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  259 individuals found for query Dilday
A Fanada DildayAUG 1865 Carroll Co, Tennesse 
Addy DildayABT 1840 Smith Township, Barry Co, Missouri 
Agnes DildayAFT 1899  
Albert DildayABT 1874  
Albert DildayABT 1870  
Alfred A Dilday1868 Tennesse1930 
Alice Mariah Dilday1870 Huntingdon, Carroll Co, Tennessee1897 Carroll Co, Tennesse
Alice Maude Dilday11 JUL 1900 Tahlequah, Cherokee Co, OklahomaAUG 1974 
Almus DildayABT 1874  
Amanda Dilday8 NOV 1837 Union Co, Illinios 
Amos DildayABT 1765 Gates Co, North Carolina 
Amos Dilday1787 Gates Co, North Carolina 
Ann Dilday1838 Carroll Co, Tennessee 
Anna Caroline Dilday1820 Pendleton District, South Carolina 
Anna L Dilday1861 Tennesse1861 
Anny DildayABT 1790 Hertford Co, North Carolina 
Arthur DildayABT 1770 Gates Co, North Carolina 
Augustus Granville Dilday16 DEC 1859 Randolph Co, Arkansas4 MAY 1955 Holdenville, Hughes Co, Oklahoma
Bayley Chesley Dilday1884  
Berta Dilday24 MAY 1890 Dade Co, MissouriAFT 1910 
Birdie DildayAFT 1881  
Birta L Dilday24 MAY 1890 Dade Co, MissouriDEC 1962 Missouri
C Adline Dilday3 FEB 1850 Tennessee21 MAR 1891 Carroll Co, Tennessee
Candis Dilday1849 Carroll Co, Tennessee 
Capharino Dilday1840 Tennessee 
Caroline Dilday10 APR 1843 Cobden, Union Co, Illinios 
Carrie Rosa DildayABT 1883 Dade Co, Missouri 
Catherine DildayAFT 1789 Gates Co, North Carolina 
Charles DildayABT 1846 Missouri 
Charles Dilday1859 Cobden, Union Co, Illinois 
Charles DildayABT 1760 Gates Co, North CarolinaABT 1825 Pendleton District, South Carolina
Charles Dilday1885 Jackson Co, Illinios 
Charles A Dilday1891 Indian Territory, Oklahoma 
Charles Arthur Dilday16 AUG 1859 Tombleson, Scott Co, Arkansas10 MAR 1941 Antioch, Haskell Co, Oklahoma
Charles Daniel Dilday7 MAR 1857 Quincy, Adams Co, Illinois2 JUL 1949 Miami, Ottawa Co, Oklahoma
Charles David Dilday2 MAR 1856 Dade Co, Missouri4 FEB 1921 Dade Co, Missouri
Charles J DildayABT 1880  
Charles Jason Dilday1813 Pendleton District, South Carolina3 OCT 1850 Dade Co, Missouri
Charles Jason DildayABT 1820 North Carolina3 OCT 1849 Dade Co, Missouri
Charles R Dilday14 FEB 1886 Dade Co, Missouri17 DEC 1944 Fremont Co, Wyoming
Charles T or F Dilday1828 Carroll Co, Tennessee 
Claud B DildayABT 1878  
Clinton Edward Dilday18 DEC 1883 Jackson Co, Illinios24 FEB 1952 Randolph Co, Illinois
Cooper Bennett Dilday1827 South CarolinaBET 1889 AND 1899 Arkansas
Cora Dilday1896 Indian Territory, Oklahoma 
Cora Bell DildayJUN 1879 Dade Co, MissouriMAY 1952 Tahlequah, Cherokee Co, Oklahoma
Cynthia DildayABT 1827 Rabun Co, Georgia Died young
Daniel Dilday19 DEC 1839 Union Co, Illinios16 NOV 1857 
Daniel Green Dilday16 JUN 1848 Dade Co, Missouri1 MAY 1936 Logan Co, Arkansas
Daniel Willis Dilday1855 Union Co, Illinois1883 Dade Co, Missouri
Delila M Dilday1859 Illinois Randolph Co, Arkansas
