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  15 individuals found for query Craven
Anderson Craven15 DEC 1801  
Andrew Jackson Craven14 MAR 1815  
Andrew R CravenABT 1802  
Arminta Craven26 JAN 1799  
David CravenABT 1785  
Eliza Craven10 DEC 1821  
Elizabeth CravenBET 1786 AND 1796  
Enoch S Craven10 AUG 1810  
Isaac Newton Craven1804  
John Craven1770 North CarolinaABT 1832 
John V Craven1796  
Mary CravenABT 1806  
Nancy Olive Craven3 FEB 1818  
Thomas CravenABT 1712 Port Richmond, Staten Island, New YOrk 
Thomas Ww Craven24 FEB 1794  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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