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  65 individuals found for query DeForest
Abraham DeForest4 MAR 1748/49 Somerset Co, New Jersey Sharon, Mercer Co, Pennsylvania
Abraham DeForest2 APR 1774 Somerset Co, New Jersey30 AUG 1830 
Alard DeForest1330 Cambresis, France 
Anne DeForestAFT 1520  
Antoine DeForest1539  
Balthazar DeForest1534  
Catherine DeForestABT 1743  
Catherine DeForest17 JAN 1766 Somerset Co, New Jersey19 NOV 1846 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Eleanor DeForest4 JUN 1821 23 MAY 1891 
Elizabeth DeForestABT 1743  
Elizabeth DeForestAFT 1705 New York, New York 
Francoise DeForest1544  
Gaspard DeForest1450 Aversnes, Flanders, France1520 Aversnes, Flanders, France
Gerradus DeForest26 JUN 1723 New York, New York 
Gerrit DeForest1689 Long Island, New York1744 
Gilles DeForestAFT 1520  
Henricus Deforest10 JAN 1691/92  
Herbert DeForestABT 1200  
Herbert DeForestABT 1255 Cambresis, France 
Hindrickus DeForestAFT 1705 New York, New York 
Ira Condit DeForest31 DEC 1814 New York 
Isaac Deforest26 APR 1682  
Isaac DeForest26 DEC 1705 New York, New York1796 
Isaac DeForest3 MAR 1764 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Jacobus DeForestABT 1705 New York, New York 
Jacobus Deforest12 JAN 1695/96  
Jacqueline DeForest1547  
Jane DeForest9 NOV 1780  
Jane Lawrence DeForestABT 1815  
Jaspard DeForest1541  
Jean DeForest1543 Aversnes, Flanders, France1620 Vosmeer, The Netherlands
Jean DeForestABT 1390 Cambresis, France 
Jeanne DeForestAFT 1520  
Jehan Deforest1350 Cambresis, France1408 Cambresis, France
Jehan DeForestABT 1500  
Johannes DeForest28 MAR 1711 New York, New York 
Johannes Deforest10 MAR 1683/84 30 JUL 1757 New York, New York
John DeForest8 MAY 1784 Somerset Co, New Jersey16 NOV 1864 
John DeForestABT 1790  
John DeForest28 JUL 1743 Somerset Co, New Jersey1825 
John Abel DeForestABT 1815  
Laurens Deforest4 JAN 1687/88  
Lawrence DeForest26 OCT 1720 New York, New York 
Lawrence Vanderveer DeForest11 MAY 1782 Somerset Co, New Jersey7 MAY 1858 
Louis DeForest1379 Cambresis, France 
Margaret DeForest1803 9 APR 1873 
Margareta Deforest6 FEB 1688/89  
Maria DeForestABT 1743  
Maria Deforest14 FEB 1693/94  
Marquerite DeForestAFT 1520  
Marritje DeForestAFT 1705 New York, New York 
Melchoir DeForest1472 Aversnes, Flanders, France4 JUN 1530 Aversnes, Flanders, France
Melchoir DeForest1497 Aversnes, Flanders, France1549 Aversnes, Flanders, France
Melchoir DeForest1521 Aversnes, Flanders, France1572 Aversnes, Flanders, France
Nicholas DeForest25 JAN 1709/10 New York, New York 
Phillipe DeForestAFT 1520  
Sara Deforest10 MAR 1685/86  
Sarah DeForest3 MAY 1799 New York17 SEP 1888 Somserset Co, New Jersey
Simon DeForestABT 1420 Cambresis, France 
Simon DeForestAFT 1520  
Susanna DeforestBEF 5 FEB 1698/99 New York 
Theodore Romaine DeForestABT 1815  
Thomas DeForestABT 1400 Cambresis, France 
Tobias DeForestAFT 1705 New York, New York 
Waiter DeForestABT 1225 Saint-Andre, Cambresis, France 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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