Deliley C Dilday27 MAY 1868 Arkansas 
Dennis C DildayDEC 1860 IlliniosFEB 1905 
Dortha Lorraine Dilday14 AUG 1896 Pocahontas, Randolph Co, Arkansas18 JAN 1985 Bellflower, Los Angeles Co, California
Earl W Dilday1893 Union Co, Illinios 
Earnest Fountain Dilday7 MAR 1880 Illinois26 OCT 1960 Jackson Co, Arkansas
Edith DildayABT 1767 Gates Co, North Carolina 
Edna Dilday24 AUG 1848 Cobden, Union Co, Illinios9 JUL 1919 
Edna Caroline Dilday21 OCT 1835 Tennessee 
Edward Marvin Dilday6 FEB 1890 Dade Co, Missouri6 AUG 1931 Wishert, Polk Co, Missouri
Elias Dilday12 NOV 1808 Pendleton District, South Carolina24 SEP 1891 Union Co, Illinois
Elias Dilday10 OCT 1831 Georgia9 MAR 1862 Civil War
Elias Burton Dilday28 OCT 1873 Jackson Co, Illinios12 MAR 1938 Jackson Co, Illinois
Elijah Charles DildayABT 1820 Pendleton District, South CarolinaBEF 5 OCT 1850 
Elizabeth Dilday26 SEP 1861 Arkansas 
Elizabeth Dilday1831 Carroll Co, Tennessee 
Elizabeth Dilday19 APR 1837 Memphis, Shelby Co., Tennessee8 FEB 1913 Makanda, Jackson Co, Illinois
Elizabeth DildayAFT 1789 Gates Co, North Carolina 
ELizabeth Dilday1812 Hertford Co, North Carolina 
Elizabeth Catherine Dilday21 OCT 1833 Tennessee16 MAR 1897 
Elmer Horace Dilday1887 Union Co, Illinios1922 
Emzia Dilday4 JUN 1876 Jackson Co, Illinios20 OCT 1948 East St Louis, St Clair Co, Illnios
Enos Dilday1788 Hertford Co, North Carolina Tennessee
Enos H Dilday1842 Hertford Co, North Carolina 
Eva Catherine Dilday1889 Indian Territory, Oklahoma 
F DildayABT 1838 Tennessee 
Fannie B DildayDEC 1884 Dade Co, Missouri 
Frances Dilday1825 Pendleton Co, South Carolina 
Francis DildayAFT 1789 Gates Co, North Carolina 
George Calvin Dilday3 JAN 1887 Jackson Co, Illinios12 APR 1962 Degognia, Jackson Co, Illinois
George Clinton Dilday31 DEC 1885 7 JUN 1972 Dreden, Tennessee
George Leeander Dilday5 OCT 1859 6 JUL 1930 Holdenville, Hughes Co, Oklahoma
George R Dilday1899 Valley, Pope Co, Arkasas 
George W Dilday1835  
George W Dilday1830 Carroll Co, Tennessee 
Hattie Dilday1885 Jackson Co, Illinios 
Henry DildayABT 1759 Gates Co, North Carolina 
Henry DildayABT 1865  
Henry Dilday1842 Carroll Co, Tennessee 
Henry Edward Dilday1725 North Carolina1795 Gates Co, North Carolina
Henry Hubert Dilday15 JAN 1899 Dade Co, Missouri13 FEB 1923 Everton, Dade Co, Missouri
Hubert Lee DildayABT 1890 Pocahontas, Randolph Co, ArkansasBEF 1900 Not in 1900 census
Ida Ethel Dilday7 JUL 1880 Stewart Co, Tennessee22 SEP 1916 Stewart Co, Tennessee
infant DildayAFT 1832 Memphis, Shelby Co., Tennessee Died young
Irene Pharaba Dilday1872 Dade Co, Missouri 
Irving Dilday1890 Union Co, Illinios 
Isaac Ensign Dilday1864 Illinois4 APR 1911 Tarlton, Pope Co, Arkansas
James Dilday  
James Dilday1860 Anderson Co, Kansas 
James Archibald Dilday16 AUG 1888 Dade Co, Missouri16 MAR 1917 Buck Praire, Dade Co, Missouri
