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  219 individuals found for query Curd
Aaron Bartholomew Curd1784 Culpepper Co, Virginia15 JAN 1855 
Alexander Curd4 APR 1844 Mercer Co, Kentucky30 MAR 1924 Kentucky
Alma CurdABT 1855 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Andrew Price Curd21 APR 1818 SEP 1853 
Ann CurdABT 1740 Goochland Co, Virginia 
Ann Curd1740 Goochland Co, Virginia 
Ann Curd1762 Goochland Co, Virginia 
Ann Curd1773 Culpepper Co, Virginia 
Ann Maria Curd5 FEB 1813  
Ann T Curd24 JUN 1790 Goochland Co, Virginia 
Augustine Lewis Curd7 MAR 1820  
B Frank Curd1873 1886 
Barthena Curd1805  
Benjamin Curd1840  
Benjamin Curd24 DEC 1778 Culpepper Co, VirginiaABT 19 APR 1856 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Catheine Curd29 JAN 1766 Goochland Co, Virginia 
Catherine CurdABT 1798  
Catherine Ann Curd1825 Mercer Co, KentuckyBEF 1876 
Charles Curd1745 Goochland Co, Virginia Kentucky
Charles Curd1828  
Charles Curd1781 1865 
Cora Weston Curd20 AUG 1877 Shadow Bend, Kentucky27 MAY 1951 
Daniel Curd14 OCT 1773 Albermarie Co, Virginia18 APR 1843 Barren Co, Kentucky
Daniel Curd1768 ABT 1836 
Daniel Curd1831  
Daniel Curd1808 1876 
Edmund Curd7 AUG 1848 Calloway Co, Kentucky 
Edmund Curd1742 Goochland Co, Virginia1814 Logan Co, Kentucky
Edmund Curd1802  
Edward Curd1680 Curdsville, Buckingham Co, VirginiaABT 1742 Henrico Co, Virginia
Edward CurdABT 1715 Virginia 
Edward Curd1766 Virginia1835 
Edward Curd1849 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Edwin Curd1847  
Edwing B Curd22 FEB 1829  
Elizabeth Curd1825  
Elizabeth Curd1738 Goochland Co, Virginia1821 Goochland Co, Virginia
Elizabeth Curd13 MAR 1793 St James Parish, Goochland Co, VirginiaABT 1855 
Elizabeth Curd25 FEB 1762 Goochland Co, Virginia 
Elizabeth Curd24 JUL 1763 Buckingham Co, Virginia1853 Calloway Co, Kentucky
Elizabeth Curd1748 Goochland Co, Virginia 
Elizabeth Curd1826  
Elizabeth CurdABT 1810  
Elizabeth Curd7 JUN 1850 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Elizabeth Allin Curd1801 VirginiaAFT 1850 
Elizabeth Sutton CurdABT 1826  
Elizabeth Thompson CurdABT 1820  
Elizabeth Willams Curd28 MAR 1815  
Elizabeth Williams CurdABT 1715 Virginia 
Florence Ann Curd20 OCT 1877  
Frances CurdABT 1752 Goochland Co, Virginia 
Frances H Curd29 DEC 1810 AUG 1832 
Frances Price Curd18 FEB 1825 Lexington, Fayette Co, Kentucky1885 
Gabriel Slaughter Curd13 SEP 1830 Mercer Co, Kentucky13 MAY 1865 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Genevra May Curd19 NOV 1872  
George Curd1845  
George Ragsdale Curd1804 Kentucky 
Guilford S Curd16 AUG 1848 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Haden T Curd1804 Barren Co, Kentucky23 FEB 1859 
Harriet CurdAFT 1808  
Henry Curd25 DEC 1867  
Henry Payton Curd1855 1922 
Isaac Curd1724 Goochland Co, Virginia 
Isaac Curd6 APR 1826  
Isaac B Curd5 JUN 1783 Goochland Co, Virginia9 JUN 1850 St Joseph, Buchanan Co, Missouri
James Curd1811 Kentucky 
James Curd1839  
James Curd1735 Goochland Co, VirginiaBEF 1792 Goochland Co, Virginia
James Curd24 JUN 1759 Goochland Co, VirginiaABT 1821 Jessamine Co, Kentucky
James CurdABT 1810  
James Curd1809 Kentucky1880 Wilson Co, Tennessee
