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  29 individuals found for query Cuyler
Abraham Cuyler27 DEC 1713  
Abraham CuylerAFT 1722  
Abraham Cuyler1665 New York14 JUL 1747 Albany, Albany Co, New York
Anna CuylerAFT 1690  
Catalyntje CuylerAUG 1730  
Catharina Cuyler18 FEB 1708/09  
Catharina CuylerAFT 1722  
Cornelis Cuyler1652  
Delia CuylerAFT 1660  
Elizabeth CuylerAFT 1722  
Eva CuylerAFT 1660  
Grietje Cuyler26 OCT 1692  
Hendrick Cuyler22 DEC 1690 Waterbury, New Haven, Connecticut1761 
Hendrick CuylerBEF 11 AUG 1637 Hasselt, Overijssel, The NetherlandsABT 1690 Albany, Albany Co, New York
Hendrykien Cuyler1630  
Henry Cuyler1677  
Isebrant CuylerABT 1605 Hasswlt, Overijssel, The Netherlands 
Johannes Cuyler21 JUN 1698  
Johannes Cuyler1661  
Margarita CuylerAFT 1690  
Maria Cuyler30 MAR 1703  
Maria Cuyler3 MAR 1677/78  
Maria Cuyler1633  
Nicholas Cuyler27 JUN 1716  
Rachel CuylerAFT 1660  
Reynier Cuyler1649  
Sarah CuylerABT 1695  
Sarah CuylerABT 1666  
Wolter Cuyler1636  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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