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  32 individuals found for query DeBaun
Abigail DeBaun1 JAN 1725/26  
Abraham DeBaun10 DEC 1731  
Anna DeBaun1714  
Carel DeBaun1692 New Utrecht, Long Island, New York25 AUG 1765 Bergen Co, New Jersey
Catarina DeBaun1695 1695 
Christian DeBaun15 MAY 1687 New Utrecht, Long Island, New York21 JAN 1710/11 
Christian DeBaun6 JAN 1734/35  
Christina DeBaun1718  
Cornelia DeBaun14 AUG 1737  
Elizabeth DeBaun1716  
Elizabeth DeBaun19 NOV 1721  
Ida Debaun1873 1960 
Isaac DeBaun14 FEB 1728/29  
Jacob DeBaun3 OCT 1726  
Jacob DeBaun12 MAY 1722  
Jacobus DeBaun1683 Middelburg, Zeeland, The Netherlands1753 Paramus, New Jersey
John DeBaun24 MAR 1722/23  
John S DebaunABT 1805  
Joost DeBaun13 NOV 1709  
Joost DeBaun6 FEB 1714/15  
Joost DeBaun1642 Beaune, Cote d'Or France19 NOV 1721 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey
Margrietje DeBaun1710  
Margrietje DeBaun18 AUG 1717 9 MAY 1771 
Maria DeBaun1720  
Maria DeBaun6 APR 1740  
Marie DeBaun1686  
Marrtje DeBaun3 OCT 1783 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Martha DeBaun4 MAY 1690 New Utrecht, Long Island, New York26 OCT 1752 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey
Peter DeBaun9 OCT 1719  
Peter DeBaun19 APR 1767  
Samuel P Debaun1831 1929 
Sarah DeBaun25 FEB 1724/25  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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