James C Curd14 APR 1843 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
James Elwood Curd10 FEB 1875 20 SEP 1940 
James H CurdABT 1825  
Jane Curd5 APR 1815 Logan Co, Kentucky11 FEB 1870 
Jane Curd1845  
Jeremiah Curd1847 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Jesse Munday Curd17 APR 1882  
John Curd29 NOV 1751 Goochland Co, Virginia 
John Curd14 FEB 1807 Woodford Co, Kentucky13 JAN 1890 Mercer Co, Kentucky
John Curd23 NOV 1760 Goochland Co, Virginia10 SEP 1838 Logan Co, Kentucky
John Curd14 APR 1726 Goochland Co, Virginia1818 Mercer Co, Kentucky
John CurdABT 1810  
John Curd16 MAY 1799 FEB 1876 
John CurdABT 1706 Virginia1758 Goochland Co, Virginia
John Curd21 MAR 1771 Culpepper Co, Virginia4 SEP 1822 Wilson Co, Tennessee
John Curd1836  
John Curd9 DEC 1817  
John Curd1807 Kentucky 
John Curd1838  
John B CurdABT 1810 Glasgow, Barren Co, Kentucky 
John Brent CurdAFT 1787  
John Henry Curd1840 Kentucky 
John M Kay Curd1805 19 APR 1837 
John Price Curd15 JAN 1879 1968 
John Spencer CurdABT 1822  
Joseph Curd1839 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Joseph Curd1843  
Joseph Curd1732 Goochland Co, Virginia1811 Buckingham Co, Virginia
Joseph Curd1796  
Joseph Curd13 JUN 1775 Culpepper Co, Virginia27 JUN 1860 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Joseph Truehart Curd25 JUN 1825 Mercer Co, Kentucky1913 Fresno Co, California
Katherine Curd18 FEB 1781 Goochland Co, Virginia9 DEC 1802 
Kathleen Curd1748 Virginia 
Knight Bowles Curd1794 BEF 1855 
Leonard James Curd14 MAY 1875  
Leonard T Curd23 MAY 1841 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Lewis Price Curd1814 Kentucky 
Littleton Curd1835 KentuckyAFT 1862 
Lucy CurdABT 1750 Goochland Co, Virginia 
Lucy CurdABT 1870  
Lucy CurdABT 1798 Kentucky Died young
Lucy Ann Curd1803  
Lucy Brent Curd1817  
Lucy Ragsdale Curd1811 Mercer Co, Kentucky1849 
Marcus Heylin Curd20 JUN 1873  
Marianna Curd1750 Virginia 
Martha CurdABT 1800  
Martha Curd5 SEP 1771  
Martha Curd1776 Culpepper Co, Virginia 
Martha Ann Curd5 FEB 1813  
Martha Etna Curd28 JAN 1807 10 AUG 1841 
Martha Patsy Curd1813  
Mary Curd1842  
Mary Curd1747 Goochland Co, Virginia 
Mary Curd1700 Virginia 
Mary Curd1767 Virginia 
Mary Curd1840  
Mary CurdABT 1715 Virginia 
Mary Curd21 NOV 1821 1823 
Mary CurdABT 1800  
Mary Curd10 SEP 1769 St James Parish, Goochland, Virginia30 JUN 1833 Trimble Co, Kentucky
Mary Curd1805  
Mary Ann Curd1770  
Mary Ann Curd27 AUG 1821 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Mary Ann Curd1821  
Mary Catherine Curd31 DEC 1809  
Mary Ellen Curd23 NOV 1828 Mercer Co, Kentucky19 OCT 1919 Jessamine Co, Kentucky
Mary Jane Curd1798  
Mary Lucy Curd8 DEC 1821  
Mary Munden CurdBET 1742 AND 1744 Goochland Co, Virginia Goochland Co, Virginia
Mary Smith Curd7 APR 1794 26 JUL 1864 
Mary Truehart Curd5 DEC 1801 13 FEB 1877 
Mattie Curd1862 1898 
Mercer Calhoun Curd1 SEP 1869  
Merryman B(rent) Curd12 MAY 1780 Goochland Co, Virginia21 OCT 1841 Trimble Co, Kentucky
Nancy Curd5 MAR 1764 Goochland Co, Virginia 
Nancy Curd1790  
Nancy Lavina Curd10 DEC 1804 25 JAN 1872 
Newton Curd30 NOV 1767 Goochland Co, Virginia25 AUG 1822 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Newton Curd1833 Kentucky 