James Elmer Dilday31 AUG 1896 Holla Bend, Pope Co, ArkansasOCT 1955 Pope Co, Arkansas
James H DildayBEF 1855  
James Haywood Dilday10 SEP 1827 Huntingdon, Carroll Co, Tennessee9 AUG 1880 hunCarroll Co, Tennesse
James Haywood Dilday1859 Carroll Co, Tennesse1892 Carroll Co, Tennesse
James L Dilday8 SEP 1866 Arkansas 
James R DildayABT 1865 Dade Co, Missouri26 DEC 1930 Dade Co, Missouri
James T Dilday1852 Tennesse1858 
James W Dilday1833 Hertford Co, North Carolina 
James William Dilday7 MAR 1881 Arkansas15 OCT 1966 Tulsa, Tulsa Co, Oklahoma
Jasper DildayFEB 1880 Dade Co, Missouri 
Jasper B Dilday1 MAR 1855 Union Co, Illinois4 OCT 1879 Dade Co, Missouri
Jensey A Dilday1879 Dade Co, Missouri 
Jesse Dilday1811 Hertford Co, North Carolina 
Jesse Dilday1793 Hertford Co, North Carolina 
Jesse A Dilday1839 Hertford Co, North Carolina 
Joe DildayABT 1865  
Johanthan Dilday1836 Carroll Co, Tennessee 
John DildayABT 1844 Barry Co, Missouri 
John B Dilday15 MAR 1867 Illinois12 MAY 1952 Newton, Pope Co, Arkansas
John Balas Dilday9 MAR 1829 Rabun Co, Georgia5 AUG 1895 Dade Co, Missouri
John Baylis Dilday3 MAR 1882 Dade Co, Missouri26 DEC 1967 Tahlequah, Cherokee Co, Oklahoma
John Benders Dilday18 FEB 1867 Dade Co, Missouri14 MAR 1914 Dade Co, Missouri
John D Dilday1845 Tennesse 
John F Dilday1818 South Carolina 
John F DildayAFT 1789 Gates Co, North Carolina 
John Henry Dilday18 MAY 1840 Dade Co, Missouri1918 Stigler, Haskell Co, Oklahoma
John Lawrence Dilday1889  
John P Dilday1869  
John R Dilday1817 Hertford Co, North Carolina 
John W Dilday6 NOV 1870 Arkansas 
Johnathon F Dilday1844 Carroll Co, Tennessee 
Joseph Dilday1826  
Joseph Dilday3 DEC 1756 Gates Co, North Carolina1841 Hertford Co, North Carolina
Joseph Davis Dilday17 MAY 1820 Houston Co, Tennessee2 OCT 1898 Rushing Creekk, Stewart Co, Tennesse
Joseph H Dilday1851 Tennesse1858 
Joseph I DildayABT 1879 Randolph Co, Arkansas 
Joseph L Dilday1830 Hertford Co, North Carolina 
Joseph S DildayABT 1872  
Joseph W Dilday1857 Carroll Co, Tennesse1876 Carroll Co, Tennesse
Kate B Dilday1871 Illinois 
Lenura Dilday1873 Illnois 
Levi Jason Dilday9 DEC 1836 Tennessee30 JAN 1893 Dade Co, Missouri
Levina Dilday1791 Hertford Co, North Carolina 
Lillie Dilday5 NOV 1881 Booneville, Logan Co, Arkansas8 FEB 1924 Logan Co, Arkansas
Lillie M Dilday1893 Indian Territory, Oklahoma 
Lillie Mae Dilday1896  
Lloyd Marrvin Dilday27 JAN 1894 Dade Co, Missouri3 FEB 1963 Lockwood, Dade Co, Missouri
Lola Dilday4 JAN 1888 Stewart Co, Tennessee4 AUG 1888 Stewart Co, Tennessee
Lola Belle DildayAFT 1844 Tennesse1888 
Lou Ada DildayABT 1870  
Louisa Dilday1812  
Loveviey Ann Elizabeth Dilday1868 Tennesse1868 
Lucy Ellen Dilday1893 Valley, Pope Co, Arkasas 
Lulu Dilday13 JUL 1882 Union Co, Illinios23 APR 1974 St Louis, Missouri
Malcom A Dilday13 FEB 1855 Humphreys Co, Tennesse24 AUG 1879 Stewart Co, Tennessee
