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  36 individuals found for query Douw
Adrian DouwABT 1725  
Andries DouwABT 1630  
Anna Douw25 MAR 1743 Albany Co, New York 
Anne de Peyster Douw31 JAN 1797  
Catarina Douw6 NOV 1751 Albany Co, New York 
Catherine DouwABT 1665 JUL 1763 Albany, Albany Co, New York
Dorothea Douw1625 Van Breestede, Schleswig, Holland1658 Bushwick, Long Island, New York
Dorothea Douw23 MAR 1699/00  
Dorothy DouwAFT 1683 Albany, Albany Co, New York 
Elizabeth DouwABT 1630  
Hendrick DouwABT 1665  
Hester Douw1617 Amsterdam, The Netherlands1690 Albany, New York
Jan DouwABT 1590 Leuwarden, Friesland, The Netherlands 
Johannis Douw2 FEB 1751/52  
John de Peyster Douw6 MAY 1754 Albany Co, New York 
Johnannes de Peyster Douw20 JAN 1756 Albany Co, New York22 FEB 1835 
Jonas Douw1650 Niskayuna, Albany Co, New York7 OCT 1736 Albany, Albany Co, New York
Lousia Douw11 JUL 1801  
Magdalena Douw1718 Albany, Albany Co, New York1796 
Magdalena Douw10 OCT 1748 Albany Co, New York 
Magdalena Douw25 MAY 1750 Albany Co, New York 
Margaret DouwABT 1710  
Margaret Livingston Douw28 NOV 1798  
Maria Douw25 DEC 1725 Albany, Albany Co, New York 
Maria Douw4 OCT 1760 Albany Co, New York 
Marytje DouwAFT 1683 Albany, Albany Co, New York 
Myndert Schuyler Douw12 DEC 1746 Albany Co, New York 
Neeltje Altje DouwABT 1622 ABT 1688 
Petrus Douw24 MAR 1691/92 Albany, Albany Co, New York21 AUG 1775 
Ragel Douw8 FEB 1743/44 Albany Co, New York 
Sarah Douw4 DEC 1749  
Sarah Douw1791 New Jersey 
Volckert DouwABT 1720  
Volckert DouwABT 1610 Van Breestede, Schleswig, Holland1686 
Volckert Douw23 MAR 1719/20 Albany, Albany Co, New York20 MAR 1801 Albany, Albany Co, New York
Volckert DouwAFT 1683 Albany, Albany Co, New York 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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