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  360 individuals found for query DeMarest
Abraham Demarest15 MAR 1767 North Schraalenburgh, Bergen Co, New Jersey18 MAR 1860 North Schraalenburgh, Bergen Co, New Jersey
Abraham DemarestABT 1762  
Abraham Demarest24 DEC 1742 Schraalenburgh, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Abraham DemarestBEF 14 MAY 1769 New York, New York 
Adline Demarest1858  
Angenietje Demarest9 JAN 1757  
Angenitje DemarestABT 1767  
Anna Demarest31 MAY 1804 Mercer Co, Kentucky17 JUL 1887 
Anna Christie Demarest11 FEB 1865 New York, New York 
Annatje DemarestJAN 1742/43  
Annatje Demarest24 DEC 1768  
Annatje Demarest1779  
Annatje Demarest1746  
Annatje Demarest13 JAN 1729/30 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Annatje Demarest1 FEB 1725/26  
Antje Demarest13 DEC 1754  
Antje Demarest21 OCT 1755  
Antje Demarest23 DEC 1733 Schraalenburgh, Bergen Co, New Jersey Pleasureville, Shelby Co, Kentucky
Arie DemarestFEB 1717/18  
Baldwin DemarestABT 1144 Palenstine Cambria, France
Baldwin DeMarest1300  
Baldwin DeMarestABT 1076 Marets, France 
Baldwin DeMarestABT 1115 1145 
Baldwin DeMarest1216  
Baldwin DeMarestABT NOV 1185 Palenstine1239 
Baldwin DeMarestABT 1330  
Beletje Demarest23 NOV 1784  
Belijte Demarest21 NOV 1709  
Belinda Demarest8 MAY 1774 Schraalenburgh, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Belitje Demarest2 OCT 1714  
Belitje Isabella Demarest10 NOV 1752 Schraalenburgh, Bergen Co, New Jersey28 JUN 1836 Owasco, Cayuga Co, New York
Benjamin Demarest25 NOV 1718 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New JerseyFEB 1790 Schraalenberg, Bergen Co, New Jersey
Benjamin Demarest1691 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Calvin Bertram Demarest2 AUG 1873 Illinios14 MAR 1944 Los Angeles, California
Catalyntje Demarest22 SEP 1723 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Catalyntje DemarestMAR 1721/22 1748 
Catalyntje Demarest15 DEC 1751  
Catalyntje Demarest28 MAR 1775  
Catherine Demarest14 JAN 1777 4 MAY 1849 
Catherine Demarest11 SEP 1829  
Catrina Demarest24 APR 1782 22 MAR 1854 
Charles Hardenburg Demarest31 AUG 1821 Bergen Co, New Jersey25 APR 1869 New York, New York
Christian Demarest21 APR 1717 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Christina DemarestABT 1815 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Cornelia Demarest13 APR 1746  
Cornelius Demarest18 MAR 1720/21 11 JUN 1813 
Cornelius Demarest25 JAN 1812 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Cornelius DemarestBEF 24 MAR 1727/28 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Cornelius Demarest23 JAN 1786 Bergen Co, New Jersey26 DEC 1862 New York, New York
Cornelius Demarest1752  
Cornelius Demarest14 MAY 1752 Dumont, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Daniel Demarest1 FEB 1684/85 Bergen Co, New Jersey30 MAR 1767 Schraalenburgh (Dumont), Bergen Co, New Jersey
Daniel Demarest1666  
Daniel DemarestJUL 1728  
Daniel Demarest1734  
Daniel Demarest1706 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey died young
Daniel Demarest11 SEP 1738 Schraalenburgh, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Daniel T Demarest1729  
David DemarestBEF JUN 1679 New York 
David Demarest19 FEB 1675/76  
David Demarest26 SEP 1708  
David DemarestBEF 29 SEP 1771 New York, New York21 AUG 1817 
David Demarest3 JAN 1698/99 Hackensac, Bergen Co, New JerseyBEF 1768 
David Demarest7 AUG 1802  
David Demarest26 APR 1742  
David DemarestNOV 1778 20 FEB 1856 
David Demarest21 MAY 1738 20 NOV 1820 
David Demarest20 DEC 1651 Middelburg, Zeeland, The NetherlandsAUG 1691 Bergen Co, New JErsey
David Demarest26 NOV 1727 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New York27 NOV 1816 
David Demarest24 JUN 1769  
David Demarest1 APR 1752 Schraalenburgh, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