Malisa DildayJUL 1891 Arkansas 
Mariah Jane Dilday30 APR 1842 Union Co, Illinois24 JAN 1904 
Martha A Dilday1862  
Martha A P Dilday1845 Tennessee 
Martha Ann Dilday1819 Hertford Co, North CarolinaMAR 1870 Enola, Faulkner Co, Arkansas
Martha Cora Dilday4 MAR 1883 Booneville, Logan Co, Arkansas24 AUG 1974 Booneville, Logan Co, Arkansas
Martha Elizabeth Dilday1828 Hertford Co, North Carolina 
Martha Ellen Dilday29 JUL 1858 Anderson Co, Kansas26 JAN 1921 
Martha Maria Dilday28 JAN 1854 Missouri 
Martha P Dilday1886 Arkansas 
Mary DildayAFT 1789 Gates Co, North Carolina 
Mary A Dilday1833 Carroll Co, Tennesse 
Mary Ann Dilday20 JAN 1856 Cobden, Union Co, Illinois 
Mary Ann Tibetha Dilday12 MAR 1832 Rabun Co, Georgia 
Mary E DildayABT 1892  
Mary E Dilday1848 Tennessee 
Mary E Dilday24 APR 1876 Arkansas 
Mary Elizabeth Dilday1882 Arkansas1956 
Mary Ellen DildayAFT 1874 Dade Co, Missouri 
Mary J Dilday1848 Carroll Co, Tennessee 
Mary Jane Dilday5 DEC 1872 Booneville, Logan Co, Arkansas9 DEC 1873 Booneville, Logan Co, Arkansas
Mary Tabitha Dilday30 JUN 1849 Greenfield, Dade Co, Missouri17 APR 1928 Tamaha, Haskell Co, Missouri
Matida Victoria DildaySEP 1859 Missouri1939 
Mattie Magel Dilday1887  
Mellia Ann Dilday25 JAN 1826 Hertford Co, North Carolina1 NOV 1900 Oenaville, Texas
Nancy Dilday14 NOV 1844 Union Co, Illinios1845 
Nancy Dilday1823 Pendleton Co, South Carolina 
Nancy DildayAFT 1789 Gates Co, North Carolina 
Nancy Dilday1844 Carroll Co, Tennessee 
Nancy DildayABT 1842 Barry Co, Missouri 
Nancy A Dilday30 AUG 1862 Arkansas 
Nancy A Dilday1885 Arkansas 
Nancy Amanda Dilday1848 Tennesse1885 
Nancy Ella Dilday20 NOV 1869 Booneville, Logan Co, Arkansas9 DEC 1959 Logan Co, Arkansas
Nancy Jane Dilday12 MAY 1859 Dade Co, Missouri7 JUL 1923 Missouri
Nancy Jane Dilday1845 Cobden, Union Co, Illinios1849 Union Co, Illinios
Nancy M Dilday1827  
Nathan W Dilday26 NOV 1869 Arkansas 
Noah Dilday1791 Gates Co, North Carolina 
Noah A Dilday21 OCT 1856 Humphreys Co, Tennesse24 FEB 1889 Stewart Co, Tennessee
Nora Dilday1896 Indian Territory, Oklahoma 
Ollie Nester Dilday5 APR 1899  
Pearl Dilday1885  California
Pearl Ellen Dilday13 DEC 1883 Dade Co, Missouri11 OCT 1935 Lawrence Co, Misssouri
Peneolpe Dilday1795 Hertford Co, North Carolina1870 North Carolina
Perry Ellis Dilday7 APR 1877 Dade Co, Missouri4 JUL 1911 Tahlequah, Cherokee Co, Oklahoma
R F DildayBEF 1885  
Ralph Edgar DildaySEP 1889 Jackson Co, Illinios20 OCT 1963 Jackson Co, Illinois
Rebecca A Dilday16 JAN 1863 Dade Co, Missouri12 AUG 1937 Dade Co, Missouri
Rebecca Phoebe Dilday13 APR 1834 Memphis, Shelby Co., Tennessee3 NOV 1903 Illinois
Reuben Ellis DildayABT 1869 Illinios 
Richard Bryant Dilday10 NOV 1893 JUL 1972 Martin, Tennessee
Robert F Dilday1874 Carroll Co, Tennesse 
Robert Lee DildayABT 1865  
Robert Rosville Dilday1862 1930 
Roderick Henderson Dilday1850 Tennesse1915 
