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  44 individuals found for query Doremus
Abraham Doremus22 JUN 1781  
Abraham Doremus31 AUG 1716 Acquackannk, New Jersey 
Aeltje Doremus15 OCT 1759  
Aeltje Doremus14 DEC 1725 Acquackannk, New Jersey 
Anneke Doremus17 MAY 1756  
Annetje Doremus20 SEP 1725  
Barbara Ellen Doremus14 JUL 1819 Morris Co, New Jersey1848 
Corenlius Doremus20 JUL 1791  
Cornelius Doremus3 FEB 1681/82 Middelburg, Zeeland, The Netherlands 
Cornelius Doremus16 APR 1714 Acquackannk, New Jersey 
Cornelius Doremus17 JUL 1769  
Cornelius DoremusABT 1659 Breskens, Walcheren, Zeeland, The NetherlandsABT 1715 Paterson, Bergen Co, New Jersey
Daniel Doremus30 AUG 1794  
Dirck Doremus14 APR 1789 Acquackannk, New Jersey 
Elizabeth Doremus13 MAY 1774  
Elizabeth Doremus13 MAR 1727/28  
Elizabeth Doremus26 NOV 1799  
Froutje Doremus20 APR 1728  
Golijn Doremus20 MAR 1721/22 Acquackannk, New Jersey 
Golijn Doremus14 OCT 1754  
Hendrick Doremus28 MAY 1695 Acquackanonk, Passaic Co, New Jersey 
Hendrick DoremusABT 1624 Middelburg, Zeeland, The Netherlands 
Hessel Doremus10 JUL 1723 24 OCT 1801 
James Doremus18 SEP 1796 Wechauw, Morris Co, New Jersey16 MAR 1853 
Jan DoremusABT 1720  
Janneke DoremusBEF 3 JAN 1679/80 Middelburg, Zeeland, The Netherlands 
Jannetje DoremusBEF 4 JUN 1691 Acquackannk, New Jersey 
Jannetje Doremus14 JAN 1772  
Johannes DoremusBEF 7 SEP 1684 Middelburg, Zeeland, The Netherlands 
Johannes Doremus29 MAR 1719 Acquackannk, New Jersey 
Johannis DoremusABT 11 OCT 1751 Wechauw, Morris Co, New Jersey 
Joris DoremusABT 1693 Acquackanonk, Passaic Co, New Jersey 
Lena Doremus17 JUL 1776  
Maijke DoremusBEF 17 NOV 1677 Middelburg, Zeeland, The Netherlands 
Marretje Doremus10 DEC 1788  
Marritje Doremus24 DEC 1750 27 APR 1813 
Marytje Doremus2 MAR 1767  
Pieter T Doremus11 SEP 1764  
Sarah Doremus15 JUN 1797  
Thomas Doremus9 MAY 1730 Acquackannk, New Jersey 
Thomas DoremusBEF 11 APR 1687 Middelburg, Zeeland, The Netherlands 
Thomas Doremus21 APR 1760 15 DEC 1799 Cedar Grove, Essex Co, New Jersey
Thomas DoremusBEF 24 MAR 1675/76 Middelburg, Zeeland, The Netherlands 
William Doremus7 JUN 1778  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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