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  19 individuals found for query Creech
Benjamin Creech28 JAN 1723/24 Nanseond Co, Virginia1780 Greene Co, North Carolina
Daniel Madison Creech22 JUN 1854 Madison Co, Arkansas3 MAR 1933 Fayetteville, Madison Co, Arkansas
DeWitt Clinton Creech8 FEB 1843 Lincoln Co, Missouri8 JUN 1914 Dixon, Pulaski Co, Missouri
Elies Brown Creech28 OCT 1876 Texas4 JAN 1934 Coke Co, Texas
Henry Creech1637 1728 
Jackson CreechMAY 1886 1933 Picher, Ottawa Co, Oklahoma
Jackson CreechABT 1820 Tennessee 
John Creech1774 Ashe, North Carolina 
John Jay Creech1899 1919 
John Stephen Creech1757 Dobbs Co, North CarolinaBET 1783 AND 1786 Davie Co, North Carolina
Joinathan Creech1786 Dobbs Co, North Carolina7 OCT 1852 Powell Valley, Virginia
Marion Taylor Creech1847 1916 
Martha Creech1792 Wilkes Co, North Carolina23 JAN 1876 Cumberland, Harlan Co, Kentucky'
Mortimer Creech1815 1858 
Paul Creech10 JUN 1892 Dixon, Missouri16 MAY 1955 Kansas City, Jackson Co, Missouri
Richard CreechBET 1703 AND 1705 Nanseond Co, Virginia1782 Norfolk Co, Virignia
Richard Creech1662 1715 
Sarah CreechABT 1805  
Virgil Wilson Creech1 JUL 1869 Lincoln Co, Missouri19 FEB 1915 Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co, Wisconsin

* Individual - family ties unknown

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