Newton Curd1830  
Orpah Perkins Curd1823  
Parmelia Curd1800  
Pleasant Curd10 MAY 1781 Culpepper Co, Virginia1817 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Pleasant Curd1819  
Price Curd14 AUG 1771 Goochland Co, Virginia7 FEB 1814 Fayette Co, Kentucky
Price CurdABT 1810  
Raymond Calhoun Curd10 MAR 1892 Highbridge, Kentucky18 JAN 1946 New Albany, Indiana
Rebecca Curd5 JUN 1779 Goochland Co, Virginia12 DEC 1783 
Rebecca Curd1844 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Richard Curd1805  
Richard Curd1714 Virginia1778 Goochland Co, Virginia
Richard Curd1747 Virginia 
Richard Curd6 APR 1797 Wythe Co, Virginia10 AUG 1845 McMinn Co, Tennessee
Richard Allen Curd1801 Lexington, Fayette Co, KentuckyMAR 1836 
Richard D CurdABT 1810  
Robert Curd28 SEP 1812 SEP 1853 
Robert David Curd21 JAN 1870  
Robert McDowell Coffey Curd23 MAY 1853 Mercer Co, Kentucky8 JUL 1893 
Robert S Curd15 JUL 1821 Jessamine Co, Kentucky 
Robert Slaughter Curd16 AUG 1820 Mercer Co, Kentucky4 AUG 1852 Civil War - Libbie Prison, Atlanta, Georgia
Rueben Curd1838 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Sally Yeager Curd28 MAR 1886 25 JUL 1891 
Samuel Curd1835  
Samuel Trotter Curd8 MAY 1816  
Sarah CurdABT 1744 Goochland Co, Virginia 
Sarah Curd1790 St James Parish, Goochland, Virginia1877 
Sarah CurdABT 1800  
Sarah Curd22 MAR 1822 Mercer Co, Kentucky22 JUL 1914 Harper Co, Kansas
Sarah Ann Curd12 JAN 1814 1834 
Sarah M Curd1858 1863 
Sarah P Curd6 MAR 1792 Mercer Co, Kentucky28 FEB 1875 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Seth Curd1810  
Sophia M Curd12 FEB 1851 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Sophia M Curd20 JAN 1866  
Sophia Weston Curd30 AUG 1794 KentuckyMAR 1878 
Spencer H Curd1788  
Stephen Curd1786 Culpepper Co, Virginia1876 
Susan E Curd13 MAR 1835 Mercer Co, Kentucky11 SEP 1860 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Susan Fry Curd19 AUG 1808 Mercer Co, Kentucky3 MAR 1878 Spruce Creek, Whitley Co, Kentucky
Susan M Curd1788  
Susanna CurdABT 1754 Goochland Co, Virginia 
Susannah Curd1764 Virginia 
Sylvia Rebecca Curd9 AUG 1867  
Thomas Curd18 JUL 1796 Kentucky 
Thomas CurdABT 1810  
Thomas Curd25 JAN 1786 Goochland Co, Virginia11 OCT 1861 Virginia
Thomas Curd17 JUN 1823  
Thomas H Curd2 JAN 1849 Murray, Calloway Co, Kentucky 
Thomas J Curd1831  
Thomas Moore Curd13 SEP 1835 Mercer Co, Kentucky24 JAN 1904 Burgin, Mercer Co, Kentucky
Virginia Curd1833  
Will C Curd3 AUG 1836 Somerset, Kentucky 
William Curd1730 Goochland Co, VirginiaABT 1798 Buckingham Co, Virginia
William Curd1830 Kentucky 
William Curd1800 Kentucky1869 
William Curd1841  
William CurdABT 1770 Virginia1811 
William H CurdABT 1825  
William M CurdABT 1810  
William P Curd1807  
William T Curd18 JAN 1809 4 FEB 1875 
Willie C Curd1868 1876 
Willie Twaddle Curd9 SEP 1888 5 OCT 1905 
Woodford Curd15 DEC 1775 Goochland Co, VirginiaFEB 1821 Jefferson, Oldham Co, Kentucky
Woodford Curd1838  
Zachary Taylor Curd10 MAR 1877 28 NOV 1878 
Zachary Taylor Curd26 MAY 1847 Mercer Co, Kentucky 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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