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  19 individuals found for query Dingman
Adam Dingman31 AUG 1631 Haarlem, The Netherlands Kinderhook, Columbia Co, New York
Catalina Dingman1682 Kinderhook, Columbia Co, New York 
Gerardus Dingman1709 1782 
Gerrit Dingman20 DEC 1604 Haarlem, The Netherlands 
Gerrit Dingman16 JAN 1686/87 Kinderhook, Columbia Co, New York 
Gerritje Dingman1 FEB 1636/37 The Netherlands 
Jacob DingmanAUG 1675 Kinderhook, Columbia Co, New York1745 
Jacob Petrus Dingman1738 1825 
James Alva Dingman22 JUN 1848 Picton, Prince Edward Co, Ontario, Canada25 FEB 1905 Spring Valley, Rockland Co, New York
Janneke Dingman1670 Kinderhook, Columbia Co, New York 
Jasper B Dingman21 MAR 1821 Ontario, Canada10 JAN 1904 Ontario, Canada
John Dingman7 OCT 1788 Ontario, Canada3 MAY 1853 Picton, Prince Edward Co, Ontario, Canada
Josyntje Dingman28 SEP 1684 Kinderhook, Columbia Co, New York 
Rachel Dingman1684 Kinderhook, Columbia Co, New York 
Rachel Dingman15 APR 1635 The Netherlands 
Samuel Dingman1763 1838 
Sarah Dingman1676 Kinderhook, Columbia Co, New York1746 Kinderhook, Columbia Co, New York
Willem Dingman25 SEP 1633 The Netherlands 
William Robert Dingman1852  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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