 1754 Culpepper Co, Virginia21 JUL 1823 Culpepper Co, Virginia
Gila Ann Covington6 APR 1789 Culpepper Co, Virginia4 FEB 1865 Logan Co, Kentucky
Joseph CovingtonABT 1850  
Julia CovingtonABT 1850  
Leonard CovingtonABT 1700  
Leonard Covington30 OCT 1768 Awuasco, Prince George's Co, Maryland14 NOV 1813 Battle of Chrysler Field, French Mill, Franklin, New York
Levin CovingtonABT 1740  
Levin CovingtonABT 1799  
Rebecca CovingtonABT 1725  
Rebecca Susan CovingtonABT 1799  
Reed Josiah Covington23 AUG 1876 Bonne Terre, St Francios Co, Missouri12 JUL 1944 St Louis, Missouri
Robert Covington1723 Essex Co, Virginia18 SEP 1766 Culpepper Co, Virginia
Thomas Covington1715 1767 
William Covington1684 Essex Co, Virginia22 APR 1762 Essex Co, Virginia
William Covington1666 Rapahannock Co, Virgina1721 Essex Co, Virginia
William Covington1740 1785 

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