David Demarest3 MAR 1723/24 New Castle Co, Delaware 
David DemarestMAR 1727/28 1806 
David Demarest3 OCT 1681 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey13 FEB 1761 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey
David DemarestABT 1620 Beauchamps, Cambrai, France16 OCT 1693 New Milford, Bergen Co, New Jersey
David DemarestABT AUG 1669  
David Demarest4 JUL 1708 Schraalenburgh (Dumont), Bergen Co, New Jersey 
David Demarest26 MAY 1708  
David Demarest19 FEB 1666/67 New York1760 New Jersey
David Demarest6 NOV 1731 Schraalenburgh, Bergen Co, New JerseyNOV 1808 Conewago, Adams Co, Pennsylvania
David D Demarest1762  
David J Demarest27 NOV 1809  
Dirck Demarest31 MAR 1746  
Elena Demarest13 DEC 1770  
Elizabeth Demarest1728 New Castle Co, Delaware1803 Caswell Co, North Carolina
Elizabeth Demarest11 MAY 1822 New York, New York 
Elizabeth Demarest1708 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Elizabeth Demarest11 DEC 1811 Kentucky 
Elizabeth Demarest2 NOV 1763  
Elizabeth Demarest29 MAY 1714  
Elizabeth DemarestMAY 1739 Schraalenburgh, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Elizabeth Demarest2 APR 1715 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey9 JUL 1797 Schraalenburg, Bergen Co, New Jersey
Elizabeth Demarest2 NOV 1725 Bergen Co, New York1763 Bergen Co, New York
Elje Demarest31 OCT 1798  
Elsie DemarestMAY 1728  
Feytje DemarestBEF 6 NOV 1726 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Garret Demarest19 APR 1754 Schraalenburgh, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Gemyma Demarest21 NOV 1802  
Gemyma Demarest2 SEP 1807  
Gerred Demarest26 MAR 1751 Schraalenburgh, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Gerrit Demarest21 JUL 1725 Bergen Co, New Jersey17 DEC 1798 Bergenfield, Bergen Co, New Jersey
Gerrit Brinckerhoff Demarest28 MAY 1827 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Gerrit J Demarest2 OCT 1796 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey4 MAR 1864 
Godwin DeMarestABT 1245  
Goswin DeMarestABT 1185  Palenstine
Grietje Demarest28 JUN 1800  
Grietje Demarest18 JUN 1760  
Guillaume Demarest29 DEC 1700  
Guillaume Demarest31 JUL 1716  
Helen Demarest11 MAR 1809 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Hendrick Demarest11 JAN 1749/50 Dumont, Bergen Co, New Jersey8 JUN 1819 
Hester Demarest27 JAN 1808  
Hester Demarest9 AUG 1728 Tappan, New York1763 Bergen Co, New York
Hugo DeMarestABT 1245  
Hugo DeMarestABT DEC 1215  
Irene Demarest25 MAR 1888 West Nyack, New York 
Jacob Demarest10 SEP 1758  
Jacob Demarest1726  
Jacob Demarest1734 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Jacob DemarestAUG 1721 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Jacobus Demarest28 APR 1760  
Jacobus DemarestFEB 1719/20  
Jacobus Demarest19 APR 1730 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Jacobus Demarest30 OCT 1681 Bergen Co, New Jersey24 MAR 1763 Schraalenburgh, Bergen Co, New Jersey
Jacobus Demarest22 MAY 1779 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Jacobus Demarest1748  
Jacobus Demarest31 DEC 1766  
Jacobus Demarest26 OCT 1753 Bergen Co, New York 
Jacobus Demarest16 JUN 1790  
Jacobus Demarest21 APR 1735 21 OCT 1807 
Jacobus Demarest10 JAN 1730/31  
Jacobus Demarest5 NOV 1807  
Jacobus Demarest25 SEP 1776 20 JUN 1867 
Jacobus Demarest19 MAY 1703 BEF 1735 
Jacobus Demarest17 DEC 1743 Schraalenburgh, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Jacobus Demarest12 MAR 1764 South Schraalenberg, Bergen Co, new Jersey 
Jacomina Demarest17 DEC 1721 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Jacomina Demarest21 APR 1680 New York 
Jacomina DemarestABT 1683 Kinderkamack, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Jacomyntje Demarest24 MAY 1710 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Jacques DeMarestABT 1430  
