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  48 individuals found for query DePuy
Aaron Depuy1663 New York 
Abraham DePuy26 JAN 1777 Machackenmack (Deerpark), Orange Co, New York29 JUL 1820 Owasco, Cayuga Co, New York
Abraham L DePuy7 MAY 1826 Owasco, Cayuga Co, New York26 DEC 1915 
Andrew Dewitt DepuyABT 1800  
Anna Bevier Depuy25 AUG 1849 Rochcester, Ulster Co, New York 
Antje Depuy29 APR 1781 Ulster Co, New York 
Benjamin Hornbeck Depuy24 JAN 1823 Rochcester, Ulster Co, New York24 SEP 1905 Rochcester, Ulster Co, New York
Benjmain DepuyABT 1743 Rochester, Ulster Co, New York1804 Wawarsing, Ulster Co, New York
Benjmain DePuyBEF 3 MAR 1727/28 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Catharina Depuy6 APR 1684 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Catrina Depuy25 MAY 1690 Kingston, Ulster Co, New YorkKingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Clifford Depuy22 MAY 1889 Millgrove, Mercer Co, Missouri4 JUL 1969 Altoona, Wilson Co, Kansas
Cornelius Depuy1685 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Cornelius Van Dermark Depuy20 AUG 1817 Ulster Co, New York27 SEP 1870 
Elisha Depuy25 MAR 1839 Ulster Co, New York17 APR 1907 
Francois DepuyABT 1640 Artois, France 
Grietje Depuy1671 Bushwick, Long Island, New York 
Henry Miller Depuy1 MAY 1783 Ulster Co, New York 
Jacobus Depuy12 SEP 1772 Peapack, Orange Co, New York 
Jacobus DepuyBEF 19 SEP 1703 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York22 JUL 1762 New York
Janneke DepuyABT 1735 Deerpark, Orange Co, New York18 DEC 1819 New York
Jannetje DepuyABT 1667 Bushwick, Long Island, New York 
Jean DepuyABT 1600  
John Depuy1684 Bushwick, Long Island, New York 
John Depuy5 SEP 1657 1732 Staten Island, Richmond Co, New York
John Henry DePuy16 FEB 1860 Battle Creek, Calhoun Co, Michigan18 OCT 1921 
John Krom Depuy12 SEP 1847 Rochcester, Ulster Co, New York 
Joseph DepuyABT FEB 1662/63 New York 
Levi DePuy21 OCT 1804 Owasco, Cayuga Co, New York4 SEP 1862 Bellevue, Eaton Co, Michigan
Levi Depuy22 MAY 1779 Ulster Co, New YorkBEF 1855 
Magdalena Depuy16 FEB 1666/67 New York 
Magdalena Depuy14 MAR 1685/86 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Maria DepuyABT 1681 Bushwick, Long Island, New York 
Mary Lucinda Depuy17 JUN 1881 1944 
Moses DePuy27 SEP 1691 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Moses DepuyABT 1700  
Moses DePuy16 FEB 1751/52 Machackenmack (Deerpark), Orange Co, New York 
Moses DePuy15 AUG 1660 Leiden, Zuid Holland, The Netherlands1754 Rochester, Ulster Co, New York
Nicholas DepuyABT 1625 Artois, France1669 New York
Nicholas Depuy5 DEC 1682 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Nicholas Depuy11 JUL 1670 New York 
Nicholas Depuy1686 Bushwick, Long Island, New York 
Paulus Depuy11 AUG 1675 New York 
Pieternelle DePuyABT 1722 Staten Island, Richmond Co, New York 
Sarah Depuy1679 Bushwick, Long Island, New York 
Sarah Depuy1 MAY 1783 Ulster Co, New York 
Susanna Depuy7 APR 1669 New York 
Willem DepuyAUG 1663 Bushwick, Long Island, New York 

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