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  18 individuals found for query Dollison
Annie P Dollison1878 Greene Co, Missouri 
Charley S Dollison1892 Greene Co, Missouri1970 
Elizabeth Dollison22 OCT 1796 Logan Co, KentuckyDEC 1866 Springfield, Greene Co, Missouri
Emma F Dollison20 JAN 1874 Greene Co, Missouri19 JAN 1928 Mt Vernon, Lawrence Co, Missouri
Jacob Dollison1757 Ireland1825 Henry Co, Tennessee
James Dollison3 JAN 1800 Logan Co, Kentucky22 JAN 1862 Greene Co, Missouri
James Grundy Dollison24 DEC 1837 Greene Co, Missouri18 MAY 1918 Greene Co, Missouri
James Hines Dollison5 JAN 1862 Greene Co, Missouri5 DEC 1917 Republic, Greene Co, Missouri
John Baily Dollison17 SEP 1858 Greene Co, MissouriBET 1907 AND 1915 Missouri
Lota L DollisonAPR 1896 Greene Co, Missouri 
Nancy Dollison19 JAN 1829 Tennessee22 NOV 1911 Republic, Greene Co, Missouri
Nannie M Dollison1868 Greene Co, Missouri 
Norman Dollison1 JUL 1898 Greene Co, Missouri10 JUN 1963 Muskogee, Muskogee Co, Oklahoma
Norman F Dollison1870 Greene Co, Missouri 
Pete Dollison7 FEB 1872 Brookline, Greene Co, Missouri16 SEP 1947 Springfield, Greene Co, Missouri
Samuel Dollison1898 Greene Co, Missouri1899 
Samuel A Dollison1872 Greene Co, Missouri 
Virgil G Dollison1866 Greene Co, Missouri 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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