Jacques DeMarestABT 1300  
James Demarest1773 Virginia1815 Garrard Co, Kentucky
James Allen Demarest1828 Lincolnville, Indiana 
James Allen Demarest1804 Kentucky1889 Bolivar, Polk Co, Missouri
James Ellis Demarest6 AUG 1856 Clarkstwon, New York1917 
James J Demarest21 JUL 1817  
Jan Demarest11 MAY 1701 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New JerseyAFT 1737 St Georges, New Castle Co, Delaware
Jan Demarest5 SEP 1764  
Jan Demarest20 OCT 1786 29 FEB 1792 
Jan Demarest18 MAY 1761  
Jan Demarest11 OCT 1743 Tappan, Rockland Co, New York5 JAN 1825 Bergen Co, New Jersey
Jan Demarest23 MAR 1785  
Jan DemarestBEF 18 JUN 1671 New YorkABT 1730 
Jane DemarestJUN 1749 Bergen Co, New York 
Jannejte DemarestBEF 10 JAN 1719/20 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey2 MAY 1755 
Jannetje Demarest25 JUN 1771 24 DEC 1858 
Jaquemintje DemarestBEF SEP 1696 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Jean Demarest14 APR 1645 Middelburg, Zeeland, The Netherlands16 OCT 1719 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey
Jean DeMarestABT 1300  
Jean DeMarestABT 1340  
Jean DeMarestABT 1430  
Jean DeMarestABT 1215  
Jesse Demarest27 AUG 1830  
Johannes Demarest20 AUG 1720 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Johannes Demarest23 JAN 1771 Schraalenburgh, Bergen Co, New Jersey6 NOV 1834 
Johannes Demarest26 SEP 1792  
Johannes Demarest10 OCT 1762 New York, New York14 MAY 1839 Washington Co, Kentucky
Johannes Demarest28 APR 1803 20 FEB 1851 
John Demarest2 MAR 1750/51  
John Demarest18 NOV 1773  
John DemarestABT 1845  
John DemarestABT 1738 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
John Demarest22 MAY 1732 14 MAY 1809 
John Demarest12 JUL 1792 South Schraalenberg, Bergen Co, new Jersey 
John Gerrit Demarest24 APR 1820  
John Henry Demarest15 OCT 1845 New York, New York26 APR 1911 Brighton, Adams Co, Colorado
John J Demarest10 NOV 1800  
Joost Demarest9 NOV 1710 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey14 SEP 1750 New York, New York
Judith Demarest1690 Kinderkamack, New Jersey 
Lawrence Demarest29 MAR 1772  
Lea Demarest3 FEB 1785  
Lea Demarest1 MAR 1814  
Lea Demarest10 AUG 1759  
Lea Demarest23 JAN 1771  
Lea Demarest28 DEC 1742 Schraalenberg, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Lea Demarest30 AUG 1713 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey16 FEB 1799 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Lea DemarestSEP 1711  
Lea Demarest1 JAN 1722/23 Bergen Co, New Jersey27 DEC 1808 Dumont, Bergen Co, New Jersey
Leah Demarest22 JUL 1800  
Leah Demarest30 SEP 1792 Mercer Co, Kentucky15 JAN 1868 
Leah Demarest18 APR 1682 Bergen Co, New York Bergen Co, New York
Lucy DemarestABT 1806 Kentucky 
Lydia Demarest15 JUL 1733 Schraalenburgh, Bergen Co, New Jersey15 SEP 1824 Bergen Co, New Jersey
Lydia Demarest1689 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Lydia Demarest12 MAR 1711/12  
Lydia Demarest8 NOV 1730 Schrallenburgh, Bergen Co, New Jersey1770 
Mabel Demarest12 NOV 1870 Pekin, Illinois 
Magdalena Demarest1685 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey Bergen, New Jersey
Magdalena Demarest8 MAY 1748 Bergen Co, New York1780 Bergen Co, New York
Magdalena Demarest30 AUG 1789  
Margaret Demarest20 SEP 1751 Bergen Co, New York 
Margaret Demarest6 AUG 1773 Bergen Co, New Jersey11 JUN 1854 
Margaret Demarest25 FEB 1774  
Margaret Demarest14 JUL 1836 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Margaret Demarest9 JAN 1805  
Margaret Demarest22 APR 1786 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Margrietje Demarest8 JUL 1748  
Margrietje Demarest1721  
Margrietje Demarest11 FEB 1783  
Margrietje Demarest2 NOV 1771  
Margrietje Demarest1736 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Margrietje Demarest29 JUL 1753  