Rosetta Francis Dilday13 JUL 1875 Illinois17 SEP 1948 Joplin, Jasper Co, Missouri
Rueben Elias DildayABT 1900  
Samuel J DildayJUN 1877 Jackson Co, Illinios23 MAR 1949 Jackson Co, Illinois
Samuel R Dilday1847 Cotter, Marion Co, Arkansas 
Sarah Dilday1833 Carroll Co, Tennesse 
Sarah C Dilday2 AUG 1846 Tennessee13 APR 1868 Stewart Co, Tennessee
Sarah Edith Dilday1855 Illinois 
Sarah S Dilday1836 Hertford Co, North Carolina 
Seth Dilday1804 Gates Co, North Carolina 
Seth Dilday1785 Hertford Co, North Carolina1852 Hertford Co, North Carolina
Sheridan Elwood Dilday1 JUN 1867 Clarksburg, Carroll Co, Tennesse15 MAR 1927 Puwhuska, Osage Co, Oklahoma
Simeon Dilday10 APR 1839 Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee1865 Polk, Polk Co, Missouri
Simeon Dilday10 APR 1839 Memphis, Shelby Co., Tennessee13 JUL 1918 Cora, Jackson Co, Illinois
Simeon Dilday15 JUN 1811 Pendleton District, South Carolina6 SEP 1845 Jonesboro, Union Co, Illinois
Sular Dilday1873  
Susan C DildayABT 1862 Dade Co, Missouri 
Thomas Charles L Dilday10 MAR 1877 Booneville, Logan Co, Arkansas31 DEC 1907 Booneville, Logan Co, Arkansas
Thomas Henry Dilday1836 North Carolina1877 
Thomas L Dilday1866  
Thomas S DildayABT 1867  
Unk DildayABT 1800 Virginia 
unk Dilday1815  
unk Dilday1812 Pendleton District, South Carolina 
unk DildayABT 1895  
unk Dilday1816 Pendleton District, South Carolina 
Unk DildayABT 1839  
Unk DildayABT 1890  
unk Dilday1814 Pendleton District, South Carolina 
Versa W DildayFEB 1886 Dade Co, Missouri1961 
Wiliam Alfred Dilday1847 Tennesse1848 
William Dilday1848  
William DildayABT 1865  
William Albert DildayOCT 1881 Jackson Co, Illinios27 JUL 1938 Jackson Co, Illinois
William Andrew Dilday21 JUN 1878 Dade Co, Missouri24 FEB 1924 Greene Co, Missouri
William Arthur DildayABT 1772 Gates Co, North Carolina1841 Lawrence Co, Missouri
William Augustus Dilday26 APR 1888 FEB 1968 Seminole, Seminole Co, Oklahoma
William B Dilday1823 North Carolina 
William Bennett Dilday27 AUG 1889 Pocahontas, Randolph Co, Arkansas30 MAR 1972 Flippin, Marion Co, Arkansas
William Henry Dilday14 JUN 1875 Booneville, Logan Co, Arkansas19 AUG 1891 Booneville, Logan Co, Arkansas
William Henry Dilday7 JUL 1857 Dade Co, Missouri17 FEB 1936 Lawrence Co, Misssouri
William Oscar Dilday9 JUL 1852 Union Co, Illinois3 JUL 1918 Dade Co, Missouri
William Pinkney Dilday6 DEC 1863 28 APR 1932 
William Sparkman Dilday1823 Hertford Co, North Carolina 
Williamson Albert Squire Dilday21 SEP 1830 Rabun Co, Georgia13 FEB 1905 Jackson Co, Illinios
Willie DildayAFT 1899  
Willie Franklin Dilday27 JUL 1891 11 NOV 1961 Dreden, Tennessee
Willis Daniel Dilday16 MAR 1851 Cobden, Union Co, Illinios3 MAR 1922 Union Co, Illinios
Zilla M Dilday1854  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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