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  36 individuals found for query Dorsey
Adam DorseyABT 1580 England Virginia
Anne Dorsey1649 Anne Arundel Co, Maryland22 APR 1698 Whitehall, Anne Arundel Co, Maryland
Basil Dorsey21 MAY 1759 MarylandBEF 7 SEP 1807 Franklin, Georgia
Benedick Dorsey12 NOV 1774 22 MAR 1841 
Caleb Dorsey13 MAR 1748/49  
Edward DorseyABT 1646 Lower Norfolk, Virginia1705 Maryland
Edward DorseyABT 1700  
Edward DorseyABT 1619 Isle of Kent, EnglandBEF 2 AUG 1659 Anne Arundel Co, Maryland
Elizabeth Dorsey3 DEC 1735 Anne Arundel Co, MarylandAFT 5 SEP 1805 Anne Arundel Co, Maryland
Elizabeth Dorsey18 DEC 1864  
Frances Dorsey1696 Anne Arundel Co, MarylandFEB 1749/50 Baltimore, Maryland
Frances Dorsey23 JUN 1741 MarylandSEP 1769 Baltimore, Maryland
Frances DorseyAFT 1851  
Frances DorseyABT 1609 Elizabeth City, Virginia1652 Anne Arundel Co, Maryland
Henry Dorsey8 NOV 1712 Anne Arundel Co, Maryland 
John Dorsey15 JUN 1688 Anne Arundel Co, Maryland 
John Dorsey1645  
John Worthington Dorsey8 OCT 1751 Ann Arundel Co, Maryland 
Joshua Dorsey1639 Anne Arundel Co, Maryland21 JUN 1688 Anne Arundel Co, Maryland
Lucretia Dorsey4 JUN 1754  
Margaret DorseyJAN 1866 (Germantown, Pennsylvania) 
Mary DorseyABT 1730  
Mary Dorsey17 JUL 1852  
Michael Dorsey15 MAR 1712/13 Anne Arundel Co, Maryland 
Nancy Ann Dorsey5 JUN 1794 Georgia2 APR 1862 Menard, Texas
Nicholas Dorsey2 JUN 1725 Annapolis, Anne Arundel Co, Maryland 
Richard Dorsey10 JUN 1714 Annapolis, Anne Arundel Co, Maryland2 SEP 1760 Annapolis, Anne Arundel Co, Maryland
Sarah Dorsey1652 Lower Norfolk Co, Virginia21 DEC 1716 
Sarah Dorsey17 OCT 1805  
Sarah Dorsey13 OCT 1747  
Sarah Rachel DorseySEP 1717 Anne Arundel Co, Maryland 
Stanton Dorsey5 APR 1808 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania28 JUN 1867 Germantown, Pennsylvania
Susan Haydock Dorsey30 OCT 1842  
Thomas Beale Dorsey18 JAN 1726/27 1771 
Thomas Beale Dorsey25 AUG 1761  
William Dorsey18 OCT 1810 Philadelphia, Pennyslvania12 OCT 1874 Germantown, Pennyslvania

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