Margrietje Demarest20 OCT 1723  
Margrietje Demarest12 DEC 1769  
Margrietje Demarest1754  
Maria Demarest17 NOV 1709  
Maria Demarest12 AUG 1769 Schraalenburgh (now Bergenfield), Bergen, New Jersey14 JUN 1835 
Maria Demarest29 JUL 1740 Bergen Co, New York14 JUL 1810 
Maria DemarestAUG 1767  
Maria Demarest23 OCT 1764  
Maria DemarestABT 1767  
Maria Demarest8 JUL 1767  
Maria Demarest19 JUL 1741  
Maria Demarest29 DEC 1767  
Maria Demarest1646 Middelburg, Zeeland, The Netherlands 
Maria Demarest1718 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Maria Demarest19 OCT 1735 Schraalenburgh, Bergen Co, New Jersey Kentucky
Maria Demarest1716  
Maria Demarest19 SEP 1766  
Maria Demarest15 FEB 1711/12 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Maria Demarest15 JUL 1733 Schraalenburgh, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Maria Demarest18 JUL 1745 Schraalenburgh, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Maria Demarest4 JAN 1712/13 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey6 NOV 1732 
Maria Demarest15 JUL 1783  
Maria Demarest17 MAR 1756 Schraalenburgh, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Maria Demarest27 APR 1750  
Maria Demarest1673 New York1726 Kinderkamack, New York
Maria Demarest30 JUL 1781 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Maria Demarest4 DEC 1794  
Maria Demarest4 FEB 1812  
Maria Ann Demarest22 APR 1844 2 SEP 1920 
Marretje Demarest4 OCT 1716  
Martha Demarest1807 Kentucky 
Martha Demarest25 JUL 1840 Ripley Co, Indiana 
Martha Demarest20 FEB 1762  
Martina Demarest11 MAR 1704/05  
Mary DemarestABT 1777  
Mary Demarest2 MAR 1783 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Mary Demarest1794  
Mary Demarest25 JUL 1840 Ripley Co, Indiana 
Mary Demarest1687 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Mary Elizabeth Demarest1838 Indiana 
Marytje DemarestJUL 1721  
Matilda Demarest23 NOV 1824  
Myrte Ross Demarest10 MAR 1883 Illinios1956 Adams Co, Colorado
Nancy Demarest27 AUG 1836  
Nancy Demarest1813 Kentucky 
Nicholas Demarest17 JAN 1723/24  
Nicholas Demarest1730  
Nicholas Demarest3 MAY 1759  
Penelope Demarest15 OCT 1819 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Peter Demarest25 SEP 1769  
Peter Demarest1719 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Peter DemarestBEF 22 MAR 1767 New York, New York 
Peter Demarest1695 Kinderkamack, Bergen Co, New JerseyMAY 1772 Bergen Co, New Jersey
Peter Demarest1784 Mercer Co, Kentucky22 MAY 1853 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Peter Demarest14 NOV 1735 Schraalenburgh, Bergen Co, New Jersey14 JUN 1808 Dumont, Bergen Co, New Jersey
Peter Demarest1710  
Peter Demarest21 SEP 1714  
Peter Demarest16 JAN 1725/26 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Peter DemarestABT 21 APR 1677  
Peter Demarest16 SEP 1730  
Petrus Demarest8 JUN 1765  
Petrus Demarest4 JUL 1756  
Petrus Demarest5 FEB 1758  
Petrus Demarest27 OCT 1748 Dumont, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Petrus Demarest11 MAR 1714/15 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey5 SEP 1780 
Petrus DemarestBEF 20 NOV 1737 Schraalenburgh, Bergen Co, New Jersey1818 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Phillip Demarest26 MAY 1761  
Pierre DeMarestABT 1430  
Pierre DeMarestABT 1300  
Pieter Demarest1683 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey31 AUG 1763 Schraalenburgh, Bergen Co, New York
Rachel Demarest1 SEP 1726 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Rachel Demarest10 DEC 1703 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Rachel Demarest1701 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Rachel Demarest21 JUN 1680 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Rachel DemarestBEF 10 DEC 1703  
Rachel Demarest22 AUG 1714  
