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  94 individuals found for query Deer
Abner DeerAFT 1772 Culpepper Co, Virginia 
Abraham Clore Deer12 AUG 1854  
Alfred Deer6 AUG 1811 Madison Co, Virginia15 NOV 1893 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Alfred Shelby Deer22 MAR 1832  
Allen Deer14 FEB 1810 Madison Co, Virginia11 OCT 1885 
Anna Beeler Deer8 SEP 1885 Union Township, Johnson Co, IndianaBET JUL 1932 AND NOV 1933 Johnson Co, Indiana
C L DeerBEF 1890  
Cary Allen Deer2 NOV 1867  
Catherine DeerABT 1755 Culpepper Co, Virginia 
Cecil Noah Deer21 FEB 1881  
Clarence Deer1895 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Cora Deer19 DEC 1874 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Cornelius Deer26 FEB 1849  
Donald Forsyth Deer1888 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Dora Dean Deer1879 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Dorothy DeerABT 1755 Culpepper Co, Virginia 
Effa Deer1877 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana 
Elizabeth Deer11 MAY 1808 Madison Co, Virginia1881 
Elizabeth DeerABT 1755 Culpepper Co, Virginia 
Elizabeth Deer12 OCT 1836 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Elizabeth Ann Deer16 DEC 1816 Boyle Co, Kentucky8 MAY 1899 Johnson Co, Indiana
Elizabeth Emily Deer12 JUN 1853 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Elizabeth Margaret Deer29 MAY 1858  
Elmer Amzi Deer19 MAY 1866  
Emma Deer22 MAR 1815 Madison Co, Virginia1845 
Ephraim DeerAFT 1772 Culpepper Co, Virginia 
Eve DeerABT 1755 Culpepper Co, Virginia 
Everett L Deer29 MAR 1878  
Frank Leslie Deer31 OCT 1879 Johnson Co, Indiana1960 Johnson Co, Indiana
Glady F Deer1899  
Grace E Deer1 SEP 1893 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Harriet Deer28 NOV 1831 Lincoln Co, Kentucky 
Henry Deer11 MAY 1819 Boyle Co, Kentucky12 DEC 1885 Johnson Co, Indiana
Henry Jackson Deer17 MAY 1840  
Hiram Deer28 APR 1813 Madison Co, Virginia1858 Union, Johnson Co, Indiana
Hiram Harris DeerAFT 1850  
James M Deer2 JUL 1846  
James Wesley Deer6 JUN 1844  
Jefferson Cook Deer20 AUG 1844 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Jeremiah Deer1788  
Jesse H Deer17 OCT 1876 Johnson Co, Indiana 
John Deer1751 Culpepper Co, Virginia1824 
John Edward Deer23 APR 1856 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana 
John L DeerABT 1830  
John Thomas Deer17 DEC 1834  
John Wesley Deer8 OCT 1855 Johnson Co, Indiana 
John Wheelin Deer25 NOV 1842  
Jonas DeerAFT 1772 Culpepper Co, Virginia 
Joseph Deer4 AUG 1851  
Joseph Huit Deer15 AUG 1848 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Joseph Smith Deer15 MAY 1846  
Joshua Cass Deer29 MAY 1858  
Josiah C Deer27 OCT 1843 Union Township, Johnson Co, IndianaUnion Township, Johnson Co, Indiana20 DEC 1910 
Lea Nora Deer16 MAY 1865  
Leona Deer1882 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Lewis Ludwig Deer15 NOV 1775 Culpepper Co, VirginiaAPR 1853 
Lola A Deer21 MAR 1883 Johnson Co, Indiana16 AUG 1884 Johnson Co, Indiana
Louis T Deer27 MAR 1848 Johnson Co, Indiana16 APR 1932 Johnson Co, Indiana
Louisa Deer24 DEC 1838 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana17 APR 1932 Providence, Johnson Co, Indiana
Mahala Deer3 DEC 1828 Kentucky17 AUG 1867 Johnson Co, Indiana
Malinda Deer31 DEC 1805 Madison Co, Virginia1883 
Martha Ann Deer16 JAN 1846 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana15 DEC 1943 
Martha Jane Deer19 JAN 1844  
Martillus Alfred Deer1889 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Mary DeerABT 1755 Culpepper Co, Virginia 
Mary Dotia Deer18 AUG 1846 Johnson Co, Indiana4 OCT 1910 Providence, Johnson Co, Indiana
Mary Elizabeth Deer11 SEP 1849 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Mary Jane Deer1830  
Mary Jane DeerABT 1815  
Mattie Cora Deer1869  
Moses DeerABT 1755 Culpepper Co, Virginia 
Nancy Deer3 MAR 1837  
Nancy Erachel Deer2 JAN 1889 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Naomi J Deer25 FEB 1885 Johnson Co, Indiana25 JUL 1886 Johnson Co, Indiana
Olive Hester Deer5 APR 1879  
Oma Deer1877 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Oren Weaver Deer10 JUL 1881  
Reuben DeerAFT 1772 Culpepper Co, Virginia 
Robert Henry Deer27 FEB 1852 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Robert Logan Deer4 JAN 1837 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Robert Samuel Deer19 DEC 1860  
Sarah DeerAFT 1788  
Sarah Deer10 APR 1857  
Simeon DeerAFT 1772 Culpepper Co, Virginia 
Susanna DeerABT 1755 Culpepper Co, Virginia 
Thomas Deer26 JAN 1841 Union Township, Johnson Co, IndianaUnion Township, Johnson Co, Indiana 
Velma J Deer2 JUL 1881 Indiana3 MAY 1942 Johnson Co, Indiana
Wesley Deer1 APR 1804 Madison Co, Virginia13 MAY 1881 Johnson Co, Indiana
William Harvey Deer12 FEB 1835 Johnson Co, Indiana16 JUL 1908 Johnson Co, Indiana
William Henry Deer7 AUG 1863  
William Wesley Deer15 MAR 1854 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana2 JUL 1932 Johnson Co, Indiana
William Wesley Deer4 APR 1837  
Willis DeerAUG 1802 Madison Co, Virginia4 MAR 1882 
Willis Marshall Deer14 AUG 1855  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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