Rachel Demarest12 AUG 1712 Schraalenberg, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Rachel DemarestBEF 23 DEC 1716 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Rachel Demarest1750  
Rachel Demarest1679 New York 
Rachel Demarest9 JAN 1742/43 Schraalenberg, Bergen Co, New Jersey1814 Madison, Jefferson Co, Indiana
Rachel Demarest3 JUN 1707  
Rachel Ann Demarest24 AUG 1835  
Ragel Demarest19 JUN 1773 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Rebecca DemarestJAN 1731/32  
Reginal DeMarestABT 1078  
Roelof Demarest23 AUG 1756 Dumont, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Samuel Demarest4 MAR 1762  
Samuel Demarest10 JAN 1792 25 APR 1858 
Samuel Demarest1720  
Samuel Demarest5 AUG 1656 Mannheim, Karlsruhe, Baden-Wirttemberg, Germany19 OCT 1728 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey
Samuel Demarest14 JUN 1728 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Samuel Demarest1 FEB 1706/07 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey1798 Shelby Co, Kentucky
Samuel DemarestABT 1770  
Samuel DemarestABT 1762  
Samuel Demarest13 NOV 1687 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey Died young
Samuel DemarestFEB 1714/15  
Samuel Demarest1722  
Samuel Demarest25 AUG 1745 17 APR 1835 
Samuel Demarest8 DEC 1773  
Samuel Demarest5 JUL 1744  
Samuel Demarest5 JUN 1724 Bergen Co, New Jersey14 MAR 1808 
Samuel Demarest1683 Bergen Co, New Jersey21 JAN 1727/28 
Samuel DemarestBEF 25 AUG 1760 New York, New York25 AUG 1761 New York, New York
Samuel DemarestBEF 11 MAR 1765 New York, New York 
Samuel Demarest30 MAR 1772  
Samuel Demarest24 AUG 1744  
Samuel Demarest1693 Kinderkamack (Oradell), Bergen Co, New Jersey1806 
Samuel Demarest25 OCT 1723  
Samuel Demarest6 JAN 1751/52  
Samuel Simon Demarest26 SEP 1786  
Sara Demarest21 DEC 1718  
Sara DemarestBEF 19 JUN 1720 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Sara DemarestJAN 1723/24 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Sara Demarest25 MAR 1722  
Sarah Demarest12 OCT 1675 New York 
Sarah DemarestMAR 1696/97 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey1719 
Sarah Demarest15 SEP 1741 Schraalenburgh, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Sarah Demarest17 DEC 1760 Bergen Co, New York 
Sarah DemarestSEP 1731 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Sietje Demarest13 MAR 1747/48  
Simon Demarest22 NOV 1677 New York 
Simon DemarestBEF 25 OCT 1767 Schraalenburgh, Bergen Co, New JerseyAFT 18 MAY 1796 
Simon Demarest13 DEC 1754  
Simon Demarest1699 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey1761 
Sitske Demarest1 JAN 1716/17  
Sophia Demarest24 OCT 1762  
Susanna DemarestABT 7 APR 1679  
Susanna Demarest18 APR 1703 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey6 SEP 1747 
Susanna Demarest1716  
Susannah Demarest1718  
Teunis Demarest7 FEB 1754  
Thomas Demarest18 JUL 1759 South Schraalenberg, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Thomas William Demarest31 AUG 1817 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Tryntje DemarestMAY 1748 Berkeley Co, Virginia1797 Hanover, Jefferson Co, Indiana
Tryntje DemarestBEF 31 AUG 1718 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Tryntje Demarest13 JAN 1724/25  
Virginia Demarest9 AUG 1868 Pekin, Illinois 
Vrouwthe Demarest27 FEB 1747/48  
Vrouwtje Demarest1741 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Wilimena Demarest1 SEP 1781  
William Demarest29 NOV 1831 23 OCT 1907 
William DeMarestABT 1300  
William DeMarest1244  
William DemarestABT 1725 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Wyntje Demarest22 APR 1758 Schraalenburgh, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Ziekse Demarest1 SEP 1740  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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